Chapter 5 : New hope

" There ! " yelled Carmine as the three rushed towards the hallway . " Attention all troops , lock down the decks ! Bloody hell don't just stand there get them now . Release the nerve gas ! " the announcement boom out of the hall way . " That not cool ! " yelled Carmine .

" there ! " yelled Sam digging her fingers into the door , then Carmine gave Sam a hand before the door was open , they all barging in closing it . They could hear running feet and shouts of command echoing in the hallway . They are getting closer and then the corridor was quiet in seconds.

" Shit that is too close . " she said drawing her lancer scanning the cages . The three realized they were in a holding cell .

" Shit , are there anyone in there !" Marcus yelled " Sam, Marcus ! is it you ! " cried out a light tone voice next to them .

" Cole ! " Sam gasped " You sweet pea , the Cole Train is happy to see your fat ass again . " cried Cole with joy before Marcus kicked the door open .

" Okay delta , we got to get out this hell hole ." Marcus yelled before ripping out an armory emplacement stocked with new weapons next to the cell passing out guns to the rest of the gears

" Whoo , lock and load . " shout Cole . " Marcus . " cried Anya wrapped her arms around Marcus. " What happen to you ? Oh thank god , you made it " . she sigh with relief . " Okay people , we got get off this bucket of bolts now . Carmine you said you saw a few life boats around ." asked Marcus throwing an assault rifle at Anya .

" Yeah . I know the way this way people ! " before Carmine taking off to another door as the gears rushed out of the holding cells .

Orklock's cruiser

Bridge .

Two assault soldiers guarding the throne of the admiral and all of a suddenly a door side opening stepping out Griffin and a squad of Helghast marines . " Hey , the fucking COG are getting away ! " he bellow at the admiral as the helmsmen staring at him .

Orlock turned at Griffin " What did you gloat said ? " he roared ; his eyes blazed in anger . Griffin them remained silent stepping away from the Orlocks .

" Don't you think you are above the military or me and don't blame me for this filth . They will be dealt with me and I don't want to hear from you . Nearer you die or they die . Unless you have a opinion. " Orlock warned " Understand ! "

Griffin nodded with respond . " Good . Attention all troops . The COG army is in the lower level in deck 555 . Lock down the bridge and the decks . Find them and I want them dead now . Double your efforts . Get down there ! " he roared in the microphone address his troops on the bridge . "

Orlocks then turned to Griffin " I don't want any lecture from you ! The coalition may tolerate with you but we are not the coalition . This time , there will be no mistakes , they will die ! "

Griffin removed his sunglasses and eyed at Orlock " I hear you right and that fucking clear and Fenix is mine we got some unfinished business here . "

" You will have your own fight , we got important work that is matter to us . Don't you mess up or you are a dead man ! " Orlocks warned

Unknown part in Hanover

" Move, Move ! " yelled Rio as the ISA marines entered the street of Hanover with their guns drawn and lock and load . There are 30 of them on the ground . Marines eqiuped with full body armor and helmets armed with assault rifles exchange glance with the other soldiers and the surrounding but this time was different. The buildings were boarded up , windows were shattered in pieaces and cars are scattered as dead bodies .

" Spread out ! " yelled Sev before lowering his rifle rasing his fist the marines stopped . It was too quiet first . Suddenly a lambent stalk burst out of the ground catching the marines in surprise .

The lambent always had the element of surprise to anyone that stand in their way . " What the hell is that ? " screamed a marine ,

" Marines , take cover ! " yelled another marine as the marine scattered like ants siding in cover behide the buildings and abandoned cars .

The stalk release two poisonous pods and revealing an infected ugly drone . The marines eyes wide open like they had seen a real horror movie . " My god . " gasped Rico drawing his gun at the monster . Suddenly gunshots echo out . The bullet hit into the monster head causing the head to exploded into yellow goo .The monsters collapsed to the ground and second it exploded into yellow goo . Then the marines fired at the lambent with 500 rounds and it exploded into yellow goo after that .

