Some chapters will be in different types of point of view, so expect that! Yes, this story too is being revised.

March 22, 1998 Miami Florida Hospital

"It's a girl!" the doctor cried out. Soon crying filled the room, a nurse took the baby and went to wash her off. The nurse gently washed the baby off until all you could see was white, soft baby skin. The nurse then wrapped the baby in a pink blanket, she walked the baby over to the exhausted woman on the table.

"Congratulations on the baby," the nurse said, handing the baby to her mother. But the woman shook her head and said "No." the nurse was perplexed. The baby was 5 pounds; she had little soft blonde hairs and dazzling blue eyes.

"What?" the nurse asked confused.

"No. I don't want to hold her," The mother said again, her forehead covered in sweat. The nurse just shifted her arms so the mother could get a good look at her baby.

"I'm putting her up for adoption," the mother explained and the nurse nodded. The mother, who looked just like the baby had blue eyes and blonde hair. The mother observed her child from afar.

"Do you have kids?" the mom asked and the nurse nodded.

"Two boys," the nurse smiled.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Melissa," The nurse told the mother.

"Juliet," the Juliet said and Melissa nodded.

"She's beautiful Juliet. Are you sure you don't want to hold her?" Melissa questioned. The baby started to cry so Melissa rocked her arms.

"I don't want to get attached." Juliet told her.

"Do you have a family for her?" Melissa wondered aloud.

"No," Juliet shook her head. Melissa looked at the baby, and then she thought about her conversation last night with her husband.

"Do you thinkā€¦ maybe I could take her?" Melissa asked shyly and it was Juliet's turn to look confused.

"Is that allowed?"

"I don't see why not," Melissa answered. Juliet thought for a minute before nodding her head.

"Do you have any names?" Melissa asked and Juliet shook her head no.

March 22, 2012 Santa Barbra Middle School

Eliza POV

"So you're adopted?" Gavin asked looking at me and I nodded.

"Apparently mom took me from the hospital," I answered looking at my best friend and he nodded.

"Do you want to know your birth parents?" Gavin questioned and I shook my head. Gavin scratched his blond hair, his other hand in his jeans and his sage green t-shirt had holes in it.

"They gave me up. Why would they want me now?" I asked and Gavin shrugged.

"Maybe they couldn't keep you. Like they didn't have enough money," Gavin suggested.

"Mom said the girl was young. She looked about seventeen or eighteen,"

"There you go. She was too young to take care of a baby,"

"But she grew up. Why didn't she look for me?"

"You said you guys moved from Miami when you were two, maybe she looked but couldn't find you." Gavin said as we crossed the street heading towards the school.

"Who knows?" I said. Gavin and I continued to walk towards the school when we were met by April.

"There's the birthday girl!" April flung her arms around my shoulders giving me a crushing hug.

"Not, breathing." I gasped and she let go.

"Sorry," she apologized and we continued to walk. We walked past a diner and Gavin bought a newspaper.

"Do you think he's legit?" Gavin asked handing me the newspaper. On the front it read "Shawn Spencer Resident Psychic Detective Solves Another Case"

"Probably not," April said. A picture was underneath heading. There was the man 'Shawn' with a black guy and other people. There was man with black hair and blue eyes and a woman was standing next to him. She had long blonde hair and blues eyes, her arms were crossed.

"I don't know, he could be," I said ripping the picture from the paper and handing it back to Gavin.

"So back to the important stuff. What are we doing tonight?" April looked at me.

"My mom and dad want to talk more tonight about me being adopted." I said stuffing the picture into my bag and April gasped.

"Eliza Moss, how could you not tell me!" April shrieked and Gavin rolled his eyes.

"Relax Ape she just found out," Gavin told her and April glared at him.

"Sill," April huffed and I snickered.

"You know now. So neither of you tell anyone okay? I don't want it getting around." I said and they nodded as we walked into the school.