Meh. Short and sweet drabble. Good news! As soon as school let's out, updates for the multichaptered stories! And this oneshot is a Vlad Danny FATHER SON fic. Not pompous pep or whatever it is... *shudders* Just fatherly love! I don't own DP!

Why does danger capture delicate souls?

The teenage boy wants to know

As he stares from top of a skyscraper

Dry tears slipping down his face

The thunderstorm was fierce that night. It shook in its fury, and raged on the world. One soul, however, eagerly sought it as it stumbled out of its house, confused and in disbelief.


The soul transformed into a ghostly spirit, and flew into the sky with tears streaming down his face. The rain welcomed him, and joined him in his heaving sobs.


"Mom...Dad..I'M DANNY!"

He groped around in the air, hoping for any foothold in his torrent of emotions. The sky was like a slippery cliff, and his emotions were pulling him under.


He could make out a skyscraper in the distance. He shot towards it, and fell onto its roof, rolling and stumbling. A blue ring appeared around him, and he transformed back into the shattered soul. No place to go, no place to call home. His old red and white tennis sneakers dragged across the rocky roof, stumbling. He collapsed into a fit of sobbing, dry tears slipping down his face.

He stared blankly at the town below him. People bustling, not having a single care in the world... He let out another sob. Burying his head in his arms, he didn't notice another figure flying in the distance. The shadowy silhouette placed a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder. The boy's bright blue eyes widened in disbelief. No words were needed. The younger halfa jumped up and sobbed into the older ones chest. The man stroked his hair comfortingly.

"Don't worry little badger...I'll take care of you."