Abuse It Up

It was seem like it was just yesterday when Deuce Martinez and Ty Blue got together in a loving relationship during their sophomore year of high school. Dulce remembered the good times between each other from their first slow dance, their song which was "Love on Top" by Beyonce', even their first kiss at Crusty's Pizza. But the older they got the more things got complicated. Deuce used to be so confident about their relationship, but recently has been insecure with Ty being such a great rap star. Everyone from guys to girls has been all over him like white rice. And Ty he was another story...

Deuce POV

So here we are just moving into our new apartment. You think I would be happy but not at all. It my first time on my own with him in a new living environment. I just don't know what to think anymore. Is he my lover or my abuser. I know what you were thinking what do you mean by abuser. Well it's nothing really to it. It's just that. He hits me and I take it. As I was unpacking our belongings to start our new life, Ty walked in flashing his pearly white teeth as he stepped in front of me kissing my softly with his hands upon my hips. I was enjoying this but something was still bothering me at the moment. Yeah sure he loves me and shows affection, until I don't do as he says. Then he'll beat me and not care unless we're in public.

"What's wrong babe, you look worried" said Ty sweetly.

"Nothing, it just takes time for me to get adjusted to new places" I lied.

"Look we're adults now. No one is gonna stop us or tells us what to do anymore. Let's just enjoy this moment. And I know a perfect way for you to enjoy this moment."

"How?" I asked.

But it was to late for me to ask because when he unbuckled his belt, I had a feeling of what it could be.

When his jeans and boxers fell around his ankles I saw his 10 inch python hanging low as he came closer to me. He ordered to suck on his dick. But I told him I wasn't in the mood but when his smile faded away I knew I was in trouble. He pulled his pants up stepped up to me and whisper in my ear fiercely asking why not. I told him that I was very busy unpacking things for the apartment. But that's when it happened...


I bitched slap the shit out of that boy. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know in order for me to me to be a lover I have to be gentle and kind but that bitch had it coming. So after I slapped him he held his face crying and whimpering, bitching and whining over the pain.

"Hey, shut up our neighbors will hear us do you people in our business" I yelled. "Now, all I wanted was for you to suck on my dick. Is that a crime to ask that.

Still crying and looking pitiful. I felt sorry for him. But still wanted my request to be fulfilled I felt compelled to slap him, so I did. Now laying on the ground on his he whimpered and yelled.

"Ay yo bitch, shut the fuck up. I don't want anyone suspectin' nothin'"

Still tryin' to keep him quiet I laid along side with Deuce and started connecting my lips with his. Immediately after the connection he stopped cryin and was running his hands through my beautiful perfect hair. While our tongues collided he climbed on top of me. Since he made a move it was my turn to make a move so while his hands was in my hair I started to unbutton his pants. But when I did that, the bitch had to ruin the whole thing.

"T-Ty I don't think we should do this right now. I'm not ready for this!

"Then let me help you"

"No, I mean that we should want till we're married!"

"Okay, fine then. Let's get married" I said with a smile.

"Ty, that's not what I meant I'm serious. I want to practice abstinence. I'm not ready for sexual interaction"

"Why the fuck not, you got me fucked up Deuce. You know what, fuck this bullshit!"

I pushed his face down to the zipper of my jeans, when I whip my dick I stuffed it in his mouth and held his head down, while he sucked on it.

Deuce POV

See what I mean! Not only is he abusive he's also a tyrant. You're probably think that I should leave him but I can't do that. I tried twice and it was an epic fail. The first time was the day of graduation. Our relationship wasn't as bad as it is now. But he threaten to report me to the principal about how I illegally passed my physical fitness test by sleeping with my P.E. teacher. So unfortunately that didn't work, so a few months later I was going to tell Rocky and Cece. But, Ty made a point and said that it was my word against his especially if I told Rocky since Ty is her brother. Once I reminisce on the good times I would remember that Ty was such a gentlemen, proper, and sweet. I have no idea what happened to him. As I'm remember the good times between us. Ty is smothering me while yelling, moaning, and cussing at me to suck his cock harder or lick his nuts.

After he release me he gave me a snappy comeback by asking was that so hard. As he pulled up his pants he started to unpack the boxes. And without thinking I asked the unthinkable.

"Why do you insist on being an asshole?"

"Did you just call me an asshole? No one calls me a hole of an ass"

He then picked me up and threw me across the room and started to push me repeatedly in the eye. When I thought things were getting worse. Ty's phone ringed it's reminder tone. He tapped the screen of the phone and a grin grew across his face.

"Cool, oh Duecey get ready I almost forgot the record label is having a special dinner honoring yours truly and I need a date so dress nice and use some makeup to cover up that black eye. Oh and hurry up!"

Will this madness end I hope so.