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Chapter 5:Preliminary Battles

A groan resounded throughout Naruto's resting room as his eyes fluttered. As they finally opened, he released a short hiss as blinding lights reached his sight. Covering his sensitive pupils with his hands, allowing them adjusting the light. With another groan, the blond haired Amegakure Ninja sat up, though he immediately fell back to his bed as he felt pain rush throughout him. "You're up!" a familiar voice reached his ears as red eyes came into view. Naruto's own rippled ones stared up at the girl he had saved in the forest, Karin, as she furrowed her brow at him. "You're still hurt..."

"It comes with the job description." Naruto returned as he tried sitting up again, this time receiving help from the glasses wearing girl. "Thank you." The girl smiled in return, though her eyes carried a worried under layer. Karin ran her hand over Naruto's shoulder, down to his back. As her hand found the fire wounded skin, Naruto realized he was actually only donned in a pair of Anbu pants. The red headed girl bit her bottom lip as she felt the wounded skin before she rolled her right sleep upwards, Naruto's eyes going over the bite mark scars that traveled upwards. "What are you-"

"-Bite Me." The red headed girl interrupted the young blond haired man, whom furrowed his brow. Bite her? Didn't she have enough scars traveling the length of her skin.

"What are you talking about? I'm not going to bite you." Naruto declined as Karin's eyes narrowed. Bringing her hand upwards, she grabbed the blond's hair, moving his face close to her arm as Naruto's rippled eyes widened at the sudden movement, pain shooting throughout his back.

"I have healing abilities, trust me. Bite me." Rin'negan eyes stared upwards at the red haired girls face, as he warily leaned forwards. Karin nodded to the young man as his lips met her skin before he opened his mouth, biting down. Almost immediately, a warm sensation began flowing throughout the boy's body, his pain lessening minute by minute. Karin released an almost silent moan as the blond headed Uzumaki allowed her to help him, her hand stroking through the young man's soft hair. Without warning, the blond released his hold on her arm, sitting back up as relief flooded throughout his back.

The red eyed girl sported a reddening blush as she looked away from the blond haired Ame ninja as he slid from his resting place in his bed. He quickly slipped on a high collared T-Shirt before the Kunoichi grabbed his arm, in the process gaining his attention. "There were a few people looking for you earlier. The other two you were with wouldn't let them through, so I wold them I'd bring you to them." The blond haired ninja nodded in response as he motioned for her to lead the way, though she remained latched to his arm as she led him from the room.

~Team Samui, Fu, Sand Siblings~

Silence rained between the seven people that resided in single room, each glaring at the others warily. "Gaara, how much longer are we going to hang around these guys? Kami knows why you actually trust this Ame ninja, but is it really worth waiting?" Kankuro questioned his younger red headed brother, whom glared at him from the corners of his eyes. The glare was joined by those of the others in the room as Karui snarled towards the young man.

"We're not guys, Dip shit!" The dark skinned woman spat as Kankuro held his hands up in forfeit. "Fucking Pig." With a huff, the red head's attention was drawn to the door of the room as a red eyed girl they had all met earlier, Karin, poked her head through. She glanced back out of the door, grabbing someone's arm before dragging them into the room. The person whom the arm belonged to was the blond that they all had been waiting for, decked in a plain black outfit opposed to the clothes he had worn upon their last encounter. "There's the blond!" Karui called as she pointed to the new arrivals, drawing everyone's attention to them.

The blond nodded as he made a head count of everyone within the room, Karin glaring at the assembled women within the room, from her perch on Naruto's side. "I'm glad to see you all made it. Gaara, Fu, Yugito." The blond spoke as the three spoken Jinchuriki nodded their heads in response to the blond haired Ame Ninja. "I want to get to the point as quickly as possible, this place isn't the ideal place for a get together. Nevertheless, this may be the only time I can get you together. Therefore, ask your questions, and I will answer them."

"You said That you wish to extract the Bijuu." Gaara spoke as Naruto's attention turned to him. "You said that I will be excepted in your village. That, if my siblings come along, they too will be excepted into Amegakure. I wish for you to elaborate on all of this." Naruto nodded at the boy's raspy voice and opened his mouth to respond, before he was quickly cut off by Yugito.

