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Katherine stopped in her tracks. Her bruised eyes began to fade back to normal. Katherine stepped back, putting more of a comfortable space between her and I.

"What all do you know, Elena?" Katherine crossed her arms over her chest.

"I know that you are Katerina Petrova or Katherine Pierce the name you used in 1864, the first doppelganger, that Klaus found. You are an ancestor of mine. The doppelganger only appears every 500 years, so I see why you came looking for me. So, what's your plan, Katherine? Hand me over the Klaus and watch me die, while you ride off into the sunset?" Katherine gave a humorless laugh.

"You got it all figured out. You're just missing a couple details,"

"Well please Katherine, enlighten me," I took a seat on my bed.

"Well, you see Elena; my life has always been about survival. I couldn't care less for anyone, till I met Stefan," Wait, Stefan? "In 1864 when I stayed with the Salvatore's I fell in love with Stefan. I stayed with them as long as I could, but then the town's people began to realize that vampires were in town and I had to run. Klaus was no doubt on my trail and dying wasn't an option for me. I turned Stefan and Damon in hopes that we would all find each other again. I love Stefan but Damon was always someone special to me. About 7 months about I was given word that there was another doppelganger, here in Mystic Falls. When I found you I knew it was true as you were identical to myself. I compelled my way into your life and manipulated you. I am going to give you to Klaus, Elena. My love for Stefan has made me do crazy things and if you pay that price with your life so be it," Katherine said that last word and disappeared.

Katherine's bitterness was no surprise to me. Katherine only thought of herself and how to save her ass from death. Not only did she confirm my suspensions she gave me a fighting chance. I now knew Katherine's plan and I had to find away to keep myself alive. Whatever, Klaus needed the doppelganger for wasn't worth my life. Part of me understood Katherine's reasoning, but I wasn't cleaning up her mess. She has lied to and made me believe this alternate universe was my life.

"Klaus?" I said aloud. As in Caroline's Klaus?

Caroline's Point of View

After telling Elena, I went home hoping I would find some time to myself. Elena's world was about to crash down on her and it was partly because of me. I got in a short nap before Klaus surprised me.

"Caroline," he whispered, his voice was like honey. I knew who Klaus was and what his adjective was. I couldn't help want I felt and part of me thought I could change him. If he loved me then he wouldn't do this when he found out who the doppelganger was. Hiding Elena's identity was my number one priority but it was only a matter of time before Klaus caught on.

"Klaus," I whispered as his fingers glided across my back.

"Shh…" Klaus's fingers race circuits around my back and arms. I melted at his touch. Klaus was like a drug you either loved him or hated him, but either way you could resist him. I knew he was bad for me but I couldn't stop myself. When Klaus released me, I instantly felt alone.

"I brought you something, love," Klaus sat next to me on my bed and handed me a piece of parchment paper. I smiled and tugged on the piece of deep purple ribbon that was keeping the paper rolled up.

"What is this?" I asked as it unraveled. A beautiful sketch of my face started back at me, my eyes boring into the eyes of my drawing. A beautiful horses head was placed next to mine, as my love of horses spilled over.

"Klaus…" I touched his cheek. "It's beautiful," he gave me a short smile.

"I must go," I understood. He kissed my cheek before a swift wind carried him away. I gave a short sigh and kept studying the sketch. The detail and technique was so strong and skillful, I was still speechless. Klaus had a kind and loving side, but unfortunately I was the only one who got the see it.

Elena's Point of View

It angered me that I just realized the connection between Caroline and Klaus. Caroline isn't stupid, she must know who he is. I felt as if everything I knew was now a lie. Trust was being lost at every chance. Caroline, Katherine, Stefan and Damon were all vampires, heck for all I knew Bonnie was a witch and Tyler was a werewolf.

Survival was my new life choice. I had to do everything I possible could to keep myself alive. It wasn't about disappointing my sister because I took her boyfriend anymore. Katherine is a self centered bitch that is only looking out for herself. She played with Damon and throw him away for his brother. Katherine disgusted me to no end, with all the information I now knew.

