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I was walking outside of Degrassi Community School with my best friend Alli. We had just finished a long day of classes. Alli had tanned skin and long black hair with big brown eyes. We have been best friends since grade four.

"Nobody even noticed my eye surgery!" I was complaining to her.

"Clare, it's okay." Alli assured me.

"Maybe I'll just go back to my old self." I said pulling out my old glasses.

"No! Give me those!" Alli yelled and tried to snatch my glasses from me. She made me drop them and shortly after we heard a huge crunch.

"My glasses!" I cried. Someone then got out of the car that ran over my glasses. Did I say car? I meant hearse.

"I think they're dead." The mysterious hearse boy said to me with a slight smirk on his face, then handed me my mangled pair of glasses.

"It's okay, I got laser surgery." I said glancing up into his forest green eyes.

The boy stared at me for a moment, "You have pretty eyes." He said boldly.

"Um, thanks." I said blushing slightly. He stood there for a moment and I studied him. He wore all black, and had black hair. His forest green eyes were electric. "So, see you around?" I asked hesitantly.

"Guess you will." He said smirking, then sat in his hearse and drove away blasting punk music. I smiled and bit my lip.

"I know that look!" Alli interrupted.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I joked and tried to hide my smile.

The next day at school in English with , I saw the boy again, he must be new. Our teacher assigned us english partners and lucky me, I got the mysterious boy. We had to sit next to eachother and I blushed the whole time. Okay so I kind of had a small crush on him. I didn't even know his name!

"So what'll it be Blue Eyes?" He asked me.

"My name is Clare Edwards. What's yours?" I asked blushing when he called me Blue Eyes.

"I'm Elijah Goldswothy, but I prefer Eli." Eli said with a smirk on his face. Oh that smirk! We sat there in English class talking and getting to know each other. I was a little upset when the bell rang because truth be told I felt safe with Eli. When school was over I walked home. I got halfway down the street when a familar hearse pulled up beside me. "Need a ride Blue Eyes?" Eli rolled down his window and asked.

"Umm... It's better if you didn't." I said. If my dad ever saw me in a car with a boy I'd be dead, literally.

"Why not? Something wrong Clare?" He asked.

"You wouldn't understand. Family complications." I said, if Eli ever knew what happened at home he'd probably think I was discusting and leave me, just like everyone else.

"Just get in Clare." Eli said. I hesitated then got in. I blushed as Eli looked over at me and smirked. I put my hands in my lap as Eli started to drive away. He looked down at my hands. "What's that?" He asked pointing to my purity ring.

"It's a purity ring."

"Oh, what does it say?" Eli asked.

"True love waits." I answered. Eli smirked. "What?" I asked.

"Nothing." He said. I blushed. We were almost at my house. I looked in the house. Thank God my dad wasn't home.

"Thanks for the ride." I said and got out.

"Any time Blue Eyes." Eli said and I smiled.

"Bye." I said and started to walk to the front door

"Clare?" Eli asked.

"Hmm?" I answered and turned around.

"Would you want to do something tomorrow? With me?" Eli asked. I though about it for a moment. What would dad say? This probably wouldn't approve to him.

"I'm sorry but I can't." I said frowning.

"Oh, Miss Saint Clare can't go out with boys?" Eli teased

"Maybe some other time." I said.

"Okay, bye Clare." Eli said and drove off. I walked inside and to my room. I sat down on my bed and did the most girlish scream ever. Eli likes me! He asked me out! I looked in my big vanity mirror. I didn't even look like my normal self. My eyes were too bright, my cheeks flushed with bits of red splotches. I sighed. All of a sudden I heard a car pull in he driveway. Oh no! Dad was home.

"Clare Diane Edwards! Get your ass downstairs!" Dad yelled. I gulped and walked carefully downstairs.