"Wait! We can bring people with us? Then... could I bring Karui and Samui if I joined you?" Naruto's rippled eyes glanced to her from the corners of them before he nodded slowly, once again opening his mouth to respond to the questions.

"In order: Yes, we wish to extract all Nine Bijuu from the Jinchuriki. We are not prone to using lethal force, however, I choose having the Bijuu as well as former containers who have retained a small amount of the Bijuu's chakra... in most cases. We have the ability to keep the Containers alive through the process of the extraction, as long as they remain prone as we have medical ninjas constantly by their sides. If they struggle, well, there's nothing we can do for them. You will indeed be accepted into our village, as heroes for helping push Ame into the New World Order.

And as such, your siblings being associated with you, will be treated with the utmost respect. And yes, Yugito, you may bring people along with you. If Karui and Samui join you, they too will be treated with the highest amount of respect. Are there any other questions?" Naruto asked as he looked around the room at the assembled face, Yugito's eyes pleading with her friends . Quickly, Kankuro's painted face stepped forwards.

"Yeah. Gaara says you aren't lying about what you're saying. But how do we know that you're not going gonna stab us in the back, huh?" Kankuro questioned as Naruto released an amused chuckle. He had figured that at least one would step forwards, questioning the legitimacy of his offer.

"You do not know, and can not. All I can give you to ease any paranoia is my word. If it helps anymore." At these words, Naruto withdrew a kunai, everyone, but Fu's, brow furrowing as he handed it to the Sunagakure Puppeteer. Taking his arm from Karin's grasp, Naruto turned on his heels as he outstretched his arms, his back turned to them all. "I place my faith in you, and, hopefully, in turn, you place your faith in me." Kankuro growled as he walked forwards, brandishing the Kunai high into the air before he stopped with a sigh.

Naruto turned back to them as he was handed his Kunai."Fine, I believe you... Kinda... So what what do you want us to do? Obviously you don't want Gaara, Temari, and me to go along with Orochimaru's plans. So what is it exactly that you want us all to do?" The Suna Puppeteer as they all turned their attention back to him.

"Well, that's simple really, Kankuro. You see, You're all going to pass your exams, and when the invasion begins..."

~Two Days Later~

Naruto sighed as he stood upon one of the balconies that resided in the tower that all of the Genin had assembled in, now donning his scorched outfit. Beside of him were his two Paths as well as Fu and Karin, whom could not pass doue to them losing their temmates in the forest. Upon the end of the second Exams, it was revealed, by a Konoha Ninja named Hayate Gekko to the Genin that there were to many combatants remaining and preliminaries would have to be held to narrow them all down. 'That's bullshit.' Naruto thought to himself as he glanced to the Computer Screen that would show the combatants the needed to step forwards. 'The last Exams held in Ame were twice as many. Their Damn Hokage just wants to make us dance like his little puppets!' Finally, the letters on the Computer Screen began flashing. And then, two names stuck.

Karui Vs Hinata Hyuuga

The dark skinned, red headed girl released a grin as she leaped over the railing that kept the combatants on the balconies. "Right of the bat, huh?" She questioned the proctor as her opponent, a timid blue haired, byakugan wielding girl. The Hyuuga came to stand across from Karui, her fingers pressing together as the proctor lifted his hand high into the air. "I want a fair fight. No interferences and try avoiding being maimed. All abilities within your arsenal are acceptable to be used." The sickly looking Konoha ninja spoke before swiftly bringing his hand down. "Hajime!"

With those words, Karui lurched forwards between the gap that separated her from the Hyuuga, slamming her foot into the girl's gut. Said girl released a scream of pain as her red headed opponent spun on the sole of her left foot, lashing out with her with. The vicious kick connected with the side of the blue haired girl's skull, sending her rolling backwards. The girl slowly tried to pick herself up as Karui charged forwards once again, lashing out with her left foot. Her opponent quickly pulled her head back out of reflex, just barely avoiding a kick that would have broken bones. Quickly lashing out, Hinata swept the red headed girl's legs out from under her, though the Kumo Kunoichi preformed a handspring, landing in a crouched position. "Not good enough, Byakugan Girl." Karui warned as Hinata's eyes widened.