" What the fuck ? " gasped Sev as the marines aiming their weapons at the yellow imuslion liquid . " It an energy source ? "

" Dud I not touching that kind of shit dude " replied Rico " Whatever that thing is that's making them move that real sick ". Suddenly the ground began to shake and the noise of marching feet and snares and growled like zombies

" What the hell is that ? " yelled a marine pointing to a yellow horde of infected locust drones and wretches in their way . Yellow goo dripping from their mouths and their yellow eyes are focus on the new enemy ; the ISA marines .

The marines eyes wide open and slowly backing away from the lambent horde . " RUN ! " screamed Rico . The marines then started screaming , running and cursing as they all ran down on another road in the streets dodging stalks , abandoned cars and debris others firing their guns behide their backs . They rush through the abandoned street to another path toward the warehouse guarded by makeshift barricades.

They rush past the dead stalks and the emulsion puddles towards the outpost

" Oh shit , Oh shit ! " screamed Sev as he keep running for his life , his rifle was on his back and suddenly they heard machine gun fire ahead blasting the horde into pieces .

" Over here ! " yelled a hood woman waving her lancer in the air from a barricaded wall behide the warehouse . All the marines rushed safety into the standard outpost catching their breath and Sev and Rio are the last ones in the outpost .

" Everyone check your shit and lock and load , people and you !" Sev turned his attention at the woman before taking a deep breath " Thanks , we are the ISA marines , we here to help . " he announced forgetting the lambent creatures .

" It's fine as long as we are alive ." the standard leader said . Suddenly the marines turned to see a crowd of people ; men with assault rifles , women and children .

" It means the International Strategic Alliance . It's okay we here to help . " said Rico raising his hand , his assault gun strapped in his back . The marines lowered their guns and keep a distance between the standard.

Rico and Sev exchanged looks before walking into the warehouse along with the leader while the other marines set up a permiter around . They walk past metal rectangle cargo box filled with people and the ware house has ammo crates , beds , tables and an armory " Whoa , these guys got some serious fire power here ." said Sev " It must be a civil war going on . " said Rico " I don't like it . I have a bad feeling about this .

" Welcome to Hangover or what is left of it . " she said , " Having a beating from the glowies are you?" . Many of the marines glanced each other with shock

" What happen here ? " asked Rico before walking over a boy hiding next to his mother , he gentle lift the chin and he smiled . " I don't what those things are but did you say glowies ! " demanded Sev " Those things tried to kill us . Wait minute you knew about this ?"

The leader signed , " Hey we just trying to survive here and hey may this is your answer . " whistling to a man and the man rushed to Sev and Rico before handing the marine a old newspaper which title had " Emergence Day "and photo underneath which shows monsters crawling from the underground shooting innocent people . Other marines crowed around Rico and Sev staring at the title " emergence day" .

"What are those things ? "

" I don't believe it ! "

"I never seen those things before shit they are worse than the helghast ."

There was a great wave of shrivels around the standard colony but they all stared the marines wondering what would happen next .

" Oh my god ." gasped Rico staring at the gore pic of the news paper . It made him and Sev sick to their stomachs , they didn't know what the hells going on in their planet and were horrified by the shocking event happen after the 74 year war on emulsion . Angered by the deaths of millions , fire quickly burn inside the marines and it a difference between orders or citizens .

" I can't belive this ." Sev yelled at the news paper having enough seeing the deaths of millions of people before turning to the hooded women .

" Listen up everyone, we are going to get you and everyone off the planet , reinforcements are going to be here to get you to safety. Get as much food and other supplies you can carry . We getting everyone off this shitting planet now ."

"Doesn't that mean we have to join your army ?" asked a hardened voice in the crowd

" No way man , no ones get left behind . We are the ISA ! We are going kick some serious ass here. We are ISA! " Rico yelled boasting the morale of the colony . A great wave of "Yeah " echoed around the crowd . Sev grabbed the radio from his vest and yelled " Command ! we need have citizens that need to get out of the hot zone . We need to evacuate the civics ASAP . "

A new voice responded " ETA, copy that 6 minutes , multiple hostiles coming towards your position ."