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Nick ran as fast as he could. He didn't know where he was going, he had no where to go. He just ran and wouldn't stop until he was far, far away. His parents didn't want him anymore. After seven years they got bored of him and that's why they decided to have another baby. That had to be the only reason, right? At least in Nick's eyes it was. So he decided to run away from home before they had a chance to get rid of him.

I wonder if they noticed I'm gone. Nick couldn't help but ask himself as he began to slow down. He had been gone over an hour so they should have noticed something by now, right? They're probably too busy with the stupid baby. Nick thought bitterly as he hunched over a little, putting his hands on his knees, panting for air. He was so upset and caught in his own thoughts that he didn't even realize that he had been running the entire time he was gone. When he suddenly realized he had he was completely out of breathe, hungry, thirsty, and above all else; tired. To add to Nick's horrible day it the sky was starting to grow dark with rain clouds and he could hear the sound of thunder from a short distance. Maybe it wont rain where I am. Nick thought as he begun walking again, looking around to see if he could recognize where he had run off to. He didn't. The sky begun to grow darker and darker and Nick started to get nervous. He hated being outside when it rained, and most of all, he hated thunder. He always had hated the loud sound. When he was younger his parents tried to convince him that it was just the people up in Heaven bowling, that only made him more afraid though because he thought he was hearing dead people!

As Nick was caught up in his thoughts for the second time that day it begun to rain. Nick pulled his backpack full of 'supplies' over his head in an attempt to protect himself from the rain and ran to the first shelter he saw; a tree house. He quickly climbed the tree house and hid inside, unaware of the blond boy watching him from inside his house. Once Nick was settled he looked around the tree house and nodded in approval. "This will be my new home." He said out loud.

"Really?" A small voice coming from the other side of the tree house asked. Nick whirled around to find a little blond boy about his age climbing through the entrance.

"Ah-I…" Nick started, beginning to realize that the tree house must have belonged to someone already. Truth be told he was too busy trying to stay dry and seek shelter that he didn't even think about what he was doing.

"I'm Jeff!" The little blond said enthusiastically. "What's your name? No, wait! Let me guess! Is it Albert! No! You don't look like an Albert. My mom always says that you have to look like your name, whatever that means. Well, I guess it kind of makes sense but not really, only if you really really think about it but then it goes back to not making much sense. You could be a Charlie! You look like you could be a Charlie! Well, it's closer then Albert. I've never seen you before. Are you new here? I've lived here my entire life and I've never seen another kid before! Well, not one that lives near here anyways! There's Blainers but he lives almost an entire hour drive away so I never get to see him. Do you know Blainers? He's the same age as me and we're in the same class at school. I'm in the first grade and my teacher's name is Ms. Houndsworth. Do you know her? What school do you go to? I bet it isn't the same one as me because I would have noticed! I'm good at noticing things." Jeff said the last sentence puffing out his chest proudly. Nick gaped at the boy. He seemed to be talking a mile a minute and not giving Nick a chance to even answer one of his questions, let alone tell him his name. Nick was surprised he was even breathing because of how quickly he was talking! Jeff opened his mouth to talk again but Nick cut him off before he had a chance to start rambling on again.

"My name's Nick."

"Nick! What are you doing here?"

"I…It's a secret." Nick said, defensively.

Jeff frowned, looking a little disappointed. "Oh…You're all wet." Jeff said, pointing at Nick's clothes.


"Wait here!" Jeff said as he quickly made his way down the tree house and back into his own. Nick watched from the window as the blond ran back outside with a bag and back up the ladder. He was only gone about a minute. "Here." Jeff said, handing Nick a grocery bag.

Nick opened the bag and pulled out a shirt, some pants, and a towel. "O-oh…" Nick didn't really know what to say.

"Momma says it's rude to look at people when they're changing so I'll close my eyes for you." Jeff said, putting his hands over his hazel eyes. Nick nodded, though Jeff couldn't see, and quickly put the clothes on, throwing his damp ones in the bag.

"You can look now." Nick said. Jeff opened his eyes and smiled broadly at Nick.

"I brought you some food too." Jeff said, handing Nick a poorly made peanut butter sandwich.

"Thanks." Nick said, taking the sandwich and taking a large bite out of it. He ate the rest of the crudely made sandwich as the blond watched him, smiling broadly the entire time. "So…" Nick said, awkwardly. "Why are you so happy?"

"Do you want to be friends?" Jeff blurted out, suddenly looking shy and nervous.

Nick looked at the boy a little shocked before smiling. "Sure."

Jeff's eyes seemed to light up. "Great!" He reached over and hugged Nick tightly. Nick stiffened at the sudden touch for a moment before hugging Jeff back. "But, you know, if you'd like you can come in my house…the tree house hasn't been used since my brother broke his arm falling out of it…"

Nick scoffed. "Well maybe he shouldn't have been playing near the door."

"He wasn't. He fell through the bottom." Jeff said, pointing to a giant gaping hole in the middle of the floor that he somehow missed.

"Oh…" Nick said before following Jeff down the ladder and into his house.

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