Reaching over her shoulder, Karui withdrew her sword, her eyes narrowing. "All weapons and techniques are available. Now bring it, Hyuuga Bitch!" Hinata unconsciously stepped backwards before her red headed opponent rushed forwards, swinging her sword in a beautiful dace of motions. Hinata jumped backwards, just barely avoiding having her skull unattached from the rest of her boy. Dodging the sword another time, Hinata quickly evaded any further onslaught by rushing to the other side of the arena.

"Come on, Hinata, you can do it!" Nami called from the balcony she stood on, cheering on her friend. Hinata looked upwards, shocked by the sudden encouragement, before nodding her head, a determined look coming to her face. Forming a single hand seal, the veins around Hinata's eyes began bulging before she snapped her eyes open.

"Byakugan!" She called as Karui's, and all of those within the room's, chakra systems became apparent to her. Karui released an amused laugh as she wasted no more time rushing back towards her opponent, said opposing girl doing the same. The dark skinned Kumo Kunoichi pulled backwards as Hinata launched forwards, trying to initiate her Kekkei Genkai technique. Seeing the girl stumble forwards, obviously unprepared at being dodged. Karui spun of he heel, slamming the butt of her swords into the side of her opponent's skull.

Said Byakugan wielder stumbled to the side. As she tried to regain her bearings, Karui lurched forwards once again, slamming her elbow into Hinata's face. As the girl's head lolled backwards from the blow, her dark skinned opponent kicked herself into the air, her right foot planting itself into the girl's chest. Hinata released a scream of pain as the blow knocked her backwards. As her Kumogakure opponent came at her again, the blue haired girl jumped forwards, finally initiating her Gentle Fist strikes. Karui released a Short shout as Hinata went through the practiced attack, closing off all of Karui's chakra pathways.

As the final blow was delivered to her body, Karui was sent flying backward. Hinata continued to stand, her Byakugan form still timid, even through what little confidence her friend had given her. Karui slowly picked herself up with a snarl as she glared at the girl. Being adept in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, the red headed girl didn't need her Ninjutsu. However, she knew of the Byakugan's three hundred sixty degree vision that the eyes gave them, it had been one of the reasons that Kumogakure had tried to acquire it so many years ago. And as such, she knew she would be hard pressed to land a strike on the girl now.

Naruto glared at his sister across from the balconies. No matter what she did, she constantly grated his nerves away. But seeing her give her friend confidence, had given him a, sneaky and underhanded, idea. 'But if Yugito brings her along, this can be justified as helping a new comrade out.' Naruto reasoned with himself as he called out the same words his Uncle had spoke to him, down to Karui. "The Byakugan is said to have Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees of Vision. That's not correct. They have one blond spot: the third thoracic vertebra." Karui glanced up at the blond haired Ame ninja, her eyes widening before she nodded with a smirk.

Neji Hyuuga's own Byakugan eyes traveled to Naruto, narrowed in rage and suspicion. 'How would he know the blind spot in the Hyuuga's Byakugan? That's a closely guarded secret. And I'm torn between hating him for knowing it, and giving it out to my possible enemies, and thanking him for giving someone the Chance to wipe that Main House Scum from this plain of existence!' As he thought this, Nami's own thoughts collided in her mind. She truly believed this to be her brother, and he had just given away a Hyuuga secret to a Kunoichi from a different village, so that she may defeat Hinata, one of Nami's closest friends.

Meanwhile, down in the arena, Hinata lurched forwards, intent on finishing the battle now that her opponent knew her Blind Spot. Karui, seeing this, began flying backwards, avoiding each and every one of Hinata's blows as quickly as she possibly could. Ducking down, Karui took Hinata's right leg out from underneath her before jumping high into the air. The blue haired Byakugan wielder's eyes widened as she gained her bearing, finding that Karui had used the Ame Ninja's information. As she rushed to spin around, Karui's foot slammed into her neck, sending Hinata to the ground. The byakugan wielder tried to jump back to her feet, however, it was in vain. "It's over proctor, Call the match." The sickly man nodded in acceptance as he released a drawn out cough in his hand.

