So I keep getting these B/W photos from a friend of mine on tumblr: gorgeous, sexy and very suggestive.. so we made a deal, for every pic she sends me, I'll write a drabble for it. She's sent me about twenty six already, so I'm working on those.. this, is the first: bit(dot)ly/J8b2hK

Disclaimer: Glee, nor the pictures used for these drabbles are mine.

don't kiss me or we'll be late

He steps up behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She narrows her eyes at him in the mirror as she runs the brush through her hair.

He grins.

"No." she shakes her head, laughing. "If we aren't dressed and in the car in thirty minutes your brother will throw at fit. Back off." She nudges him away with her elbow.

"Rach, you're standing in front of me in just a towel. If you want us to leave on time, I suggest you get dressed." He replies, his voice low and husky as he meets her eyes. She raises her eyebrow and puts the brush down, resting both hands on the dresser. Her lips lift up slowly in a challenging smirk.

"Fine." He growls, dropping his lips onto her shoulder. She sighs and bends her neck but his hands stay by her shoulder, caressing the back of her neck and her upper arms. He snickers when she tries to pull his head to her lips.

She glares at him in the mirror.

He wraps his arms around her, lifting her up and turns towards their bed, placing her on her back on the bed then runs his hands down her legs, pulling her to the edge.

"Finn." Rachel whines; she's impatient, he's barely touching her and hasn't even kissed her yet. His fingers trail over her skin, up her thighs, brushing over her belly, tickling her ribs. His large hand covers one breast and he leans over, kissing the corner of her mouth, before hooking his other hand under her ass, pulling her hips up, bending her so her head and shoulders are still on the bed and her legs are now over his shoulders.

"Oh." She squeals, her cry morphing into a moan when his lips touch her centre. She curses when the hand on her breast switches to the other and tweaks her nipple just as his tongue swipes the length of her. He licks and sucks at her wetness, and when he moans the vibrations travel through her body and out her mouth when she groans.

"Fuck!" she moans, arching her body and her hips towards his mouth, her hand fisted in his hair as his tongue dips inside her again, and again.

"Jesus Christ, ohhhh, baby.." she's muttering gibberish now as his teeth lightly nip at her bundle of nerves, his fingers at her breasts pinching and pulling.

"Wrong name." Finn lifts his head to smirk at her and she pushes his head back, her legs shaking as he laps at her, his tongue passing over her clit then his lips wrapping around her and sucking hard. She screams, loud and long as her orgasm washes over her, her legs clamped around Finn's neck as her body spasms.

He rubs his hand over her thighs, soothing, as she comes down from her high, and he lets her go, her body falling pliant against the sheets. He kisses her thigh, her belly, her chest and hums against her lips, smiling. She starts to reach for him and he chuckles, pinning her arms beside her on the bed.

"No, no, baby. You said it, Kurt will have our asses if we're late and we need to be there at 8pm. It's past 7:30." He winks at her and strolls towards the bathroom.

She lies there, breathing hard and very much still horny. "Fuck, no. Kurt can wait." She mutters, following her husband into the bathroom.

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