A/N: This is, alas, another song fic. I just, mainly, kind of re- wrote the lyrics. It's from Angelique's POV and is supposed to reflect the relationship between her and Barnabas throughout the centuries. The song used is "Surrender" by Evenescence. Enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


Is this real enough for you, yet, Barnabas? These events have you looking so confused. Now that you have decided to stay with me, we will remain together. You can never abandon me. You belong to me. Please understand that I only wish to be with you forever, Barnabas.

Since you have made it clear you do not want me, you will never escape me no matter what you do. I warn you, it would be the wiser choice to surrender to me.

Darling, there's no sense in resisting me. You know I will win in the to We could live together forever, if you would only surrender.

Surrender to me, my love.