"Winner:Karui of Kumogakure." Karui smiled as she leaped back to her place on the balconies, just as the medical ninjas lead Hinata away from the arena floor, to the medical wing of the Chunin Tower.

"Congratulations, Karui." The girls teammates spoke as she nodded happily, all turning their attention forwards as the Computer screen. It continued on for a few seconds before finally coming to a stop.

Sasuke Uchiha vs Yoroi Akado

It was a rather uneventful fight with Yoroi sucking the last Uchiha of Konoha's Chakra from him. After realizing this, the Uchiha used a taijutsu move he created after copying the initial beginning from a fellow comrades move set to defeat Akado, before being lead away by his sensei, Kakashi Hatake. While Konoha seemed proud of this victory, the other villages ninja within the room found it to be less than satisfactory.

Samui Vs Misumi Tsurugi

Samui jumped down to the arena floor as her opponent did the same, though with a slight grunt. "Don't take me as a push over like Yoroi. I'm not so easily beat, and I won't take it easy on you like he did the Uchiha. As a matter of fact... You truthfully have no chance in beating me. You should just give up!" Samui's face remained stoic before she opened her mouth to speak to the man.

"You judge me without knowing my skill, believing yourself to be better for no apparent reason... Not cool. And because of that, I won't take it easy on you." At these words, the Proctor, Hayate, stepped between them all before raising his hand high into the air. With a slight cough, he observed the two Ninja before bringing his arm downwards.

"Match #3, hajime!" Without warning, the man lurched forwards, attempting to wrap his limbs around his blond haired opponent, whom jumped backwards in response. Her eyes glared towards him as she immediately found his ability:Rubber Like Limbs. She could easily take care of that. The beautiful fair skinned young woman removed her Tanto from its sheath, swinging it as her opponent quickly made his way towards her. Ducking under his arms, Samui brought her Tanto upwards, slicing the side of the man's body and allowing blood to immediately flow from the wound. Smirking at having drawn first blood so quickly, Samui jumped away from her opponent as he snarled at the wound.

Misumi was quick to attack again as he rushed forwards. As Samui jumped forwards to slice the man again, he fell forwards, placing his hands onto the ground before hand springing upwards, Slamming his feet into her face. Samui released a small shout as Misumi smirked, reaching forwards and anticipating to end the match. He screamed in agony, however, as Samui's Tanto sliced through his right wrist, severing his hand from the rest of his arm. The man stumbled backwards in pain, though Hayate was not to intervene unless the opponent was incapacitated, forfeited, or was dead. Samui jumped forwards, striking out with her right leg and delivered a devastating kick to her opponent's skull.

The man fell down to one knee, Samui quickly rushing forwards. Seeing this, Misumi struck out with his left hand to catch the woman, though she spun on her heels, just barely missing his hold, before bringing her Tanto down upon the man's remaining hand. He released another scream of Agony as he fell to the floor, writhing in pain. Seeing this, Hayate stepped forwards, raising his hand into the air. "Winner-"

"No! I'm... I'm not... Done yet!" Misumi cried to the proctor as he struggled to get to his feet. Through all of this, Samui's face remained stoic. And it continued to do so as Misumi struck out with his right leg. It even remained stoic as the man's foot was severed from the ankle downwards, sending it to join the man's other lost appendages on the arena's floor. Groaning at the man's stupidity, Hayate motioned for medical ninjas to come pick the man up.

"Winner:Samui of Kumogakure." He called to the balconies as, like Karui, Samui returned to her place among her comrades, her eyes unconsciously wandering to the blond headed boy that leaned against the walls of the tower, Karin's red headed form clinging heavily to his arm. Taking her eyes away from them, she glanced to the Chunin Exam Computer, just as it flashed the next two combatants.

Neji Hyuuga vs Kankuro

The two ninjas slowly made their way down to the arenas floor, their faces stoic as they stared at each other. "Fate has declared me the winner of this bout." The Hyuuga male spoke as Kankuro sneered in his direction, obviously hating the fact that he was being talked down to.

