Day Seven: AU

(A.N:/ I'm actually really sad that this is the last day of Niff week. :/ I still say we change it to Niff year haha anyway, this is crossovered (is that the right terminology?…) with the show Being Human. Except I changed the characters to Nick, Seb, and Jeff. Anyway, hope you enjoy!)

Sebastian walked into the house dirty, naked, and frowning. He was growling quietly from the back of his throat. Jeff walked into the main room and handed Sebastian some clothes so he could head straight to the shower to wash off all the dirt and twigs his body acquired the previous night. "Good morning." Jeff said in his normal cheerful tone.

"Maybe for you." Sebastian barked back, annoyed.

"I didn't even know it was a full moon last night." Jeff added, walking into the kitchen to make some coffee. For some reason making tea or coffee was one of the only things he could do. He didn't know why but he also didn't question it. Jeff was always making coffee, it made him feel normal. Human even.

"Well there obviously was one." Sebastian growled, pointing to his dirty body. Just then Nick came in from the front door and Sebastian directed his attention to the brunet. "And don't even try and start with the whole 'you need to be more careful or someone will see you and you'll be dissected' shit because I'm not in the mood."

"At least people can see you…" Jeff said quietly, more to himself. Ever since Jeff was murdered a year ago no one could see him. At least, no normal human being could. Only…special people could. Ones like Sebastian Smythe and Nick Duval. Ones that weren't exactly human. Jeff wasn't sure how long Sebastian and Nick knew each other, all he knew was seven months ago the two moved into his house and could see him. Okay, so it wasn't exactly Jeff's house anymore. He kind of lost ownership when he cracked his head open and bleed to death on the downstairs floor. Either way, Jeff was beyond excited when Sebastian came up to him and asked why he was in their house. It was in a horribly rude tone, but it was the first time in five months that someone actuallynoticed him. Ever since then the three had been living together while Nick and Sebastian try to live normal, human, lives.

"Look, now you've gone and upset him." Nick said, going over to the pale blond and instinctively patting him on the back.

Sebastian frowned. He still hadn't completely gone back to normal after his transformation last night so the wolf inside him was adding to his already dick-like personality. "You know he's dead right? As in he can't feel you touching him. You're wasting your time." He said, annoyed as he walked off to take his shower.

Jeff stiffened at Sebastian's words and Nick moved his hand off of Jeff. "Sorry. Sometimes I forget that you can't…" He said, trailing off. Nick knew how sensitive a subject this was for Jeff. In Nick's many years of being alive he had only came across one other ghost, a boy named Blaine. They met in 1836 and soon after they met Blaine crossed over to the other side so he didn't have much experience with handling them. Not to mention that Nick wasn't the most comforting of people.

"It's alright." Jeff said, quickly. He made his way back into the kitchen and handed Nick a small cup of coffee that he made a little earlier. "Here."

Nick smiled at Jeff, his fangs shining in the process. "Thanks. After working the night shift I could really use one…or ten." Nick said sipping his coffee.

"Hey Nick?" Jeff suddenly asked.


"If you're a vampire…how can you be out in the light? I thought you would, you know, turn to ash or something…"

Nick laughed. "That's just a myth we made up in the late 1600's when people were looking for witches. They started looking for Vampires too so we said we couldn't go out in the sun so when people saw us out in the day they assumed we were human."

Jeff nodded. "I didn't know they were looking for Vampires too. That wasn't in any of this history books when I read about the witch trials."

"That's because none of us got caught." Nick said, shrugging.

"Who's idea was it to do that?" Jeff said, impressed by the Vampires wits.

"Mine." Nick said casually.

Jeff gaped at Nick a bit. "You were alive in 1692!"


"How old are you!"

"Old enough to be your father." Nick said, patting Jeff on the head as he past him.

Jeff frowned. Of course Nick was old enough to be his father! He was only three days into being 18 when he was pushed down a flight of steps and died! "I'm serious!" Jeff whined. "C'mon, at least tell me the story about meeting George Washington!"

Jeff could hear Nick laughing from the kitchen. "Don't you have better things to do than listen to an old man grumble about the old days?"

"You know I don't!" Jeff said, throwing his hands up for emphasis even though no one was in the room with him.

Nick walked back into the living room and sat down across from Jeff. He didn't say anything for a moment, trying to remember his meeting with the president. He had met a lot of now famous people so it always took him a minute or so to remember the exact encounter with whoever he was about to talk about. "Lets see…you heard the whole 'I can't lie, I chopped down the cherry tree' thing, right?"

"…Yeah, who hasn't?"

Nick shrugged like what he was about to say was no big deal. "Well that was a lie."

"What do you mean?"

"He didn't chop it down."

"Who did then?"

"His older brother, Lawrence. The two of us were hungry and wanted some cherries but we couldn't reach them and there just so happened to be an axe…Then George came by and Lawrence blackmailed him into taking the blame."

"How did he blackmail him?"

"Well George had a bit of a sweet tooth and was sneaking a lot of sweets from the kitchen and Lawrence told him that if he didn't tell his dad that he chopped it down he'd tell him that George was eating all the sugar in the house."

"I can't believe you were friends with George Washington." Jeff said, completely in awe of the brunet.

Nick frowned and shook his head. "No, I was friends with Lawrence. George was a little brat."

Jeff laughed and placed his hand on Nick's knee lightly. Once he realized what he was doing he quickly removed his hand and for once was glad he didn't have the ability to blush anymore. Over the last few months Jeff had grown fond of the old vampire. Very fond. But Jeff knew he couldn't act on those feelings because he was dead. He couldn't feel anything, and even though Nick looked to be around twenty, he was around 400 years old from what Jeff gathered. "N-nick?" Jeff asked, uncharacteristically nervous.

"Yeah?" Nick asked, not even noticing Jeff's reaction the hand on his knee. He was too busy himself trying not to blush. Over his entire lifetime, once he was bitten so many years ago, Nick had made it a point not to fall in love. Nick had never liked the company of other vampires and he was afraid to fall in love with a human because he might accidentally bite them, or worse, they would grow old and die, leaving him alone and heartbroken. Jeff was different, however, he was already dead. But Jeff was so young and innocent. He couldn't corrupt such a beautiful soul like Jeff's. Besides, Jeff couldn't feel anything. It was useless to have feelings for the boy.

"C-can you…can you feel me when I touch you?"

Nick looked at the blond a little surprised. He never even thought about that, even though he'd given Jeff many hugs before. "I…I can…" He replied. He looked up to see Jeff bright eyed and smiling like a maniac. "Did I miss something?" He asked, confused.

"It's just…I always kinda just thought it felt like touching air when you hug me. Like you were hugging air."

Nick laughed lightly. "No, it feels more like I'm hugging an iceberg."