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Chapter Seven: Parting Ways

"Merlin, I'm sorry for everything." Arthur sighed, "I should have been a better friend. It's gonna be okay."

Shoving Arthur off of him, the young warlock suddenly stood up, eyes blazing. "Okay? Okay?! You persecute my kind, day after day. But, it's gonna be okay. You totally ignored me for months. But, it'll be okay…. You almost KILLED me! You almost freaken KILLED me!" Merlin sobbed, "But, apparently, it's gonna be okay."

"Merlin! That's not what I meant, and you know it!-" Arthur shouted back, his voice filled with anger. "And, I had a right to persecute those with magic!"

"You had a RIGHT?!"

"Yes, everyone who uses magic is EVIL! They deserve to DIE! Just like YOU deserve to die, you bloody…. coward!"

"Coward?! How am I a COWARD?!" Merlin screamed,

"You hide in the shadows, day after day, afraid to do anything."

"Let me tell you!-"

"Why don't you stick to what you do best…."

"I was protecting YOU!"


Merlin fell, as if he had been struck. "Fine." He whispered, "You know what – fine! I don't care what you think, Arthur. I don't care what think of me! And, better yet, I don't care what happens to you!"

Shooting a dirty glance behind him, Merlin stomped out of the clearing. Gaping, Arthur took a step in the direction he left. Then, as if on second thought, he stopped, turned around, and slowly trudged in the opposite direction. "Fine," He mumbled, "Be that way."


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