"Yeah? Well me and everyone in this room know about your little Blind Spot now. What are you going to do to stop me from using it?" Kankuro questioned the white eyed boy who simply retained his arrogant smirk upon his face. Without another word, Hayate allowed his hand to fall downwards, signaling the beginning of the fourth match. Immediately, Neji allowed his eyes to transform, just as Hinata had. Kankuro glared in the Hyuuga's direction as he cracked his neck. With a conceited glance, Neji allowed his stance to stop.

"You can come out. I know you switched places with your puppet. Your on its back right now." No response was made, Neji's brow furrowing in slight annoyance. "Fine, have it your way. But fate remains the same either way." With that, the Hyuuga lurched forwards, immediately beginning an intense onslaught on the Kankuro he had called a puppet. His body moved backwards as the force of the blows chipped away at the body, revealing it to be the puppet as Neji shattered its face. As the puppet landed, the true Kankuro quickly unraveled himself from the bandages he had hidden himself in. Glancing towards his puppet, Kankuro's arm shot out, though pain shot throughout him as Neji's hands slammed into the young man's hand.

Immediately, the appendage went limp as Neji began a violent, and unneeded onslaught on the Sunagakure puppeteer, ending with a vicious uppercut that sent Kankuro skidding yards away from his opponent. "You may as well call the match proctor... He's finished." Hayate sent a sideways glance to Kankuro, whom struggled with himself to stand up. Finally, Kankuro resigned to his fate, allowing himself to fall to the ground as medical ninja rushed to his location.

"Winner:Neji." Hayate called out as Neji slowly made his way back to his teammates, who both congratulated him, though he brushed them both off as he watched the computer with cold and calculating eyes.

Shikamaru Nara Vs Kin

Much like the Uchiha's match, this particular one wasn't anything special. The Otogakure Kunoichi tried to use her sound genjutsu to defeat the genius Nara, though he planned ahead. Tricking her into a position where it benefited him, Shikamaru placed her in his Shadow bind technique, sending her skull crashing into the wall behind her and, ultimately, knocking her unconscious. With a barely drawn out 'Troublesome', the lazy genius made his way back to the balconies, the computer already flashing for the next combatants.

Ame S(Sora) vs Kiba

"Yahoo! You see that, Akamaru?" Kiba questioned his canine companion as he leaped over the railing of the balcony he stood upon. "Easy win, right buddy?" The small puppy barked its agreement. The reanimated corpse of Sora slowly picked itself up before walking down to the arena. The proctor looked between the two, waiting for any trash talk to occur between them. There was none. With a shrug, Hayate lifted his hand high into the air before bringing it down.

"Match Number Six, Hajime!" With those words, he jumped backwards. Immediately, Kiba fed Akamaru a food pill. The puppy's fur changed from white to brown in an instant as Kiba dropped himself into his Taijutsu stance. Through this, Naruto's Animal path had remained silent, though he jumped forwards to his opponent quickly. Acting upon instinct, Kiba rolled to the side, attempting to escape the wrath of his opponent. Before he could completely regain his footing, the body of Sora slammed into Kiba's back sending him rolling forwards. Akamaru lurched forwards to come to the aid of his master, however, he was quickly side stepped.

Jumping forwards, the Animal Path preformed a hand spring, using all of his might to force himself upwards, slamming his knee into Kiba's gut. Kiba released a grunt as he stumbled backwards. Quickly gaining his bearings, Kiba swung at the body of Sora, which dodged backwards before ramming his elbow straight into the dog like boy's face. Kiba released a Howl of pain as he fell backwards, clutching his face. Kicking off of the ground, Sora landed a vicious kick to the side of Kiba's skull, the boy stumbling to the side. As Sora went to move forwards again, though Akamaru attacked his ankles, forcing him to fight the dog off quickly.

