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If you change your mind. I'm the first in line

Honey I'm still free

Take a chance on me.

If you need me, let me know, gonna be around

If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down

If you're all alone, when the pretty birds have flown

Honey I'm still free

Take a chance on me

Gonna do my very best and it ain't no lie

If you put me to the test, if you let me try

"So this is Bella?" One of the beautiful vampires asked when I walked into the room.

My eyes seemed to focus on just her eyes. I couldn't bring myself to even glance at the other Denali family members, even though there were two of them I felt I wanted to look at as well. Her eyes, though technically the same as everyone else's aside from mine, seemed unique to me; so unique that I didn't want to leave the trance I'd fallen into from just looking into them.

"Yup; she was going to spend the weekend with Edward, but he ended up going hunting with Jasper instead." Alice said in her still overly cheerful voice.

If I was paying more attention to what Alice had said, I would have noticed her tone indicated she was definitely hiding something. I probably would have also noticed that I had become the only one standing. I hadn't actually moved beyond the entry way into the living room where everyone was; it was like my body had been frozen when the Denali first spoke.

"What a shame." The beautiful woman said, her tone betraying what her words said.

"I think you broke her." Another blonde Denali said, with a small hint of humor, to the vampire I couldn't stop staring at; no matter how much I know I should stop. I even felt a strange sort of pull to look the one that just spoke, but I chose to ignore it because there was a part of me that didn't think anyone would be as interesting as her.

"I'll just have to fix her then." The strawberry blonde vampire that I'd staring at said with a smirk.

The third blonde Denali laughed at her sister's comment and effectively broke the trance I had fallen in to. Her laugh was a lot more pleasant to listen to than any of the other vampire's laugh I had heard thus far, including Edwards. I wasn't sure what to think about that, but I chose to ignore that. I felt my face heat up in a blush. The embarrassment of being caught staring at the strawberry blonde in front of both the Cullen and Denali covens, and for so long, made me want to just go hide away in Edwards' room and stay there for the whole weekend so I wouldn't have to face any of them.

Before I could embarrass myself anymore, I quickly sat down on a seat next to Alice. As long as I didn't stare at the strawberry blonde, or either of the other two blondes that I was sure I would probably end up staring at, I wouldn't make a fool of myself again; though I didn't understand why I stared in the first place. I didn't understand why I reacted that way in the first place; but I knew for a fact I didn't want it to happen again. I had this feeling that if I did look at her again, I might end just staring at her again and I didn't want to do that again; especially in front of other people. It was just too embarrassing.

"Bella, these are our cousins from Alaska. This is Carmen and Eleazar." Carlisle said while gesturing to a Hispanic looking couple. Just looking at how they sat next to each other, I could tell they are a couple; they were definitely mates. "This is Kate." Carlisle said; gesturing to the blonde that had broken the trance I was in. And I was almost ashamed to find that I wanted to stare at her like I had the first Denali I had seen. Thankfully, Carlisle's voice broke off my trance before I could fall too deeply into it and get trapped again. "This is Irina." Carlisle said gesturing the blonde that had teased me. And, just like when I saw Kate, I was very tempted to fall into a trance again from just staring at her. And, once again, it was Carlisle's voice that kept me from falling into the trance. "And this is Tanya, the leader of the Denali Coven." Carlisle finished, gesturing to the strawberry blonde, the one I had embarrassingly stared at.

I had not five seconds ago, told myself and resolved myself, to not look at the strawberry blonde again in fear of not being able to look away; but, naturally, I failed at that. Following Carlisle's gesture to the coven leader, I knew she had to be the coven leader, I felt trapped within her gaze again.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Bella; it's just unfortunate we had to meet under these circumstances." Tanya said with a smile that showed she didn't really care about the latter portion of what she said.

That time, I didn't fall into the trance I was so afraid I might of. Instead of a trance, I could feel my face scrunch up slightly in confusion about what she said. The confusion was what saved me from falling into the trance. I didn't think the circumstances we had met, that we were in at that moment, were bad at all. Well, aside from the part about embarrassing myself by just staring at her; but I didn't think that was what she was talking about. At least, I hoped that wasn't what she was talking about because that would be even more embarrassing.

"What do you mean?" I asked her; very proud of myself for not stuttering even though it seemed my body had really wanted to in an effort to continue to embarrass me in front of these women.

"Well, you're not single and we are." Tanya said as she gestured to the other two blondes. "It's a very unfortunate circumstance." Tanya said, not at all helping my confusion. The other two blondes nodded with a bit of a somber look on their faces.