I grabbed my keys and drove to the boarding house. I hoped Damon was there. Stefan and Katherine could be there too but it didn't really bother me at this point. Hopefully Damon would be able to help me come up with a plan to get rid of the problem that was becoming a bigger and bigger life altering problem. Damon's Camaro was parked in the long drive way of the Salvatore home, it gave me instant relief to know that he was here. I didn't have the chance to knock on the door as my fist went to hit the wood, it was opened for me.

"Hello, Elena," Damon had one of his famous smirks on his face. His presence made me smile.

"Damon," I smiled. I wrapped my arms around him. Now knowing that Damon was a vampire didn't scare me. If he wanted to hurt me he would have done so already. Damon took me into his arms and pulled me through the house, we didn't stop till we were in what I guessed to be his bedroom.

It was a room larger than any bedroom I had ever seen, A California king sized bed was angled in the corner with a large window to its left and a mirror that covered half the wall to its right. Damon's bed was covered in white bedding. His open bedroom was the left, where a large three sided shower and claw foot tube laid. His twin sinks were in granite. His room was beautiful, but still masculine. His closet was open were I saw rows and rows of black. A whole apartment could fit in his room.

"Like something you see?" Damon must have realized how long I stood there admiring his room.

"Your room…" I spaced off. He gave a short laugh.

"What are you doing here, Elena?" I looked at him. "Not that I'm complaining," he cocked his eyebrow as he held his hands up. I set my bag down on his nightstand and sat on the edge of his bed.

"I know, Damon,"

"You know what, Elena?" Damon stood at the foot of his bed. I watched his toned chest flex under his black tee as he made perpendicular lines with his arms, one hand resting under his chin.

"You're a vampire. You, Stefan, Katherine and Caroline," I looked away as I spoke. Within an instant, Damon now stood between my legs.

"How?" his voice was low and rusty. I closed my eyes.

"Please don't compel me to forget," I whispered. "I'm the doppelganger, Damon. You have to help me stay alive," I felt him large hands cup my face. I refused to open my eyes.

"I'm not going to compel you," he said. I left out a deep breath. "Elena," I fought with myself. I trusted Damon. I looked up at him under my lashes. Damon closed the distance between us. His lips took over mine. I pulled on his shirt for balance.

"It's you," he said when he pulled away. "Katherine knew all along it was you. I can't lose you." He said very low that I barely heard. Damon still stood between my thighs, cupping my face. I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Damon," I pleaded. "Damon, please tell me what I can do," I felt the tears begin to ball in my eyes. I had been strong through most of the truth, but my life was on the line, I couldn't be strong anymore. Damon held me for a long moment before speaking.

"We have to find Bonnie," he ran his fingers through my hair. Bonnie? Why did we have to find Bonnie?

"What?" Damon looked at me again.

"Elena, Bonnie is a witch. She must know something that can stop Klaus. Katherine is powerful but not unstoppable. She and Stefan are dangerous,"

"But, Damon, Stefan is your brother," I didn't want him losing his family as I had lost mine. Jenna and Alaric weren't my parents and Katherine wasn't family. I loved Jenna and Alaric, but I felt so alone, unless I was with Damon.

"I will always choose you, Elena. Always," he said to me in a stern voice. I sighed in defeat.

"I have to keep my loved ones safe, Damon. Caroline has feelings for Klaus. He could hurt her, threaten her life. I don't want to bring Bonnie into this but, if that is the only way to keep everyone safe…" I trailed off. Damon pulled me into his chest.

"You're mine, Elena. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you," I looked up at him. His aquamarines looked back at me. He was so beautiful.

"I love you," Damon kissed me as I finished my statement. I pulled him down too me as he pushed me into the middle of his bed. I ran my fingers under his shirt pulled it off him. When he lowered back to me he pressed his lips to mine.

"I love you, Elena," he whispered before showing me just how much.

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