Ch 1: Tigress X Po

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It had been many months since Shen's defeat and The Dragon Warrior, Po, found himself in quite the predicament as he became more and more attracted to a tiger. Literally. Master Tigress, the unofficial leader of the Furious Five, had been on his mind since their hug at on the ship. The problem was, he had no idea how to approach her about it. Now that Shifu and the other Four had left on separate missions he felt like now would be the right time to talk to her about it.

With a sigh he wished he knew how to talk to women. He knew that courage was involved so he tried to think back to the lesson that Shifu had given him on that subject.


Hmm. I should really pay attention to his lessons more. He had been so lost in his thoughts that he had not known he was walking. And Po certainly didn't expect his feet to carry him to Tigress's room. Po shrugged. Assuming it was was a sign from the gods, the panda knocked on the door.

A soft "come in," came from the other side. Po slowly slid open the door and saw the feline of his dreams there laying on the bed, reading a scroll. She looked up when she saw the panda come in. "Oh hey Po," she said. Then she went back to her scroll.

"Hey Tigress. What are you reading?" he asked trying to spark a conversation.

She sighed. "Oh it's just some technique Shifu wants me to learn. The Five Fingered Chi Kick. It's an oxymoron I know, but it involves... oh never mind, you'll never understand." Then she went back to her reading. I walked over to her bad and sat down. She looked at up me in confusion.

Po twiddled his thumbs nervously. He wasn't sure where to go from here... Tigress looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Can I help you with something else?"

"Hehe, not really. I just know, Shifu and the gang are"

"So...?" Tigress was sitting up now.

"Was there anything special you want to eat?" Po blurted out before smacking himself in the face.

"Oh. Well, now that you mention it-"

But Tigress didn't get very far before Po suddenly pressed his lips to Tigress'. The tiger master's eyes grew wide and she grabbed Po by the arm and spun him in mid-air until he was on the ground. Po landed with a grunt and a thud!


Tigress blinked. She let Po up and he immediately ran out of the room into his own across the hall. Tigress sat back on her knees and looked blankly off into space. Shaking her head she looked at the direction Po ran off to. She stood up and was about to open the door to apologize when she stopped. Pressing her ear to the door, she could hear soft sobs coming from Po's room.

Tigress removed her hand from the door and moved back to the bed. She picked up the scroll and in fact, it wasn't what she had claimed it to be. It was a letter from Viper.

Dear Tigress,

As your honorary sister, I refuse to let you sit around and do nothing but train all day. So, I'm taking the rest of the Five to my parents house for the weekend while Shifu is in Gongman city so you and Po can get whatever lovey-dovey tension out of the way. So go kiss him or do whatever it is that a hardcore Master does to show affection. Don't deny your feelings. I've lived with you long enough to know that there's love beyond that tough exterior. And I know that right now it's centered on Po. So go to him while we're away. Don't throw away this opportunity.

Yours with love,


Tigress reread the letter once more and sighed. Viper was right. She couldn't just sit around and do nothing but train. But she had been emotionless for so could she just give it up...Maybe she didn't have to!

Of course, as long as it's just Po who see's me like this, maybe I can still keep my reputation. Tigress thought herself a genius for figuring this out. Standing up with new found conviction, she set out for the door.

Throwing it to the side, she came face to face with the panda she sought, his fist raised as he was about to knock. But the sight of Tigress' face frightened him and he tried to turn and run again. Tigress rolled her eyes and grabbed his shoulder. Spinning him around, he brought herself face to face with him again, their lips almost touching. Tigress felt her heartbeat quicken a bit at the closeness but she forced her face to remain neutral.

Po gulped and he tried to break free but Tigress held firm. "Tigress, you're scaring me..."

Tigress blinked again and looked beyond Po's shoulder into his open room to look at his mirror. Turns out she was scowling. She'd have to work on her facial expressions. She forced her face to soften. It wasn't much, but it was a start. Even Po was shocked by the softness in her face. Most would still see it as a scowl but for tigress she may as well have been skipping in a field of daisies.

