So a few months back I got a request fic for a Finn/Puck/Kurt/Dave fic from Lcglee it's not done as of yet but my beta is MIA and I wanted to post the first chapter to see how it's received. So ladies and Gents please enjoy this foursome futurefic. Thank you Lcglee for giving me some inspiration for another fic.

It was late and in the middle of winter when Kurt showed up on his stepbrothers door out of the blue. Finn had answered with only a pair of sweat pants on and accompanied by the smell of sex. Kurt lowered his gaze to the welcome mat. "I'm sorry Finn I didn't…"

"Finn who's at the door?" Kurt's eyes snapped up to see Puck over his brothers shoulder in only a pair of boxers.

"I'm sorry I'll….I'll go to dad's." Kurt reached for his bag but Finn grabbed his arm.

"Kurt what's wrong?" Even with Kurt in New York he and Finn had remained close. Skypeing once a week, phone calls when they had the time, and texting every day. Kurt had graduated three years ago and gotten his first Broadway role that same year. It was a minor character but Kurt had been so excited even when Blaine had seemed a bit jealous. Finn had been the one to patch up that rift making Blaine see he was only a year behind Kurt and he'd be on Broadway as soon as he graduated. Finn was running the shop, after dropping Rachel and going to school for business, following Puck to California. Finn had grown tired of the surf and sun and had returned to Lima so Burt could enjoy his retirement and know the shop he'd built up was still in the family. "Kurt?"

"I caught Blaine with…" Kurt choked on the tears he'd been holding back the entire drive. "I'll go."

"Kurt get in here so Finn can shut the damn door." Puck ordered. Finn pulled Kurt in and the countertenor followed in a daze. Maybe he was wrong about what he'd just seen. Kurt stood numbly in the entry way while Finn pulled Kurt's suitcase and overnight inside. "I'm going to make something warm to drink go sit on the couch." Puck said vanishing from sight.

"Kurt?" Finn's large warm hand settled on his shoulder. "Let's take off your coat." Kurt let Finn manipulate him as he fought back tears. "Ok now let's go sit down and get your shoes off." Kurt managed to get through that with only a tear or two. Finn met his eyes and Kurt broke into sobs throwing himself at the taller man. Finn was shocked at first but he wrapped his arms around his brother and let him just cry. Finn did his best to sooth Kurt enough to get him calm but he was never very good with crying people. Puck came in and set down a tray on the coffee table.

"They'll be cool enough to drink once he calms down." Puck said knowing that longing look Finn gave his mug of hot coco. With a lot of prodding and soft words they managed to switch Kurt over to Puck who started talking softly and rubbing Kurt's back. Finn got up to get them both a shirt while Puck worked his magic. Puck claimed it was from having a little sister to calm down all the time but Finn knew he was just a natural. When he got back Kurt was in their guest bathroom according to Puck who pulled on his shirt. "He hasn't said anything yet." He answered the unasked question pulling Finn down for a kiss.

"I checked my phone no missed calls." Finn said pulling back. "Mom and Burt never called either." Hey shared a knowing look. Kurt was the planner and he never just showed up without someone knowing. Whatever had happened with Blaine had been bad. Kurt came back out and stood looking at them. For all their talking and sharing Finn always forgot one thing, his relationship with Puck. It had kind of just happened but after their rocky past he just never found the words to tell the one person he'd had problems with being gay. He was afraid Kurt would flip out and never speak to him and Finn would rather keep his secret then have that. Puck understood he was just as unhappy with it but he never pestered. "Come on Kurt and tell us what happened." Kurt seemed to stop his thoughts and went to the couch sitting between them. Finn saw that as a good sign.

"Blaine and I are over." Kurt said softly. "I…fuck I'm going to be the laughing stalk of Broadway." Kurt closed his eyes tightly against the tears. Puck shifted and pressed a mug into Kurt's hands. Kurt looked down at the coco a moment. "I never thought he would cheat on me. At least I'd caught it at the beginning. But who knows if there were others." Kurt took a sip and sniffed. "I'm such a loser."

"No Blaine's the loser for cheating on you. You're perfect Kurt. Even when you get bitchy." Puck chuckled at that while Kurt smiled weakly. "Why didn't you call?"

"I felt like if I called I never would have been able to drive here before I just broke down. He was my first almost everything."


"He wasn't my first kiss from a guy. But that doesn't matter now. I just wasted six years on the dapper cheater. He didn't even have a decent excuse." Kurt sniffed again. "Just said it was probably better if he'd had broken up with me first but he didn't know if the guy would work out." Kurt leaned his head back.

