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"You want to do what?" Vance said, clearly mad. "We want to beat them to the punch." Gibbs repeated. "So you want to blow up the Navy Yard before they blow up the Navy Yard?" Vance said, still not sure of what the hell they were talking about. "Kind of." McGee stepped forward. Vance looked at him and Tim continued to talk. "We want to put something together that won't do hardly any damage, just get a big boom." he said. "That would kill everyone, Agent McGee!" Vance said. Gibbs looked at his agent, then to his director. "Tell 'em how that won't happen." he said, urging McGee on. He looked at his shoes and sighed. there was no easy way to really say it, but Tim knew he had to.

"I know about the 9/11 bunkers." he said. Vance, who was clearly surprised, sat down and secured the room. He spoke after a few seconds. "How the hell do you know about those?" Vance asked. "I- I was working for a technical company before I joined NCIS. I was head of a department, so when the Navy came to the head of the company, he picked me and a few people to help design them. I've known all along." Tim admitted. "That's how I found about NCIS." he concluded, looking at Gibbs. "Well then. Did you tell anyone yet?" Vance asked. "I was going to wait until you cleared me." Tim responded. "You're cleared." Vance said, standing up. Gibbs spoke for the first time in a while. "McGee. This is where you start explaining." McGee sighed.

"Ok. The 9/11 bunkers are an emergency escape route. Very few people know about them. They're under almost every building in the Yard. I designed the one's under NCIS, so I'm pretty sure if you gave me the plans I could navigate them. It's a confusing maze of tunnels and rooms under the building. There's three entrances to the system. Now, here's what I want to do. Along with the tunnels, we also built secured rooms. I was thinking that Abby, the director, and I would go underground after everything was set up and we would track down the Gomez brothers. Gibbs' team, Johnson's team, and Scott's team would retreat to the rooms until we found them. Then we would all gear up and go get 'em." Tim said, proud of his plan.

All of the sudden, Tim heard something that could only be one thing. He smiled and looked at Gibbs. "Ziva's back." he said. Vance looked at Tim and considered what had just been proposed. "That seems very shaky, Agent McGee. I'm not sure I want to sign off on this." Vance said, his opinion not swayed.

"Director, Abby and I worked all night last night and we couldn't find them. They are completely off the grid. Technically speaking, Matt and Liam Gomez don't exist anymore. They never did. They obviously have someone on the outside who is erasing them off of everything they were ever on. Security cameras, credit cards, banks records, financials. Everything is gone. After five am, we decided that it would be more productive to try and save everyone else." Tim argued. Gibbs was impressed. He had never seen McGee so passionate about a cause. He was almost yelling at the man who could fire him just like that, and Gibbs admired the kid's confidence. Vance sighed. "Go tell the rest of your team. I'll consider your plan."

Tim and Gibbs exited the office, and they found Tony and Ziva standing at the plasma. As the two began to walk down the stairs, Tim rubbed his eyes. Gibbs could tell that McGee was about to pass out if he didn't sit down and voluntarily sleep. Abby already had. She was sitting at Tim's desk snoring ever so slightly, and Ducky was leaning on the corner of the desk. "Ziva!" Tim said when he entered the bullpen. "Glad you're back!" he said, hugging her. She smiled and hugged him back. "Tony was just telling me about the plan... But he said you would have to tell me the rest." Ziva said, waiting for Tim to start talking.

"Guys, I would love to, but I'm about to collapse. I need like four hours to recharge my batteries." Tim said, scooting Abby's chair over to make room for another one. 'Wow. She's out cold.' Tim thought as he decided not to wake her. He would just sleep on a chair next to her. Ziva looked at Tony with a confused look. "It's geek speak for he needs to sleep." Tony said. Tim grabbed the chair from the empty desk behind his and fell asleep immediately.

Ducky, who had moved to the other side of Tony, admired the sleeping agents. Both of their head's were using their folded arms as pillows and both were sleeping soundly with their heads on Tim's desk. Tony and Ziva exchanged a glance and smiled. "They look cute, no?" Ziva commented. Tony whipped his phone out and took a picture and sent it to McGee and Abby's phones. "You're such a child, Tony." Ziva said. "So? I enjoy not growing up." Tony said with a smile as he sat at his own desk.

He started playing computer games and watching videos on the internet. "What are we supposed to do for four hours while McAbby dreams of sugar plum fairies?" Tony asked Gibbs. "Good question." Gibbs said. He had been thinking the same. McGee hadn't slept in well over 48 hours, so it wasn't like Gibbs was going to wake him up. Plus, even if the two of them were awake, they wouldn't be doing anything productive. Gibbs sighed and sat back in his chair.

"You two, come here." Gibbs said. Ducky had gone back to autopsy, probably to work on the psych profile. Jimmy had left a while back and was waiting for the best time to send Breena home. Which left Tony and Ziva in the squadroom. "What's up, Boss?" Tony asked as he and Ziva stood in front of Gibbs' desk. "I'm gonna tell you the plan."

Matt sat in the room, watching. He was always more of an observer than anything else. He didn't talk a lot and wasn't very social. Liam, on the other hand, couldn't seem to shut up. "So then I went up to the officer and I looked him in the eye and said 'I don't see any doughnuts.' and ran away. Austin and Sam started runnin' after me and, and... Damn, Matt. You shoulda been there." Liam concluded his story.

Honestly, Matt hadn't listened to a word of it. He was busy listening to someone else. "Liam! Will you please just shut your trap for more than ten minuets?" Matt became increasingly annoyed with his little brother. "Geez, bro. Since when did you have a temper?" Lima accused.

"Since you were born, dim-wit. Now go over there and make sure all of the switches are turned on." Matt ordered. "They are." Liam responded. "Good. You aren't as stupid as I thought." Matt said. Liam winced at the comment. "I can still quit this thing, you know. I can walk away from it if I want to." Liam threatened. He didn't like the way his brother had been treating him lately and decided to put an end to it right now. Matt pulled a gun out and pointed it at his brother. "No, Liam. I really don't think you can walk away."

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