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Description: Piper Bell's leaned on one, equine, companion since the outbreak, a Quarter Horse named Leroy - depending on him to keep her safe and doing the same in return. However, in a turn of events, she's reunited with someone she believed to be dead - her best friend, Shane Walsh. And now, with him, Rick Grimes, and the rest of the group, she's just trying to survive.

The Best Night Ever

"So are you excited for prom?" the squealy voice came off to Piper's right, her cousin and friend Jennifer was nearly bouncing off the walls about the event. Every girl's dream. The best night of the year. The night that makes or breaks your high school career.

Ever since they were kids Jennifer and Piper had had their thoughts and ideas about the "perfect prom". Whenever they went shopping, as young girls and then as junior high schoolers, Jennifer would stop in front of a dress and say, "This is it, Piper! My prom dress!" Piper would pretend to keep her eyes open for dresses, but she wasn't too interested in the glam part of it all. If anything, she would attend the event to have fun, and maybe, possibly, with someone special. Of course she was completely wrong - according to the status quo.

"It's a proven fact that virgins lose their virginity on prom night!" Jen would muse Piper's hair.

"The Prom King and Queen are always the best dressed!" Jennifer would gush.

"It's all about the dress!" she would hear while groups of girls flipped through fashion magazines.


Piper's very excited cousin was being escorted by her longtime boyfriend Michael. According to random polls taken by Jennifer herself, she was to win Prom Queen, and Michael, Prom King. After all, they were more than typical high school couple - they were the power couple, exceeding all of the usual requirements; Jennifer was beautiful, no doubt about that. Her face was heart shaped and was surrounded by her soft blonde locks. Her crystal like blue eyes were round and one of her best features. She was a thin girl, much more thin than Piper ever hoped to be. Her tiny stature dubbed her "top of the pyramid girl". Her boyfriend, Michael Brown was equally as attractive; he had to whole John Stamos look going on. He was an exceptional athlete - naturally - and some guy every girl wanted to be with. Lucky Jen.

Piper's prom situation was a bit different. Her "someone special" was supposed to be her long time crush, Eric Summers. He had always been nice to her, but was out of her league and more in Jen's. However, the blonde assured her that he would be asking her to the event in no time. He didn't ask her, in fact, she was sure he had forgotten her existence.

"He'll ask you!" Jennifer kept saying. Michael was buddies with Eric, but Eric had eyes for Rachel Wilson, who was as pretty as Jennifer. Piper just didn't match up to that "crowd".

And so, Shane saved the day, again.

"Look, how about you and me go," he suggested one day after school. He was a big college guy with Rick, and, eventually, they had set a goal to become police officers - two partners in crime, or, well, against it. However, this particular day, Shane took time out to spend the afternoon with Piper and the life long best friends were at the park swaying back and forth on the rusty swings like a couple of kids.

"You sure about that. Don't you have to be a big college boy or whatever?" she looked at her friend and dug her heels into the dirt.

"Positive. Come on, it'll be fun. I'll be your date and we'll show ol' Eric what it's like to hava' good time," he smiled a genuine smile and rubbed Piper's shoulder.

She thought about the idea for a minute. What was so bad about going to prom with your best friend? Not a single con could be found. Shane was quite the partier and entertainer. It would surely be a fun night.

She smiled wide at Shane, "Alright, alright. I'll go with you. Just don't forget the corsage," she wiggled her finger at him.

So Shane Walsh was her prom date.

"Yeah," Piper replied to her cousin, throwing a smile at her, "Super excited!"

The smile was half fake, half real. Part of her was excited because Shane had promised her a good time, but part of her was still bummed - she was, after all, crushed about the whole Eric thing.

"So are you and Shane...more than friends?" Jennifer asked - nosy as ever.

Piper rolled her eyes. She'd known Shane for eighteen years. She'd grown up with the kid. Like his other best friend and her friend, Rick Grimes, she'd seen his ups and downs. But the male/female relationship was different. There was always that sexual tension, that attraction. When she was younger, her and Shane's mother used to refer to Piper as Shane's "little girlfriend" - according to them, she followed that kid around like there was no tomorrow. As they got older, and started to go through puberty and all that stuff, things got dicey, for Piper, at least. The waters got choppy and she asked herself a lot of the time; Will Shane and I end up together? She had never really thought of Shane Walsh as a brother. He was more of a protector, he was a rock when others couldn't be. He was there for her. And maybe she had feelings for him, but she couldn't let that ruin their perfect friendship. Piper knew what feelings did; they screwed everything up. She wasn't sure if Shane felt the same way, if there was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind, if there was, he never acted on it. So they remained friends. Best friends. Each other's other half.

Piper shook her head, "Jen, come on. We're not together. We're just friends."

Jen snorted, she didn't believe a word of the bullshit that just came out of her cousin's mouth, "Piper. Do you really expect me to believe a hunk like Shane Walsh ditched all of the older chicks he's probably been going around with, with, what's his name..."

"Rick," Piper cut in.

"Rick, to go to prom with a friend?"

"First of all," Piper a newly manicured finger that Jennifer simply insisted on, "Rick's got a girlfriend, Lori. Remember her?" she raised both eyebrows, "Second of all," her middle finger went up, "isn't that what friends do? Help each other out? Support each other? I don't understand the big deal."

Jennifer reached over and slapped Piper's forehead. The brunette frowned a bit and furrowed her brow, "You, my friend, are so naive. The big deal is that, knowing Shane Walsh, you will not make it out of tonight a virgin."

Piper rolled her eyes. Everything with her cousin was sex. Sex and boys and partying - not the brunette's style. She shook her head, "Jennifer. I love you, but," she sighed, "But maybe you should focus on your own love life instead of mine. Which, in case you haven't noticed, is non-existent."

Jen had given up on trying to convince Piper that Shane and her were one soul intertwined within two bodies. That's what she said, right? Piper wasn't even paying attention. Instead, she was trying not to pick off the red nail polish on her fingers. Four hours in counting. The best night ever.

"PIIIIII-PEERRR!" her mother's yell came in a sing-song voice from the bottom of the stairs, "Shane called - he'll be here in ten minutes!"

Piper gulped and stared at her reflection in her bedroom mirror. The mirror extended her body's length and she inspected every part of herself. Her usually thick, wavy medium length brown hair had been straightened and was in a french-braid bun. No fly-aways could be seen, but Piper was sure that, by the end of the night, her hair would be down and frizzy as ever. Her blue almond shaped eyes were accentuated by a soft gray smokey eye. Her cheeks were dusted with rosy blush and her lips had been traced with a soft pink and filled with the same color.

She had saved up her money and splurged on a dress she had spent days searching for. She wasn't a pink girl, but Jennifer had insisted that she looked stunning in it. It was a one shoulder piece that accented her curves and made her feel prettier than she ever had before. Thank God for working at the local pizza parlor. Piper took another minute to "inspect" herself before taking a deep breath.

Prom night came with a lot of anxiety, but, with Shane by her side, it was sure to be a good night. She just had to relax, stay calm, enjoy the music, the food, the friends. And that's exactly what she did.

And that night was in fact, the best night ever.