"Dude that's sick." Puck sneered.

"Don't call me dude." Kurt sniffed sitting back up and drinking some of his coco. "I just…I packed my bags and left. My clothes, my lotions, my shoes, and whatever else I could get in them and the car before Blaine could get home." Kurt sighed. "I just wish I knew why."

"Kurt don't do that bro. You tell the girls not to all the time so don't start."

"No now I understand why they ask it. I mean I cooked and picked up after myself. I made time for him and didn't mind his stupid friends. We had sex almost every night." Kurt bit his lip. "I don't understand."

"Look Kurt I'm not trying to justify his actions. They were wrong man but haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a different guy?" Kurt shot Puck a melting look. "Be honest man he was your first. You never wondered?"

"Everyone fantasizes. But I didn't act on it. If he wanted to explore he could have told me. I would have freaked but he wouldn't have been able to cheat." Kurt set down the mug. "And why didn't you tell me you were suddenly bi?" Kurt snapped turning on Finn. Finn groaned Puck had made Kurt mad and Kurt was looking for any reason to vent. Kurt stood setting his cup on the coffee table. "All that shit from both of you in highschool and then here you are fucking like bunnies considering how much Noah needs sex. I'm not even mad really. Maybe just a little because you made me feel like crap just because I had a crush on you." Kurt huffed and turned on them. "The least you could have done was have the decency to tell me. I'm your brother Finn!" Both of them winced at Kurt's higher pitch. "I would have then at least called when I got here or something instead of interrupting sex." Kurt sank into Finn's recliner. "No offense but I'm praying this is some really big nightmare and my mind is just playing some cruel tricks." Kurt hid behind his knees. They were silent a while before Kurt sniffed again. "I was going to ask him to marry me." Kurt started crying again and Finn drank the rest of his coco and half of Puck's as Puck calmed Kurt down. Finn sighed it was going to be a long week.


Finn was up early leaving Kurt and Puck asleep on his and Puck's king size bed. Kurt had cried off and on through the night and they had taken turns getting him back to sleep. Finn had just sat down with a cup of coffee when…

"Noah Puckerman stop humping me!" Kurt shrieked from the bed room. Finn groaned in annoyance he was so close to a few moments of peace.

"Ouch fuck Kurt you didn't have to kick me!" There was a thud followed by stomping. Kurt came out of their room bright red. "Oh come on Kurt it was nothing." Finn winced when Kurt spun around.

"It was not nothing! You were humping me with your boyfriend in the other room."

"So if Finn was not in another room?"


"The same room?"

"You're disgusting!" Kurt turned to Finn. "You could do much better than a cheat like Puck." Finn sighed.

"Puck's not a cheat Kurt. I know it's bad for you now and Puck's not being helpful this morning. But we talk about bringing anyone into our bed first."

"Whu?" Kurt was really cute when he was confused and the bed head didn't help him look so any less.

"On occasion we have threesomes. Mostly women but we go to Scandals if we want another man. It's not often and we both have to be alright with it. There have been more times when we've said no to each other and left it."


"Please don't suddenly be closed minded. I'll agree Puck's actions weren't good this morning." Finn looked over Kurt's shoulder at Puck. "But he's harmless and doesn't know when it's appropriate to flirt."


"Kurt please it's early and I haven't even gotten to drink my coffee."

"Dude you totally sounded like Kurt just now." Puck chuckled moving around the kitchen. Kurt stood dumbfounded mouth slightly agape. Finn knew Kurt was on over drive trying to sort everything out.

"I think I'm going to go stay with the parents." Kurt said. "I only have a week before I have to get back."

"Kurt please don…"

"I need to think. About a lot more than I thought I would. Just…I'll call you latter. And really thanks for last night you two were great for putting up with my break down. I'll call you later once they let me go."

"Alright just drive safe alright." Finn got up and pulled Kurt into a tight hug. "I love you Kurt no matter what." Finn swore he heard Puck mutter 'yeah real subtle' but Kurt hadn't seemed to hear anything and was soon out the door.

"You could be less obvious."

"Puck." Finn sighed as he joined him at the table.

"I know." Puck shoved Finn's plate in front of him. "Eat."

"Come here." Finn pulled Puck down for a long slow kiss.

"Keep kissing me like that and you'll be eating a cold breakfast."

"Food first sex after." Finn replied turning to his food. Puck laughed and shook his head.

"You're lucky I love you so much man."

"Love you too dude." Finn managed around a mouthful of eggs.


