Chapter 2 Limiting

"Nooo!" Hawkeye screamed. He raised his arms, trying desperately to ward off the dragon's attack. But then he realized that the dragon was not there in his room. It was in his nightmare. The same nightmare he had after 15 years since the betrayal from Rolante and it still terrified him. He tried to shake the horrid images from his mind, but no matter how hard he tried, they still held on and it's making him sick. Suddenly, his stomach churned and something heaved inside of him. Hawkeye quickly bolted out of his bedroom, rushed outside, and threw up. He couldn't get rid of the image of countless dead bodies lying on the sandy road of Sultan.

"Hawk!" Jessica yelled while running up to him. "You look sick. Are you okay?"

"Y-yes." Hawkeye lifted his head and managed a hoarse sound. "I'm okay. Just tired."

"You had one of those dreams again?"

Every dream he had, it was always the same dream about the betrayal of Rolante. No matter how hard he tried to dream about something else, his nightmare would always return.

Hawkeye sighed in dismay. "It's always been the same dream. I could hardly get enough sleep."

"Oh dear. That's horrible. Don't worry Hawk. I'll help you with this nightmare problem. Like you did when you saved me from Bigieu's necklace curse."

Hawkeye looked at the beautiful Navarre princess. It has been almost 2 years since Bigieu took over the sand fortress, 2 years since Navarre had decided to invade Rolante for inheritance of the kingdom, and 2 years since Hawkeye and his group saved the world from the evil Dark Prince. Now, Navarre's vegetation has returned and the village of Sultan has improved after the 15 year of betrayal. Also, Jessica wanted Hawkeye's hand in marriage, but his mind was on another girl in particular; Lise. The amazon warrior and also the ruler of Rolante, but how can he meet her if his country and Rolante can't stand each other?

Hawkeye walks up to Jessica and hugs her. "Thank you Jessica. I'm glad you're here to support me."

The Mana World

"Oh dear. This is not good. Not good at all." Undine said with fear.

"Dear laddie. What's the matter?" Gnome asked.

"The mana tree. Her powers are fading yet again."

"But, I thought the fairy restored the tree's power and became a goddess."

"Where's the treemaiden?"

Gnome and Undine quickly search for their lost treemaiden. The mana tree suddenly started to wilt. They watched in horror as countless branches started to fall and rot. Without the mana goddess, the world will fall into chaos and confusion. In order to prevent the catastrophe from happening, they need the treemaiden's power to prolong the tree's remaining life span.

"Oh my. Where could she be?" Undine said, trembling in fear.

"I've found her!" Wisp said, leading Undine and Gnome the way to their treemaiden.

"Kyro! Thank goodness we've found you."

Their treemaiden looks up with confusion and concern. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"It's the mana tree."

Quickly, Kyro runs to the mana tree and to her surprise, the tree already started to decay. Using her healing magic, Kyro touched the root of the mana tree to restore the tree's powers. As soon as the tree returned to its original state, Kyro collapsed from fatigue.

"Kyro! Are ye okay laddie?" Gnome asked.

"Don't worry. I gave some of healing to the mana tree for now. I got to be careful of how much I use because it feels like I'm draining my life away. Without the mana sword, I can't fully restore her form."

"Don't ye worry laddie. The mana goddess has chosen your sister for this dangerous task."

"I pray that the sword is restored once again. With the goddess' powers limiting, the world will soon fall into chaos once again."

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