As things progressed and the girl made her way to the middle of the track field out of nowhere all the girls started to cheer like she was a famous person… "Wow what's with these girls…" said Sunohara as confused as I was "No clue man is she… Famous?" I say trying to question an answer out of myself to think and see if I remember seeing her somewhere before. You could hardly hear anything from the distance but all you heard was "DON'T TAKE ME FOR A FOOL" then in the blink of an eye they were both on the ground and all that was left standing was her. "What the hell just happened?" I say shocked at the outcome, Sunohara was as speechless as I was. I rubbed the back of my head and let out a small laugh and said "I wouldn't want to be on her enemy list" as I stood up and started to walk back to the doors.

In class Sunohara came over to my desk and kept pestering me saying it was 'Fixed' she just wanted acknowledgement from her fellow student body and caused a fixed scene, I laughed and said "If you think it's so fixed why don't you try and prove it" little did I know what I said clicked in my mind afterwards and then I knew it was going to be a long day. We walked down to the teacher office and saw a small crowed of kids watching the mysterious girl hand the two punks to the teachers for punishment but she claimed it was self-defence and that the students were causing morel disruption of the peace, after the whole thing was solved she started to walk this way and then I spoke up "What a show you put on out there" she didn't even acknowledge my words and just kept walking.

We sat there in class this was the last period before we could leave and go home, this was mine and Sunohara's 'Lazy hour' well… I can't really say that since the whole school day is considered a 'Lazy hour' for me and Sunohara. "Hey Okazaki I am going to challenge her to a fight… I strongly believe this was a hokes now" I looked at him and tried giving him the most stupidest look I could muster and said "You have got to be kidding me… Don't blame me when you're face looks like it got hit by a train…" then I let out an uneasy laugh thinking about that picture, "What's so funny!" Said Sunohara furious at my random outburst, "Nothing Nothing just thought of something I really want to see so please carry on with your plan" and then the school bell rang signaling class's end.

We got up and intercepted this mysterious girl and then Sunohara started the convocation "I believe that whole scene this afternoon was a fake… Maybe you paid them to put on that scene or maybe… You offered them a little bit of a different reward" He said giggling, you could tell that sort of pissed her off and she responded "I didn't want to fight any students at this school but I guess today is you're lucky day… I want to make this self-defence so come at me" as she said jumping up and down like she was getting warmed up, Sunohara wiped his nose and charged saying "Don't mind if I do!" and at that moment I remembered something about this girl now that I get a better look, she has abnormal strength and she would always beat the crap out of dumb guys causing problems around the neighborhood. "That's what I heard at least" explaining it to Sunohara as he was on the ground, "I wish you would have told me this before…" he said sobbing.

She then walked away and there were some nearby students and I walked over and asked them "Who is that girl?" curious I waited for an answer "Who her? Oh you don't know?" they say like I should know who she is, "Sorry I don't" I say still waiting for find out what I want to know "Her name is Tomoyo sakagami she just transferred her this spring she is practically an idol" Tomoyo Sakagami huh? That name is so familiar I guess my story is true she is that girl. "Thanks for answering" I say as I walk away from the crowed to pick up what's left of Sunohara. I got home around 9:30 PM to luckily see my dad passed out and went into my room and tried to remember more about this Tomoyo character but all that I know is what I said this afternoon maybe if I go research online tomorrow at school to her a little bit more story's from people I might have a good idea on this girls personality before I even think of approaching her.

I closed my eyes and I have a completely different dream then I normally do… This is about me? I am a little boy about… 8 years old this is about the time my mom passed away I believe… Gah I don't know it's been so long that I don't even know of my own mother's face it sometimes really gets to me but I try not to think about this… So this dream is to show me of the memories I tried to forget? This is also the time my father lost control and casted me to the side like a piece of trash and started to treat me like a stranger… pff I could care less about the past I have suffered long enough from what the moron did to me, I don't even consider him my father anym-

"Tomoya I love you please take care of your father okay sweetie?" said a woman upside down inside of a car.

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