"Atta boy, Akamaru! Let's finish this quickly! M-" Kiba was cut off as Sora removed his tri bladed death claw, before releasing a large gash of wind. Kiba's eyes widened as he tried to dodge the attack, though was still blasted backwards by its power. Sora rushed forwards quickly, kicking off into the air before releasing another blast. Though able to dodge the initial attack, Sora's foot slammed into Kiba's face, sending him stumbling backwards. With a growl, Kiba lurched forwards striking Naruto's Animal Path in his chest. With as much rage as he could muster, Kiba released an onslaught of strikes from his clawed hands. Sora stumbled backwards i surprise from the sudden outburst. Jumping into the air, Kiba kicked off of Sora's chest, moving into a back flip before landing in a crouched position. It was a fatal mistake.

Without warning, Sora kicked Akamaru aside, lurching forwards and slamming the sole of his foot into Kiba's face, with a sickening crunch as his nose broke. "Ah! You Kami damned Bastard! Akamaru, NOW! Man Beast Technique, Fang Over Fang!" Kiba cried as he and his animal companion began twirling around each other in a dangerous technique. Jumping backwards, Sora released another gust from his Trie Bladed Death Claws, sending Akamaru flying into a wall, unconscious. Ducking down, Kiba was forced to fly right over Sora as he ducked down, sliding underneath the jutsu.

As Kiba stumbled to move back into his taijutsu stance, the canine like boy found Naruto's Animal Path's favored weapon at his throat. His eyes widening, Kiba lifted his hands into the air, announcing his defeat as Hayate nodded, stepping forwards. "Winner:S Of Amegakure." the proctor announced as he jumped to the balconies, the medical ninjas led the boy away from the arena, to make sure he didn't receive any serious injuries, though it was unlikely.

Temari Vs Tenten

The match truthfully lasted all of a minute, Tenten being completely outmatched by Temari as the blond haired Sunagakure Ninja blew her weapons away before completely decimating her fellow kunoichi. As the match was announced in Temari's favor, the blond allowing Tenten to fall on her battle fan, followed by her teammate, Rock Lee, declaring how 'Unyouthful' the whole thing was.

Nii Yugito Vs Shino

Yugito leaped to the floor as Shino furrowed his brow, a frown adorning his features. There was something about the girl that made his bugs wary. They buzzed, refusing to come fourth and battle his named opponent. With a shake of his head, and a disappointed sigh, Shino lifted his hand into the air, drawing Hayate's attention to him. "My Kikkai Bugs refuse to battle her. I have no choice but to forfeit this battle and try again the next."

Hayate nodded as he announced Yugito as the winner, though the Jinchuriki snarled, shooting a dark glance at the Aburame that refused to allow her to vent her frustrations out on him. The blond haired young woman stalked back to the balconies, though she was intercepted by a familiar ripple eyed blond. Her fellow blond leaned down into the blond haired Kumo Kunoichi's ear before whispering. "Easy there, Kitty Cat, You'll get your chance to rip plenty of people's throats out during the Finals." The blond blushed, both from the closeness and the nickname. As the blond turned away, Yugito quickly followed behind him as Fu and Karin rejoined Naruto's sides, grasping to his arms almost desperately as he looked down at them, brow furrowing.

I Of Ame Vs Zaku

Zaku quickly made his way down to the arena, his arms in slings, as Naruto's Human path grasped the railing of the balconies. The blindfolded path of Sin flipped into the air, holding himself balanced on the rail before he fell to the ground in a crouched state, the bottom part of stoic. Looking between the two, Hayate released a fit of coughs as he dropped his hand, signaling the beginning of the match. Zaku stared ahead at Izuna's reanimated body as he slowly lifted himself off of the ground. "Well?" Zaku questioned as he lost his patience. "Are you going to fight me, or not?" Izuna tilted his head before he appeared before Zaku. Said cocky child's smirk dropped as Izuna's foot slammed into his chest, sending him into the wall behind them.

As Zaku moved to bring himself up, Izuna's right foot slammed into his opponent's gut before he lurched upwards, slamming his left into the boy's jaw. Zaku released a cry as he fell to the ground. As he stumbled to his feet, his right arm was yanked from his sling violently with a sickening crack. Zaku released a cry of pain before freeing his left hand, pointing it to his black headed opponent. "Die you bastard!" Agony shot throughout the arm, however, as Izuna's right hand unsheathed his sword, slicing it his opponent's arm off from the elbow down.