"Po, I want you to listen close and listen well," she started.

"Look, Tigress, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over-" Tigress placed a digit from her paw into his mouth, silencing him.

"Po, it's okay. I feel the same way." Only Tigress could say something so emotional without any feeling. She didn't do it on purpose, she was just out of practice.

But Po knew what she meant so he blinked. "Wait, what? Then...But why-"

"Did I put you on the ground?" Po nodded. Tigress shrugged. "Instincts I guess...I really don't know..." She did know, but that was another story for another time.

Po shifted uneasily. "So, you like me?"

Tigress looked into the panda's emerald green eyes and her heart softened, just a little. "Yes Po. You... make me feel a way I haven't in a very long time...I don't completely understand why. I mean, you're clumsy, your kung fu skills are mediocre at best, you never stop eating, you're contently causing trouble for the Jade Palace-"

"Thank you Tigress. You make me feels so loved," Po mumbled.

Tigress shook herself. Hearing Po's voice snapped her out of it. She looked up and expected to see him looking hurt, but all she saw was that large goofy smile she had come to enjoy. "Oh Po. See, that's what I mean. I apologize for what I said. I'm not used to these feelings so I'm not sure how to properly show them..."

Po nodded. "It's okay Tigress. I understand. I'll help you," Po told her.

The corner of Tigress' mouth twitched. "Ah-ha! See, come on now, give me a smile!" Po prompted her. Without any say on her part, Tigress' lips curved, ever so slowly, upward into a smile.

"So, do you think I could get a do-over on that kiss?" Po asked gently.

Tigress looked up at the panda. "Sure Po. I'd like that," she said softly.

Po took her chin in his hand and tilted her head till their lips met once more. This time, Tigress felt herself melt into Po's touch. She had never felt this way before. When Po wrapped his arms around her it felt like his large, warm, panda arms was melting the ice around her heart.

Tigress felt the kiss become more heated and on instinct, she rubbed her tongue across his lips, begging for access. Po quickly granted it and soon they were kissing like a real couple. Po shifted his weight to get a better balance but ended up pushing him and Tigress to the ground in her room on accident. "Oh my gosh Tigress I'm so sorry," he said on top of the striped master.

Tigress for her part didn't hear him for she felt something hard pressing into her leg. Po noticed this too and started to get up before Tigress grabbed him close to her. With an expert maneuver that only a master could pull off, she spun them around so he was on bottom.

Sitting on his thighs she closely inspected the bulge in the Dragon Warrior's pants. Po blushed. "Tigress, Could you please not-"

"Can I see it?" Tigress asked, her gaze still locked onto the bulge. Po was so surprised he choked on his spit. It was a few seconds before he got his breath back enough to answer. "Yea, sure Tigress. Anything you want."

Tigress unsheathed one claw and began to drag it down the side of his pants. Soon, it was nothing more than a scrap of cloth on the ground and Po's mottled black and white rod was on full display. Tigress gasped softly and wrapped her soft paw around his length. "This is supposed to go inside me?"

"Well, yea eventually. Not that I'm saying we have to do that!" Po explained.

Tigress rolled her eyes again. "Well, I believe it's custom that since I've seen yours you should see mine as they say..."

Tigress stood up and undid her vest clips one by one until a set of white chest binding was all that remained on her chest. Tigress unwrapped them little by little as well until her decently large and somehow very perky breasts were revealed. The pink nipple rested atop the furred mounds and they hardened with contact to the cool air. Tigress sighed in relief. "Damn I hate wearing these chest bindings. But my breasts get in the way if I don't."

They should get in the way more often..." Po grinned.

Tigress shook her head once more and pulled down her black training pants, revealing her vaginal slit and round, toned ass to the panda. Po's eyes went wide and Tigress looked at him and smiled once more at his enthusiasm.