"Yes daddy?" I asked. You could smell the liquor in the air. He grabbed me and slammed me up against the family room wall. It hurt so bad, and I couldn't breathe. I spit in my dad's face, then suddenly he brought his hand hard across the left side of my face. I whimpered then tears escaped my eyes.

"Now get your curly headed ass upstairs! I don't want to see you for the rest of the night!" He screamed. I ran upstairs an locked my door. The tears wouldn't stop coming. I looked in my mirror again, there was already a faint purple shadow forming on my cheek. My auburn curls were tangled, and my baby blue eyes were too dull. How could I have just been so happy then so sad in less than five minutes? I hated my dad. He didn't give two shits about me. My dad abuses me. He has been ever since my mom left his sorry ass. I don't know what I'd do if anyone found out. They'd all call me a freak and turn me away.

I laid on my bed sobbing quietly. I cried myself to sleep that night.

In the morning I was looking forward to going to school just because I wanted to see Eli. I got up and brushed my curls and put on blue jeans, a light pink shirt with ruffles, and ballet flats to match. I didn't wear any make-up because I liked to go natural. I went outside and then started walking to school. A familar hearse then pulled up beside me again. Eli rolled down the window.

"Want a ride?" He asked. I nodded and got in the passenger side. Eli was staring at me intently. "What happened to your cheek?"

Crap. The bruise.

"Nothing." I mumbled, trying to play it off.

"Okay." Eli said shrugging it off and started to drive away. I hurried and wiped my eyes so my tears wouldn't fall. "You okay Blue Eyes?" Eli asked, I nodded. "Clare, you know you can trust me right?" He said placing a gentle hand on mine.

Oh my God he must like me!

"Eli, I changed my mind." I said.

"About what?" He asked knitting his eyebrows together.

"Yesterday, when you asked me out and I said no, well I changed my mind." I said. Eli smirked.

"So Saint Clare can go out with boys."

"I guess so," I said and bit my lip. Finally we were at school.

"Umm, am I allowed to walk you to your locker?" Eli asked, I nodded.

"Thanks Blue Eyes." Eli said. I blushed, then Eli walked me to my locker. When we got to my locker, Eli smirked and said, "See you in English." I smiled, Alli ran up to me.

"Okay, who's the dude?" Alli asked.

"Umm... His name is Eli." I said.

"OOH! You like him." Alli said.

"Yes and I'm going out with him today." I said. Alli squealed.

"Details." She said and walked away. I smiled to myself, Eli really did like me. The day went by pretty fast. At lunch, I sat by Eli. We got to know eachother pretty good. His favorite color was blue because of my eyes, he listened to punk music, and his hearse was called Morty. Soon the day was over and Eli took me to The Dot to get coffee.

"What do you want Blue Eyes? Eli asked and I blushed.

"Umm... I guess I'll have some Ice-tea." I said. Eli ordered my Ice-tea and he got a vanilla milkshake. After that, Eli drove me home.

"Can I come in?" Eli asked me.

"It's probably best if you didn't." I said and bit my lip. All of a sudden, my dad came out of the house with a beer bottle in his hands. You could tell he was drunk by the way he was stumbling all over. "Oh God." I mumbled.

"Who's that?" Eli asked.

"My dad!" I said. I got out of the hearse slowly and shut the door. Eli didnt leave yet.

"Clare, get your ass up here!" Dad yelled. I walked up and my dad slapped me on the backed of my head. I hope Eli didnt see that. I was crying silently. Dad walked into this house and I fell to the ground sobbing. Eli got out of his hearse and ran over to me.

"You okay Blue Eyes?" Eli asked frantically. I nodded.

"Did your dad give you that bruise on your cheek too?" He asked. I nodded again. "Clare, I'm so sorry." Eli said and gave me a hug. I nuzzed into him.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Eli said. He gave me his cellphone number and I gave him mine, then he left. I hurried and ran up to my room and locked the door. I put Eli's number in my phone and I smiled. He didnt turn me away. I was so happy I could almost cry.

Author's Note: To be continued...?