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It's not wrong to want what I want, but it is wrong to want who I want. My sister's boyfriend. Katherine has always been the boy magnet. She's also two years older than me and a million times more everything. Katherine and I were often mistaken for twins, because of how similar we look alike. I love my sister, I do but she can be a manipulating brat.

Katherine and I live with our Aunt Jenna and her boyfriend Alaric Saltzman. Our parent's died in a car accident two years ago. Alaric also happen to be a history teacher at our high school. Katherine Gilbert was famous in our home town of Mystic Falls. While Katherine and I are alike in appearance our personalities are polar opposites.

Katherine is a manipulating and controlling person. She gets what she wants, no matter the cost. Katherine is confident and sassy, she's the girl you wanted to be. I love my sister, but never for a day would I want to be her.

"Elena," Katherine throw one of my soft white pillows at me. When she doesn't get the attention she wants, she tends to get violent.

"What?" I snapped. I was enjoying daydreaming. Katherine flipped her silk hair over her shoulder and came to sit at my window seat with me. I picked up my pillow that she throw and placed it along the others that were on my window seat with me.

"So, you know that college guy, I was telling you about yesterday?" Katherine took the pillow back from me and held it like a jumpy school girl.

"Yes, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome?" Katherine giggled.

"He asked me out today, his name is Damon Salvatore. You have to help me with my hair," Katherine went off and on about her ideas for this perfect date. I was always able to create neat hairstyles, so Katherine wanted me to whip something up for her. We get along, we really do, but Katherine is so self centered she doesn't realize that many things she does are very wrong.

Friday made its appearance and I couldn't help but be dreading tonight. I walked out of my last day of school for the year, excited to be done but not to get home and help Katherine. Does that make me a bad person?

"Perfect, everything is perfect," Katherine whispered as she checked herself out in the mirror. Katherine's long brunette hair was curled on the ends to a perfection. Her brown eyes were rimmed with thick black lashes, and her lips were blood red. Her favorite fitted red dress and a pair of her best black stilettos. She looked like a movie star about to walk down the red carpet. Twenty year old Katherine was going to be breaking hearts tonight.

"Oh, Katherine don't you look beautiful," Jenna came from our staircase in her designer jeans.

"Thanks, Aunt Jenna,"

"That dress is way too short, young lady," Jenna's boyfriend Alaric joked with Katherine. She laughed at him.

"She's fine," Jenna brushed it off and with that the doorbell rang. Katherine was too busy gushing at herself to heat it. I rolled my eyes, fixed my oversized top and answered. I felt the cool air hit my exposed stomach as I looked from head to toe.

Tall, dark and handsome was an understatement, this man was gorgeous. He was dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt; his eyes were the lightest blue before becoming white, a crystal aquamarine. His black hair was short but still long enough to be in his eyes, enough to really grab. I could see his sculpted body through his shirt, kind of gorgeous.

"You must be Elena," his seductive voice of velvet pulled me in.

"Yes, sorry," I apologized. "Come in," I opened the door wider. He grinned and walked in with pride.

"Katherine, Damon's here," I said just loud enough for her to hear me from the next room over.

She walked in like a runway model with a big smile on her face, all the nerves from earlier had disappeared.


"Katherine," the way they greeted each other was almost as if they didn't want to be going out with each other. For Katherine it was part of her game, play hard to get, act as if she's not that interested. Damon, I wasn't so sure about.

"Shall we go?" Damon nodded. "Elena, tell Jenna and Ric not to wait up," they walked past me as if I was air and walked out. My feet moved faster than my mind as I made my way to the window.

I watched as Damon opened Katherine's door to his '67 blue convertible Camaro, I about fell over. This man had probably one of the sexiest cars, one to match him perfectly. A car that was mysterious but friendly and inviting. It had a drawing attraction that I felt, I wanted to do nothing but drive it. A car like that deserved to be worshiped.

I did simple things around the house as time slowly past by. Jenna and Alaric, choose to go out to dinner and a movie, deciding to follow in Katherine's lead and have a date night. A typical Friday night, for me began to unfold. I tidied around the house, before changing out of my jeans and into a pair of spandex shorts leaving on my oversized top. I made my way to the sound system in the living room and blast my music. Dancing around and singing along to the words, I was officially a senior, one more year and I was done.

I didn't hear the front door open, but by the time I realized it was too late. I was caught in mid dance.

"Nice moves," I stopped as my body swiftly turned to that voice. I was sweaty and hot, my legs and stomach exposed.

"I didn't hear you guys come in," Damon lend against the white pillar. "Where's Katherine?"

"Her room, I wasn't going to come in but I heard the music and had to see what you were doing," he gave me a cocky grin.

"Well, now you've saw," I crossed my arms, resting them under my chest. Damon looked me over one more time.

"See ya around," he winked and closed the door behind him. I ran my fingers through my long hair as I heard the door shut.

"Elena!" Katherine sang as she came into my view.

"Ewe, what have you been doing?" she scanned my sweat covered body. I rolled my eyes at her as I turned the music off.

"What, Katherine?" she took a seat on the couch, as I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water, before joining her too.

"Elena, you won't believe this guy," she squealed. I wait for her to continue, to tell me about this gorgeous man.

Katherine went on and on about him. How he was cocky but in a good way, how when they kissed goodnight, it was the best kiss she had ever had. She explained that they went on a pretty standard date, dinner and a movie. It surprised me that she didn't run into Jenna and Ric, after all Mystic Falls is a small town. In her words 'Damon was an irresistible bad boy.'

"He invited me to the lake tomorrow afternoon. He said that a bunch of people would be there, and he said you could come along," I took another sip of my water before answering.

"You want me to come to the lake with you and this guy?"

"There's going to be other people there. I just thought you might like to get some sun too," Katherine said innocently, but with Katherine nothing was innocent.

I gave into Katherine, telling her I would see her in the morning, ready to spend the day at the lake. When I climbed into bed that night, I dreamt of a gorgeous man, a forbidden man.