The Essence of a Caffrey

Summary: Peter takes one look at the kid and says, nope, that's not a Caffrey. Fluffy future-fic, centering around family and friendship. Also, Neal/Sara.

A/N: This is shamelessly self-indulgent fluff, because we all need it sometimes. If you're looking for a fic with a plot besides general cuteness, you've come to the wrong place.

Perhaps Peter's forgotten just how tiny babies can be, but the one resting in Sara's arms may very well be the smallest person he's ever seen. All wrinkles and pudgy hands, healthy and perfect.

"For a newborn, he doesn't look as much like an alien as I suspected him to," says Mozzie, and though the wording is strange, there is no mistaking the affection in his tone.

Neal laughs a nervous, excited laugh that Peter's never heard him use before. He runs a hand over his tired face. How many hours has it been since we've all slept? Peter wonders. But despite the evidence of weariness, Peter's never seen Neal looking so purely happy, so excited, so full to the brim with unguarded emotion. Peter's never seen him this way, not even when Neal had been surrounded by the rarest, most beautiful, most dazzling works of art.

It is clear that this is a masterpiece beyond Neal's wildest dreams.

"You know, you can come closer," says Neal, and it's only then that Peter becomes aware of the fact that El, Mozzie, and himself are all standing on the outskirts of the room and merely peering in at the new little family, as though afraid to intrude.

At this invitation, however, they all step forward and crowd in around the hospital bed. "Can I hold him?" Elizabeth asks, and Peter's surprised it took her this long.

"Of course," says Sara with a small smile. She passes the bundle to Elizabeth, who holds him gently in her arms. "Did you guys finalize a name?"

"Aaron. Aaron Peter Caffrey."

Peter beams, and words fail him. "Neal..."

"It only seemed right, after everything," Sara chimes in.

Mozzie lets out an audible sigh. "And of course, the guy you met before the Suit goes completely unrepresented. Figures."

"Oh, now, Uncle Mozzie, don't be like that," says Neal, throwing a warm arm around his friend's shoulders.

"Uncle?" says Mozzie, testing the word aloud. He seems to smile in spite of himself.

"Ooh," Elizabeth squeals quietly. "I think he's waking up!"

Sure enough, little Aaron opens his eyes slowly, revealing a shocking blue that Peter's seen a million times before. He smiles at the newborn. "Nope, that's not a Caffrey." Peter declares.

"What?" Neal exclaims incredulously. "Peter, he's got my eyes. Don't tell me you don't see the resemblance."

"Not yet," replies Peter, pulling something small and black out of his coat pocket as he speaks.

Neal's infamous blue eyes widen in astonishment. "Where did you get that?" asks Neal, and he sounds as if he doesn't know whether to laugh, mock, or cry.

"I may have ordered it from the Baby GAP website...not quite designer, but stylish."

With that, Peter very gently places the tiny black fedora on top of his namesake's head. It could be his imagination, but Peter swears he sees Aaron give a charming little grin at the feel of this new accessory.

"Now that's a Caffrey if I ever saw one."

Neal just laughs and beckons for his son. Elizabeth hands him over graciously, and two pairs of blue eyes stare at each other in adoring wonder.

El puts an arm around her husband's waist as Aaron begins to cry. "You think the world is ready for a second Caffrey?" she asks Peter quietly.

Peter shakes his head with a satisfied smile. "Not even close."