"Wow, two smiles in one night? Impressive." Po joked.

Tigress once again rolled her eyes but this time, there was warmth and affection, not irritation in the motion. Her ear twitched when she heard a drop hit the floor. Getting into a crouch she scanned the room for attackers. "What was that?"

"Um, Tigress, It's your..." Po pointed to Tigress' nethers.

Tigress looked down and reached toward it with a paw. Sure enough her lower lips were dripping with moisture. "Why?" She asked Po.

Po shrugged. "Oh, wait! Monkey gave me this!" Po ran to his room and promptly returned with a scroll. They both opened it and read. "Apparently it's to help the entrance go smoother..." They both looked at each other and blushed.

"Tigress we don't have to..."

"No Po, I want to. I think...I think that Iloveyou..."

Po shook his head. "What was that?"

"I...I love you Po. I don't know why and for the first time I don't care why. It's strange and it may take some getting used to, but one thing I know is...I want to spend the rest of my life with you Po..." Tigress looked down in embarrassment.

"Oh Tigress...I love you too," Po rushed her in a hug again, but this time, Tigress was ready. She welcomed the panda with open arms. When she felt him press himself into her fur, she grinned wickedly and reached down to grasp Po's stick. The panda let out a gasp at Tigress' contact but he didn't complain.

"Let's move to the bed," Tigress whispered huskily in his ear. Po nodded and Tigress led him to to bed by his cock. She lay him down on her bed and got on top of him, her face in front of his long staff.

Tigress licked her lips. Po had cooked many a delicious meal in the Jade Palace, but for some reason her mouth was salivating to taste his dick. She began by running her tongue along the underside of his rod making Po shudder in pleasure. Tigress loved nothing more than a challenge and this was one of her finest. Po grunted as she continued to run her tongue up ad down along his length, her rough feline tongue adding to the pleasure.

Once most of him was thoroughly coated in Tigress' saliva, she gave the tip of his cock a small kiss before opening her mouth wide enough to accommodate his member. Taking his head into her mouth she began to suck making Po grip the sheets tightly. "Oh Tigress," he moaned. Tigress grinned around his cock, loving the pleasure she was bringing to her lover.

Tigress' mouth felt warm around his tip, and as she started to bob on his dick it only got better. More and more of his rod was engulfed in Tigress' mouth but soon his dick hit the back of her throat. Tigress gagged and pulled up but didn't remove him from her mouth. Breathing from her nose, she caught her breath and moved down again. This time, when he hit her throat, she didn't stop.

With a quick push of her head, Tigress popped the tip of Po's member into her throat making Po gasp in an attempt not to shoot his load. His climax was approaching fast and as Tigress was massaging his 'orbs,' she guessed it to. But they had different opinions about it. He wanted it to last as long as possible and she wanted to save it for a more, exciting ending. She came completely off his rod; making a loud 'pop' as she did so, and dug her claws gently into his cock, making his orgasm disappear like steam in the wind.

"Hey what gives?" Po complained. She smiled and starting stroking the panda's rod.

"Oh come now panda you can't possibly want to cum now. I have a far more pleasurable idea in mind. Now I want you to do what you do best." she said, standing up. She slowly and sexily crawled up my body, only to swiftly turn herself around to me and sit on his face, her loins, which were dripping with arousal, were mere inches away from his face. Of course Po didn't object. "Eat."

He grinned at her word of choice. With pleasure. The panda thought. But, naturally, he didn't enjoy his meal right away. Of course he had to tease her just a bit. Starting with rubbing her folds slowly, and picking up the pace as he went along. Every so often he would rub her clitoris, making her moan in pleasure. "Ahhh, I see what your doing. Your getting me back for not letting you climax. Well I'm not going to give in and beg- AH!" she gasped as I quickly and without warning, rammed a finger into her, stretching her virgin walls a bit.

