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Chapter one: Realization (Nightmares)

"I-I have magic."

Arthur laughed a maniacal laugh. He put a hand on Merlin's shoulder.

"Ha! You almost got me this time!" Arthur walked away, still chuckling. It wasn't until later that he realized that Merlin hadn't answered his question (at least not correctly) The boy had a way of alluding questions by pretending he did the strangest things. Arthur resolved to get the truth out of him later. For now, he had a kingdom to run.

Merlin breathed in a sigh of relief. That was close! He was glad that Arthur was getting more sensitive, thoughtful, and caring, but out of all things, why did he have to notice this about Merlin? Why couldn't he notice that Merlin didn't eat enough, or that it hurt when Arthur called him an idiot? Why couldn't he notice that Merlin didn't get enough sleep, or that all he did was for Arthur? Why couldn't he notice anything, anything but this? Merlin shook his head. Fate! He walked out of Arthur's chamber's chambers and made his way to his room. He was a little hurt that Arthur had laughed at him having magic, but he was relieved that Arthur had seemed to forget about "Merlin's secretive ways". Soon, Merlin was in Gauis's chambers. Forgetting dinner, again, he collapsed onto his bed and fell into a deep and dream-filled sleep. If he had known all of the horrors they held, he wouldn't have slept a wink.

I AM SO SORRY! I am a HORRIBLE person! I SO didn't want Arthur to react this way, but I think it is the most realistic. I PRMISE there will be more bromance and a second magic reveal (Oops! Did I say that?) later on. Just stick with me! :D Please review! You guys know the chart. If you don't, pm me. I'll try to post it on my next author's not, but it's really late, and I have to go soon. :D Luv you guys! ~ Merlinfanatic77