As his bleeding opponent stumbled backwards, pain shooting throughout him, he screamed again as his other arm was severed at the shoulder, leaving him completely useless. "Medic! Get a Medic!" Hayate called as the medical team rushed the arena floor, taking the young Otogakure Ninja and his severed limbs back to the medical ward. Glancing around at the bloodied floor, Naruto's Human path disappeared, quickly reappearing beside of Naruto, who now sat, cross legged with Karin clinging to his left Arm, Fu sitting on his left side and Yugito staring down at the back of his head with a furrowed brow. Glancing upwards, Naruto couldn't help but groan out loud at the names of the combatants that the computer chose to fight against each other.

Sakura Vs Ino

'What... The... Fuck..?' Was the one question that ran through everyone's minds as they watched the pathetic match. It consisted of about thirty minutes of the blond yamanaka and pink haired Haruno screaming back and fourth between each other, resulting in the mind walker to cut her hair, much like her pinkette comrade had. And when the battle finally began it was... disappointing to say the least. Starting off with basic illusion of clones, followed by Ino trying to take over her former friend's mind to make her forfeit. However, after some kind words from Nami, something that annoyed Naruto to no end, Sakura fought out. The battle culminated with the two rushing each other and knocking the other out with solid punches to their jaws. A Draw.

Nami Vs Choji

The names flashed across the computer screen as the last two combatants were taken from the arena floor. Naruto sighed with annoyance. His chance at revenge would continue to prolong itself it seemed. Nami jumped to the ground, followed by Choji, who screamed something about B-B-Q. In the end, it was a short match with Choji using his boulder spin technique and Nami dodging to the side multiple times, leading the young man to crash into one of the walls, effectively knocking him unconscious. Nami cheered slightly as the Yondaime Hokage clapped from the perch he had sat the entire exams, watching the proceedings.

"God... What the hell is wrong with these Konoha ninjas?" Naruto questioned as the Konoha Jounin glanced to the blond Ame Ninja, their eyes narrowing at the sight of, not only his 'Comrades', but the Suna Team, Kumo Team, the surviving Kusa girl, and surviving Taki ninja, surrounding him. The Kusa ninja had made herself completely comfortable at the young man's side, occasionally sneaking her hand through his blond locks, while the Taki Kunoichi sat beside of him, her eyes traveling to him every so often.

Sabaku No Gaara Vs Dosu

The two mentioned ninja quickly made themselves known in the arena, Gaara's gaze emotionless and Dosu glaring across of the arena at him. "Oto has lost a lot of face here today... I'm going to have to beat you to get it all back." Dosu warned his opponent, who only remained emotionless as he stared back at Dosu. As their match was signaled to begin, Dosu lurched forwards, intent on punching his opponent, though sand shot up, stopping the attack.

Gaara's opponent went to release his sound jutsu from his arm, however, the red head's sand quickly encased Dosu. "Hey-HEY! What the hell! Let me go! Let me go you son of a-"

"Sand Coffin!" Dosu screamed in agony as the sand caved in around his body, and then, nothing. Blood splattered throughout the arena, pieces of Dosu's body falling down to those in the balconies, most giving out sounds of disgust at the gruesome display. Gaara glared to where his opponent had once stood before he disappeared in a swirled of sand, reappearing beside of Naruto, drawing everyone's attention to him. There were only two names that had yet to be called.

"Will N of Ame... And Rock Lee come down to the... Arena?" Hayate questioned as he coughed, glancing around at the gruesome scene before him with obvious disgust. Lee leaped from the balconies as Naruto slowly made his way down.

"Rock Lee. If I remember right from that Kabuto guy, you have no Chakra, therefore can only use Taijutu. I'll make you a challenge, Lee. I won't use any jutsu, just Taijutsu. For the obvious reasons that I don't want anyone to know the full extent of my abilities, and to make this a bit more fun for me."