Kurt sat with his dad watching the TV unseeingly. He'd told them what had happened and after a rant and a rave from Burt the father tucked his son under his arm and let Kurt pick whatever show he wanted to watch. Kurt felt like the teenager who had a bad day all over again. It was soothing. Carole had left them alone off doing her own thing while father and son sat on the couch. "Penny for your thoughts?" Kurt blinked and turned to look at his dad.

"Just about finding a new apartment. I can afford it and it might be sparse till I have more time after the show." Kurt replied. "I don't want anything of ours in there."

"And you're sure you can miss this week?"

"The director heard what happened and gave me some leeway. As long as I'm back for dress rehearsal my understudy is still spectator number five. And I'll be fine working with Blaine dad. I'll just kick him if he bothers me too much."

"Alright kido I'll take your word on it." Kurt didn't even complain about the 'kido'. "I wonder what's for dinner." Burt stated as a commercial about steak came on.

"I can go get something from the market and make dinner."

"You don't have to Kurt."

"But I love cooking for you guys and I don't get to do it often." Kurt was already up and pulling on his boots and coat.

"Well get enough to feed Finn and Puck while you're at it they're coming over to dinner." Carole said. Kurt paused and looked at her. "You can't avoid them forever sweetie."

"You're right. I'm not even mad really."

"Drive safe." Burt called from the couch.

"I will. I won't be long." Kurt checked his pockets before leaving. The drive was the same not much changed in Lima. Even the 'a' in the market sign was still burnt out. Kurt sighed as he grabbed a worn out basket. Despite the run down appearance of some bits the store was one of the better ones in Lima. Kurt browsed the isles figuring he'd grab a few things he liked. Maybe just maybe he decided to make the two their preferred dessert to show no hard feelings. Kurt was busy watching the isle and crashed into another cart. "Sorry."

"Just because it's only a grocery cart doesn't mean you can have your head in the clouds Kurt." Kurt looked at the man talking to him and smiled a little.

"Hello David. Fancy bumping into you."

"Well I guess having you crash into me is better than someone else. How's New York?"

"Fine. My new show starts in two weeks then after that we'll see how I still feel about New York." Kurt replied with a shrug.

"I'm sure that will go over smoothly with Blaine."

"Blaine is no longer a factor."

"Oh shit Kurt I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I still feel horrible, but that's why I'm back here in Lima. To wallow before I need to put on a mask."

"That recent no wonder I didn't hear about it. Well if you're looking to forget I could always try to convince you to go out clubbing."

"I don't think Lima's one gay bar counts as clubbing."

"Hardly, I was thinking a few cities over. It's not New York but it's still pretty good." Dave gave him a look that once meant Kurt was going to go whether he wanted to or not.

"I'll call you. I just got in last night and…well I should have went to my parents instead of Finn's."

"Oh my god he didn't tell you the two of them were together?"

"You knew?" Kurt went slack jawed.

"They don't shout it from the roof tops but yeah. Man we kept telling him to tell you. What a damn chicken."

"Don't call him that. Finn just…figured I'd freak out or something. Guess he got lucky I'm already focused on my seven year relationship ending badly." Kurt sighed. "I have to get finished so I can make dinner in time." Dave nodded.

"Yeah me too. I told my dad I was going to make a quick run. It's our weekly get together so I don't want to waste to much time."

"Right. I'll text you later if I decided if I want to go out. I didn't really bring anything appropriate."

"I'm sure you have something in your closet left over from college or something. See ya Kurt."

"Bye David." They parted ways. Kurt to the left and Dave down the aisle he just came up. Kurt and Dave had a strange friendship. If they were in the same town they went out and had coffee. They texted and emailed but rarely talked. Kurt knew Blaine had hated it but Kurt and Dave had formed a friendship after David's attempted suicide. Kurt was happy to be the shoulder to cry on when Dave needed one. If Kurt had stopped to think he might have gone to Dave to cry on. Luckily he'd selected his brother who was actually home.

Kurt spent the rest of the shopping trip debating on going out to clubs with Dave. They were still relatively young barely past their early twenties. Kurt couldn't remember the last time he'd just gone out dancing. So when Kurt text Dave before he even left the parking lot he expected the cocky response from his friend and a promise to work out the date and time later.

Finn and Puck were sitting on the couch when he came in arms full of bags. "The man who doesn't get off his but to grab a bag get's no dessert." He ordered snickering when he heard all three of them scramble to get out the door.

"Oh Kurt you still get them to do more than I ever can." Carole complimented helping him organize the groceries.

