Bad Po r Tigress/Bad Po x Wu Sisters Part 2

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"Good. We're all here." Po looked across the large war table that not even twelve hours ago, he and Su Wu had mercilessly fucked on. He grinned slightly to himself for this fact and looking over at his smiling feline lover he could tell she was thinking the same thing.

"Bandit lords, have you any objection to my plan?" A general murmur of no's came from around the tables. "Good. General Sou," He pointed to an old crocodile with an iron boot and a scar over his eye. I need you to flank our west side, while Wing and Wan lead the main assault. Me and Su will sneak into the palace with five other assassins to kill the Five, Shifu, and uh... me. I guess." Po looked nervously at the lords of the shadows gathered before him before regaining his composure.

"Alright everybody follow me!" he shouted, as he led his small army down Wu mountain. When they got to the bottom, they walked a short ways to a hill overlooking the valley.

"Okay, when I give the signal, Wan and Wing," he said looking at the sexy felines. "you two give the fiercest battle cry you can muster." They nodded. "Alright, Su and the rest of you follow me."

Po very stealthily climbed down the hill and somehow manged to make it to the bottom of the thousand stairs and eventually to the top of the Palace. When there, he gave a series of hand signs to Wing, who was holding a telescope, watching the signal being called. "Alright guys. Let's roll." Wing looked over to her sister and they both grinned. Then they let loose a fierce caterwaul into the silent night air as the bandits charged. Running down through the valley, Wing and Wan tore down homes left and right. Po had been very specific not to injure any of the villagers. When questioned about this he simply said. "Who are we gonna rule over if their no one left?"

Meanwhile Su and Po silently sneaked through the Jade Palace, looking for the other Po and Tigress who were their designated targets. They went to their rooms first. As they barged into Tigress' room they found it empty. But then Su grinned and looked at her lover.

"I have a devilish idea. Lets fuck on her bed."

"I like the way you think." Po said as he threw Su onto the Tiger Master's bed. They began to tear at each others clothes, trying to get each other naked. After their clothes were lying in shreds on the ground, Su began to give him one of the best blowjobs he had gotten in a while. While she was sucking him off, the attack was going rather well in the village. Almost all of the village was either on fire, or lay in a heap of rubble. Wing and Wan began to laugh maniacally at their success.

After Po came in her mouth, she greedily sucked it all down. "Mmmm, I don't think I've ever tasted cum as good as yours."

"Likewise. But we don't have much time, so lets get this over with." Po urged.

"Ugh. Your always so impatient. It's a good thing you can fuck my brains out." she said, rolling the panda on his back and lining her dripping entrance up with his saliva-lubricated cock. Su slowly sank down on his prick, making the panda grunt in pleasure. However, he was still impatient and he pulled her down on him, hilting himself in her, earning him a loud moan.

"Alright Po. You want me to fuck you? I will fuck your goddamn brains out." Su said seductively as she began to bounce quickly on his cock. Her breasts began to bounce enticingly, mesmerizing the mammary loving panda. He reached up and cupped them, flicking the nipple with his finger and massaging the orbs with his palm.

Po closed his eyes and moaned as she continued to ride his cock. Su threw back her head and moaned loudly, her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth as she closed her eyes and placed her hands behind her for balance as she exited off of Po then dropped back down, filling her cavern to it's brim.

"Mommy! Come quick! There are two people wrestling on your bed!"

Po's head snapped up and yelled "Fuck!" before Su was thrown off of him by none other than the child's mother. Master Tigress. "Po!" she yelled in anger. "What the FUCK do you think your doing!"

"Shut it slut!" Po and Su yelled in unison before the snow leopardess jumped the Tiger Master. Soon the room was a flurry of claws, teeth, fur and even some clothes. It seemed Su was purposefully trying to get Tigress naked. But even the leopardess, with all her weapon training, couldn't defeat the strongest of the Furious Five. Soon Su was a unconscious heap on the floor. Po rolled his eyes at the incompetence of his lover.

"Well, what have we here." he said looking at the half-naked Tiger. "Well since our session was so rudely interrupted, you'll have to do." He began walking toward Tigress.

"Daddy!" the child yelled as she ran toward Po.

"No Kioko," Tigress said stopping the young Tiger. "That panda may be Po, but he is not your father. Po what has gotten into you. Just not even an hour ago, you were carrying our child on your back, saying how much you loved us."

"Hey Tigress. I was just gonna go for a walk and wanted to know if-" the panda stopped in his tracks as he saw a naked Po, a half-naked Tigress, and his daughter confused. "You,"he hissed.