"Yosh! What a Youthful challenge my Ame Friend! But you must know that I am a Taijutu master! Yosh! Nevertheless, If I do not win this, I will do fifty laps around Konoha, two thousand-" Lee was quickly cut off by Hayate who feared him going into a 'Maito Gai Rant'.

"Yeah, Final Match of the Preliminaries, Hajime!" The two ninja stared at each other before Rock Lee lurched forwards, kicking outwards with his right leg. Naruto ducked underneath the kick, swiping Lee's leg out from underneath him. Landing on his hands, Lee sprung away. As he came to stand up once again, Naruto's foot crashed into Lee's face, sending him stumbling backwards. As Naruto jumped forwards, Lee ducked underneath him before kicking upwards, slamming his foot into Naruto's chin. Naruto stumbled backwards before spinning on his left heel, kicking lee in his side. The bushy eyed teenager was sent flying away.

Rebounding off of the ground as quickly as he hit it, Lee gasped in pain as Naruto jammed his knee into Lee's stomach. Lee took a swing at Naruto, though the blond ducked underneath him. Wrapping his arm around Lee's neck, his back pressed into Lee's own, Naruto dropped down onto his knees, Lee rebounding off of the boy's back as he writhed in pain. Seeing this, Naruto leaped into the air, bringing his knee down upon Lee's face. Lee released a scream of pain as he rolled away before picking himself up. As Naruto ran towards him, Lee ducked underneath a wild swing. As Naruto turned back to his big eyed opponent, He received a swift, and powerful, kick to his job. Naruto swayed on his feet for a moment as Lee lurched forwards.

The green clad ninja slammed his knee into Naruto's gut. Spinning on the soles of his feet, Lee struck outwards, landing a vicious kick to the side of Naruto's skull, sending him down to one knee. Jumping off of both feet, the soles of Lee's shoes slammed into Naruto's skull, sending him skidding backwards. Quickly back on his feet, Lee rushed forwards at Naruto. Said blond lurched from his resting spot, spearing Lee's midsection, sending him into the concrete.

As the Yondaime Hokage watched this, his eyes narrowing. 'Could that really be him? Nami was right, he looks like me and Kushina. And his eyes look like what Kushina described. I just... I don't know... Is he?'

Lee released a cry of pain as Naruto punted him in the skull. As the bowl headed boy's head fell to the pavement, slobber fell from his mouth. Hayate went to call the match, but Lee was quick to his feet. Spinning on them, Lee lashed out, Kicking Naruto in the front of his face, Lee used the force, spinning in a front flip before kicking Naruto in the face from mid air, Sending the blond stumbling. Lee quickly rushed forwards, kicking off of Naruto's chest, preforming another front flip. However, acting quickly, Naruto jumped into the air, wrapping his hands around the back of the man's skull, bringing Lee's face down onto his knees.

Lee rebounded off of Naruto's knees, stumbling to his feet. Lurching from the ground, Naruto wrapped his arms around Lee's head again, this time bringing the boy down to crash onto his shoulder. The big eyed boy rolled away, unconscious, as Naruto back up, almost as if to punt the green clad ninja in the skull again. "That's enough." Hayate spoke. "Winner, N Of Amegakure. The remaining contestants, please line up. Now that the preliminaries are finished, I will have you draw numbers. Based on the numbers, such as one with two, you will have your opponents at the finals in one months time. Any questions-No, good, pick you numbers."

"One." Naruto called out.

"three." -Temari

"Troublesome... four... Why do I always have to fight the girls?" Shikamaru questioned lazily, eliciting a growl from said girl.

"five." Nami Spoke up.


"eleven." Izuna's body spoke, a chuckle coming from Naruto's lips before his Animal path even spoke.

"twelve." The animal path spoke.

"seven." Gaara's voice cut through the air.


"two." Neji spoke arrogantly.


"Okay then, the line up is as follows:N(aruto) Vs Neji, Temari vs Shikamaru, Nami Vs Yugito, Gaara Vs Sasuke, Samui Vs Karui, S(ora) Vs I(zuna). Hokage-Sama, if you would dismiss us..."

And I'm done there. I cut a lot of fights short and I'm not even sure if the line up I made is right, but I'm sick and exhausted... Goodnight all...