"Sorry mom gay guy secret." Carole snorted she began laughing so hard. Kurt laughed with her earning them odd looks from the three men hauling in groceries. "Well the more fashionably talented and aesthetically pleasing gay guy secret."

"Hey. I'm damn sexy and you know it Hummel." Puck growled.

"Maybe if you got rid of the mowhawk. It is the twentieth century."

"Screw you you'd be all up on this if you thought about it."

"Alright Puckerman leave my kid alone." Burt gruffed. "Let's get out of here before he starts chasing us out." Puck shrugged and left with the beer followed by Finn and Burt.

"How can Finn be with him?" Kurt hissed taking out his irritation on the poor chicken he was unwrapping.

"Finn knows Puck's just flirting. They've grown up, Finn calls me crying and Ruth calls me telling me Puck's crying so we baby our boys then send them home to make up. I know you're seeing the world through broken rose colored glasses but it'll get easier Kurt."

"I just…he knows what just happened and they both do nothing about it. I already told them off about it." Kurt looked down at the cutting board with a sigh. "I know he's harmless and isn't doing to hurt Finn."

"As long as you know. Do you want me to tell him to cool it?"

"No I'm fine. I'll just pretend I'm seriously turning him away."

"That's my boy." Carole kissed his temple and took over preparing vegetables.


"You're going where with Karofsky?" Finn asked as the three of them settled in the den to talk things out.

"Clubbing. I'm not going to have sex with anyone just…go out and dance, maybe flirt a little to make myself feel better."

"I don't know Kurt."

"Finn don't baby him Kurt's a big boy. Though it's been a while since we went out." Puck grinned. "We can make it a group date." Kurt and Finn both gave him a funny look. "Seriously call him up I'm sure if we chip in for hotel and gas he'll be in for it." Puck kept his eyes on Kurt and Kurt knew he wasn't going to stop till Kurt gave in. Kurt pulled his phone from his pocket and called Dave.

"Hello David. About the clubbing. Don't be a smart ass or I'll change my mind." Kurt rolled his eyes. Finn looked confused and Puck looked amused. "Look apparently Finn and Puck don't trust me to go on my own and want to tag along. Well if they get to mushy we could always ditch them."

"Hey." Finn protested before Puck could slap his hand over his mouth.

"Huh oh just Finn. I'm sure if you wear steel toe boots you'll be fine. Puck doesn't seem to mind sharing." Kurt laughed from both the look on their faces and Dave's comment. "Sure I'll tell them. As a matter of fact I haven't looked yet I might just go do that now. Oh I'll have Finn and Puck give me their opinion. You'll just have to wait and see." Both other men raised their brows at that. "Alright David I'll be in touch." Kurt hung up with a half smile. "What?"

"If you wanted alone time with Karofsky you should have told us that's what you two were doing." Puck replied.

"Excuse me?" Kurt looked at both of them in shock.

"Dude you were flirting like five seconds ago." Finn answered.

"I was not." Kurt stood with a sniff.

"Where are you going?"

"To dig through my old clothes for something to wear."

"Can you even fit into anything from high school?" Puck asked.

"Why don't you come upstairs and see for yourself." Kurt left them heading up to his old room and walking into his closet. He had left quite a few outfits behind. Pieces that might be worth more later in life or he just couldn't let go of. Kurt heard Finn and Puck sit down on the bed as he pulled out pants that should still fit him. Kurt stripped and shimmied into the skinny jeans. "Haha they fit." Kurt walked out with his arms full of shirts.

"Dude you only need one shirt."

"I know how to dress myself thank you." Kurt sniffed and pulled on a thin black turtle neck.

"No." Finn said tugging at the shirt. "You'll burn up in that. It'll be cold outside and hot in the club."

"Like you'd know what looks good." Finn and Puck shared a look before they started going through the pile of shirts.

"Think he still has those leather pants?" Puck asked.

"There's no way I'm wearing leather."

"Don't worry Kurt we'll powder you up real good. If you can even fit into them."

"I can."

"I don't know Kurt you're looking a little soft around the middle."

"Screw both of you I'll show you." Kurt stomped into his closet and pulled out a pair of leather pants he'd worn only twice. Once for a song and once for… Kurt stood there looking at the pants remembering just how much Blaine had liked the pants and how even the trouble getting them off hadn't ruined the mood. Kurt couldn't stop the tears that came. He hated Blaine so much for causing him such heart ache.

"Kurt we were just teasing." Finn lay his hand on the pale shoulder.

"It's not that." Kurt took a deep breath. "I should have gotten rid of all these clothes."