Po grinned at this. But it was short lived as he realized a problem. Her walls were very tight. They was going to have to fix that before we actually get to the fun part. Deciding to be a bit bold, he stuck another finger in making Tigress purr. It was still a bit tight, though her dripping pussy juices were certainly helping. Her walls felt so good, squeezing his digits like a... like a torture clamp Shifu would probably use if he walked in right now.

"Alright Po you win, please eat me out." At first he pretended not to hear her, until she screamed "NOW!" that is. Loving every minute of his control over the Tiger Master, he didn't want to lose it. Which Po just might, should Tigress get pissed off. So he agreed, and started to lick her bitter-sweet pussy juices. Apparently he was doing it right by Tigress' pants and moans. Being new to any of this Po was surprised at how he was doing so far. Po saw Tigress' lips quiver faster and harder than normal and guessed it was a sign of an impending orgasm.

"Come on, already?" Tigress groaned.

"Don't worry Tigress, we have only begun. Besides," Po said as the panda started to lay her on the bed mat. Kneading her tits, he finished, "It's my turn."

"No panda, it's our turn." she smiled warmly at him. Her eyes locked eyes with Po's. Green emerald grass, met hot blazing fire. An imaginary mental link passed them and Po knew in that moment that there wasn't another feline in the world that he would rather be with. Or bear. Or any other species. There was only one. And that was the lovely, shapely, and dangerous Tiger laying under him. Tigress' warm paw on his cheek broke him out of his mental love speech.

"Alright Po, it's time. You know what to do," she said. In all honesty he had no idea what to do, other than a couple of scrolls Monkey had shown him, he didn't even have any idea what a women looked like with out her clothes until just minutes ago.

"Actually Tigress I don't but I'll sure give it a hell of a try." he said. Her smile diminished for a second, but then glowed again at the end.

"Well this should be fun then."

"Cool," he said lamely as he positioned his cock at her entrance, dripping and ready to go. Somewhat. Po knew her pussy was still going to be very tight. Po prodded at her entrance causing her to moan, and bite her bottom lip in frustration at being teased.

"Come on Po. I need this. After all that your going to postpone the fun?" Tigress growled.

"Tigress," Po began. "It's just that, when I was...well...eating you out, you were very tight. Almost too tight. I'm a little scared I'm going to hurt you."

Tigress smiled. "Po, your so sweet. I'm touched you care about me so much. But it's okay. I want this. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how much I scream, I want you to go pierce my... 'inner sanctum' if you will." Tigress narrowed her eyes, making sure I got it. I did. "Besides, I'm the Master Tigress. I can handle it."

"As you wish your Majesty," Po joked. "Now, get ready to feel the Thunda!"

If Po knew that words like cheesy catchphrases could turn Tigress on so much, he would have made more. Just that phrase nearly made Tigress orgasm right then and there. But she restrained herself. She wanted this to last. But she still had no idea why she became so aroused by such lines.

Po prodded her entrance a bit more. Then he rubbed his dick in between her folds, sandwiching his dick in her pussy lips. Every so often he would rub her clitoris making her whimper in her deprivation of pleasure. "Come on Po. Don't make me.. !" she finished, gasping, as Po entered her dripping folds. He slowly pushed into her until he realized something. He stopped.

"Po what are you doing?"

"Tigress are you a virgin?"

Tigress' eyes widened in shock. "Of course Po. What makes you think I wasn't?" she asked, her tone brimmed with disbelief and a bit off irritation.

"Well it's just that, I'm about an inch in now, and I didn't feel a barrier. Normally the breaking of the Virgin Barrier is a symbol of everlasting love." Po said nervously.

Tigress sighed with relief. "Is that all? I was worried there for a second. No I don't have a barrier. I was trained a lot when I was young. While mastering the splits, I put my legs up too high, and ripped it. Sorry about that..."