Were they just sad Edward, the only single Cullen that was left before they found me, found his mate before they did? I knew they were all older than Carlisle, much older if I remembered correctly; that must be a long time to go without someone to share her life with. Well, without an actual mate; I remember Edward hinting, with disgust, how promiscuous they had been at one point in their lives. Maybe that's what she meant?

"Oh, um, I'm sure you'll find someone soon?" I said trying to reassure her, really all three of them even though what I said was directed at Tanya because she was the one that talked, though I sounded like I was asking her a question and therefore not very reassuring at all.

"I'm very sure I will." Tanya said, causing her sisters to laugh.

Confused by the laughter and just about what was going on in general, I took a quick glance around the room to gage everyone's attitude. Rosalie looked smug; Carmen and Eleazar looked happy; Irina looked happy but I could just barely tell, she seemed to have a better mask than what Rosalie liked to usually wear; both Kate and Alice look way too excited for what was going on; Carlisle looked like he was trying to solve a puzzle and Esme looked conflicted between feeling sad and happy, I was actually a bit impressed that she was able to pull off looking like the two opposing emotions so well. Tanya though, Tanya looked very determined, which in retro spec, so did Kate and Irina, I just hadn't seen it at first, and happy; so it was a little concerning that her intense gaze was focused on me. I actually didn't think her gaze had left my face that whole time.

"So Bella, I haven't been to Forks in many years and a lot has changed. Would you mind showing me around?" Tanya asked.

Something told me that her question was far from being as innocent as it sounded and that I probably shouldn't go with her. For some reason though, I felt she had some alternative plan aside from me showing her around town. Plus, if she really wanted to look at how much Forks had changed since she last saw it, she could do so a lot faster without me.

I opened my mouth to say some sort of excuse to get me out of showing her the town, since I really didn't want to play tour director, but Alice started talking before I could.

"She can't Tanya. I recently bought several outfits for Bella that she has to try on for me to make sure everything fits." Alice said.

First, Alice saying she bought me several outfits, usually meant she bought me a whole new wardrobe that, most of which, I wouldn't like, but she bought anyways just to see me try everything on. Second, making sure everything fits meant she just had to style my hair in different ways with each outfit to see what look, worked best. Simply said, Alice planned to take up most of my weekend with just trying on clothes and different hair styles; that was definitely something I did not want to do. No offense to Alice, but I could only take her making me play dress up for so long.

Since a lot of my attention was still on Tanya, I just couldn't make myself look away because then I would just stare at Irina or Kate and I figured getting caught staring at one person was a lot less embarrassing than staring at two or three different women, I barely managed to look at Alice to answer. I still looked back to Tanya briefly every once again while I talked to Alice since I was technically still talking to her and not the blonde and I didn't want to seem too rude. Because of my looking back and forth, I was just able to catch the look Tanya gave Alice. The look I saw told me that what Alice had said about me trying on clothes, did not sit well with Tanya. I had thought Rosalie's glares were bad, but now I knew she had nothing on Tanya. I wondered if that had anything to do with her position as a coven leader since she would have to be able to portray power to maintain her leadership.

"We can always do that another weekend Alice, but I don't think the Denali's are always in town. I'm sure you can sacrifice me for a weekend so I show Tanya around. It's not like it would take that long anyways." I said, adding the last part to hopefully secure my escape from Alice. For as much as I didn't want to show Tanya around, spending all weekend playing Barbie Bella was twice as hated.

Since I responded to Alice and no longer had to look at her out of politeness, my gaze went right back to Tanya. Before my gaze completely left Alice though, I swear I saw Alice wink to Tanya but I wasn't a hundred percent sure since my goal was to look at Tanya and avoid looking at the other two blonde Denali's.

I really hate how I sounded, and acted if I was being brutally honest, like a creeper by just wanting to stare at her or her two coven mates, but I couldn't help it. Something about those three just absolutely captivated me and I couldn't find the will to just ignore all three of them and not stare at, at least one of them.

"Well, I guess, just this once." Alice said with a small pout, sounding not all convincingly as sad as she was trying to portray.

"Let's go now Bella, so that you and I can have as much time alone as possible." Tanya said with a smile that made me forget how to talk. "For the tour of course." She quickly added at my confused look because I wasn't sure why she would want time alone with me.

I nodded my head and followed her towards the front door. I was so focused on following her that I didn't realize my stuff I had brought over for the weekend wasn't where I had dropped it off when I got there. All I knew right then was that I was way too into Tanya right then, and her two coven mates but they weren't going with us so I was going to ignore that fact, and I shouldn't be… but I didn't think I cared too much. That was probably a sign that I should have paid more attention to.

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