B. Po crossed his arms. "Yea. What are you gonna do about it. Mr. goody-two-shoes." he taunted.

G. Po glared at his evil twin. Tigress looked from Good Po to Bad Po. "Okay will someone explain whats going on here!" Tigress yelled.

"This dipshit/idiot looked into the Mirror of Yin and Yang." they said somewhat in unison.

Tigress face palmed at her lover's stupidity. Of course he did. G. Po rushed forward at B. Po, who easily threw him aside like a sack of potatoes. He too fell into an unconscious heap on the floor. Right on top of Su in fact, who grunted from the weight. "Now that we're all alone..." he said, walking once more toward Tigress, his cock somehow managing to stay hard through all of this.

Tigress got into a stance, preparing to defend her and her child. "In case you didn't notice," she said, nodding toward Kioko, who was cowering behind her mother. "We're not alone."

"It doesn't matter. She needs to know these things. Shes like what, five or something now?" he asked nonchalantly.

"She's seven," Tigress growled.

"Even better. Now, get over here." Po grabbed her by her hips, and flipped her around. Tigress began to throw wild punches at the Panda, which did nothing to deter him. He lined himself up with entrance and thrust fiercely in.

Tigress screamed and Kioko froze up with fear. Po smiled and began to thrust into her even harder, making Tigress' eyes well up with tears. Soon he began to get bored with her pussy so he pulled out and lined himself up with her rectum, prodding against her puckered hole.

Tigress looked back at him and pleaded, "Please. Po. Don't."

"Sorry Master Tigress. I wouldn't be doing this if you hadn't knocked out my booty call over there." And he thrusted in balls deep, stretching her ass wide open and forcing an ear piercing scream from her as he began to thrust deeper and deeper. Faster and faster. And with every thrust, Tigress' pain intensified. And Po's climax came quicker.

"Get. The. Fuck. OFF OF MY WIFE!" Came a shout from behind B. Po just as he climaxed in her ass.

B. Po just sighed as he got tackled. He managed to stay on his feet and grunted "man, don't these people ever give up?" he began to block, deflect and deal blows left and right, leaving his alter ego battered, bruised, and exhausted. Kioko, however, was sitting in a corner and seeing her daddy fighting her daddy, was to much for her to handle and she let loose a fierce scream that literally broke all of the glass in the room.

G. Po dropped to his knees as he covered his ears, while B. Po remained glued to the spot as something began tingling in his head.

Meanwhile on the battlefield

Now the army were at the bottom of the thousand steps, where they were greeted by the Five and Shifu, minus Tigress that is. "Where is Tigress?" Monkey asked Viper "And Po too."

"They're probably protecting Kioko," Viper responded.

"Bandits," Shifu addressed the army. "Turn back now, and we won't hurt you."

Some of the bandits backed up, but Was yelled, "Come on there are 300 of us and only five of them. We can take them!"

"No you can't," Shifu said calmly.

"Yes we can!" Wan said defiantly. "Charge!" The bandits surged forward making Shifu sigh in irritation.

"Alright students. Show them what you can do." Shifu snapped his fingers as the four bowed and charged at the bandits, removing them one by one. Eventually all the bandits were neutralized, leaving the four Masters unscathed and the two sisters, running back to Wu mountain.

Shifu looked around at all the unconscious bandits, littering the ground. "I tried to warn them."

B. Po grabbed at his head as he screamed, "What is this!?" Kioko just kept on screaming. B. Po's head snapped up and he looked at his daughter. He slowly crawled over to her. "Stay away from her," Tigress managed to grunt. G. Po was still screaming in agony.

But then B. Po did something that shocked Tigress to her core. He held her. He actually held his daughter. And not only that, he cradled her. And shushed her. He behaved like a normal father. Soon Kioko stopped screaming and began crying into Po's belly fur. Tigress looked over to where Good Po once ay, but only saw empty space.

Then she looked back to Po. Who was once again whole. "Tigress..." he sobbed. "I'm so sorry," then he just lost it. He began crying so hard, his tears matching that of his daughters.

Tigress crawled over to him, some of his cum leaking out of her ass, and began to hold him. "It's okay Po. I forgive you." she began to hold the only two people she ever loved. "Wait Po," she looked at the panda. "Did you say wife?"

Po sniffled. "Yes Tigress. Will you marry me?"

Tigress threw herself at Po beginning to sob herself. "Yes Po! Yes I will!" The newly developed family held each other. Just then Shifu decided to walk in, and seeing both Tigress and Po naked, holding their daughter, all three sobbing, he just turned on his heels and left.

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