"It's okay. I was just wondering." Po continued to go in, moving slowly in. Every inch Po introduced to her, Tigress winced in pain. But she didn't complain. Once he bottomed out, he retreated slowly, letting her pain evaporate into pleasure. Tigress soon was moaning, encouraging Po to increase speed. Soon he had a rhythm going and Tigress was thrusting her hips up to meet her new mate's thrusts. Soon she was screaming in pure bliss as Po vigorously pounded into the lovely Tiger.

"Alright Po, I wanna try something new." She smiled mischievously, then without warning, grabbed Po and flipped him so she was on top. All the while maintaining the rhythm.

"Impressive." Now Tigress was bouncing up and down on Po's rod. Her walls were clenching on Po's dick, causing the panda to moan. He could feel his orgasm on the near horizon, so he knew that her's was closer.

He was right too. Tigress was using all her strength (which was a lot) to hold back. But then Po got a devilish idea. He reached down with one hand and up with the other.

"Po...what" she asked between pants.

Po smiled mischievously. "You'll see," he said.

"Po," Tigress' warning turned into a scream of pure ecstasy as Po took her clit and nipple between his thumb and index finger. He rubbed them between his paw digits in a smooth and syncopated rhythm, while Tigress continued to bounce up and down on his magnificent staff.

"Oh gods of China Po that feels so GOOD!" Tigress praised. Po quickened his pace, and slid his middle finger in her vagina (no easy task while rubbing a clitoris but he managed) rubbing her g-spot, causing her to scream in elation. "Po I'm cumming!"

Both the lovers wanted nothing more than to cum together, so Tigress quickened her pace, and Po slowed down his rubbings, settling for squeezing her tits with both hands. That did the trick. "Me too Tigress. Cum on. Come with me." He purposefully mispronounced the words, knowing now how Tigress loved wordplay.

And that set her off the edge. She screamed in pure, unyielding and elating, ecstasy and love for the fat, but handsome and sexy Panda below her.

Meanwhile, Po's head was an ocean of thoughts. Wonder at what their kids will look like. Fear about Shifu. Confusion at how in less than a year, he had gone from a minor nuisance, to sleeping with Master Tigress. Etc. But mostly he was feeling love.

Love for a certain Tiger Master. There was nothing that could separate them. And as Tigress was cumming on his piston of a cock, her walls were clasping and unclasping him as wave after wave of sweet pussy juices coated his dick. After the second blast, however, he came as well. And in that moment, Po knew that he would do anything for Tigress. If anyone hurt her, he would hunt them down, and make them pay.

Tigress was feeling similar thoughts, but more violent. Her imagination was very vivid. As was her torture methods. The went on for about half a minute, though it seemed to be over way too soon for the two mates. They collapsed on the bed, Tigress on top of Po, not caring that they were naked. Po didn't even bother pulling out of her. They just lay there, breathing in the heavy, musky scent of cum.

"I love you Tigress."

"I love you too Po."

They finished with a kiss, and soon Tigress was snoring on Po's chest.

The next week

"So Po, how was your weekend," Shifu asked as he returned. The rest of the Five had returned already, though the both Po and Tigress agreed not to tell any one about their little 'adventure.'

Now Po and Shifu were meditating at the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.

"Fine. Just fine." Then Po got a stupid grin on his face as he remembered that day. Shifu raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

Good, Shifu doesn't suspect a thing, Po thought. Just as he thought he was in the clear, he heard a scream coming from the Jade Palace. Tigress' scream. Po was already halfway there when Shifu finally caught up with him. They bust into Tigress' room, expecting to see bandits, surrounding her on all sides. But it was a scream of pleasure, not fear.

"Po I'm pregnant!" she screamed, she ran toward her mate, but was stopped by a staff in her chest that quickly moved it's way to Po's tenders stopping mere centimeters from his balls.

"What the FUCK did she just say," Shifu growled at Po. His eyes were filled with malice and hatred. "If you want to not only keep this one, but have more children, you had better explain. Right FUCKING now!" Po gulped and complied. And that was how the curse word was introduced into the Jade Palace.

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