"I don't understand." Finn frowned and looked at Puck.

"Well while Finn's at work I guess if we also bring my sister we could maybe go shopping." Kurt squealed and threw the pants away. He jumped onto Puck's lap and hugged him.

"What are you three doing?" They all jumped hearing Burt from the doorway.

"Nothing dad."

"We were just trying to help Kurt find a club outfit from some of his old things." Finn added.

"You're all going out?"

"Not tonight. David asked me to do some me boosting and Finn and Puck invited themselves along. Puck's going shopping with me tomorrow."

"Looks like Finn's going to need a new boyfriend. Was nice knowing you kid."

"Wait what?"

"Babe have you ever been shopping with Kurt?" Finn asked as Kurt jumped off and began picking things up. Puck looked worried. "Maybe I can convince them to bring you home to me in one piece." Puck looked really scared glancing at Kurt as the brunet shimmied around the room. What had he offered to do?


Kurt was glad they had taken Puck's little sister with them shopping. She was just as fashionable as Kurt. He'd met her half way on his attire. Leather pants with a suede peasant like shirt that laced all the way up the front and both arms. It was a little effeminate but he could wear long sleeves and not die of the heat. No one teased just gave him an appreciative look as he walked out of the hotel bathroom "Looking good. And easy access." Dave teased tugging gently on one of the strings. Kurt gently swatted his hand and moved away.

"If you want to touch you have to buy me a drink."

"Careful how many men you tell that to."

"I never said just how much you could touch." Kurt replied with a flirtatious look.

"Hummel's on fire tonight and we haven't even got him out the door." Puck chuckled.

"I'm going to have the time of my life tonight. No exboyfriend just me and a room full of guys." Kurt lead the way out Dave and Puck following amused. Finn was less amused.

"Don't look so serious babe. We'll keep an eye on him and let him blow off steam. He'll freak out once we get there and hover." Unfortunately Puck had been very wrong. Kurt had half his drink before letting some guy drag him to the dance floor. "Well that was unexpected."

"Yeah I was kind of thinking he'd just mope." Dave commented standing with them. "Guess I'll have to wait to dance."


"Finn, Kurt's hot and I know he's also an amazing person. I'm attracted. If I were you two I'd give him some time before making a move. Oh and actually talk to him. What kind of dumbass has a four year relationship and hides it from their other love interest?"

"How did you…?"

"Just that smart Hudson. He's coming back." Dave gestured to where Kurt was detangling himself from the dancers. "Have fun?"

"I did till he groped me the third time." Kurt huffed taking his guarded drink and downing it.

"Go easy Kurt. You're such a light weight." Puck teased. Kurt flipped him off and leaned over the bar for another drink. They all took their chance to look. Kurt sipped at his next drink as Puck dragged Finn onto the dance floor.

"How much you want to bet he knocks into people?" Kurt asked.

"Uh actually I think Puck's going to keep Finn close." Dave pointed them out where the crowd had swallowed them up. Puck and Finn were definitely using dance as an excuse to rub against each other. "So what was the plan if they get to couply?" Dave asked.

"Ditch them. But I wouldn't mind dancing like that with someone." Kurt took another sip of his drink.

"Next dance then you and me? As long as no one drags you off." Dave turned to look down at Kurt.

"Sounds good but don't stay on my account. You should have fun too."

"This is to get you feeling better. I can always go with a few college friends in a few weeks." Dave shrugged. Kurt smiled and leaned against him.

"Thanks Dave."

"Just don't drink too much cause I'm not holding your hair when you start puking." Kurt laughed and lifted his drink.

"Last one for a while. Promise." The promise would have been simpler if guys didn't keep buying Kurt a drink after a dance. When it was apparent Kurt was getting to lose indicated as he started sucking some strangers lips they decided to call it a night and extract Kurt from the club. Kurt was giggly and found untying his shirt amusing which was amusing to the other three. When they got in the room Kurt was already taking off his top claiming he was too hot. His pajamas he laid out were forgotten because he insisted the room was to hot and they managed to convince him boxers were his idea and got him in bed.

"Well at least he's happy."

"Until he wakes up with a huge hang over." Puck snorted.

"I think he needed it. He and Blaine didn't go out much unless it was with a big group of friends." Finn sighed kicking off his shoes.

"I can't believe it took so long to get those pants off him." Dave snickered.

"Well he wouldn't quit moving." Puck growled. "Squirmy little guy. Bet he's just wild in the sack." Puck leered.

"Noah don't keep pushing him."

"I know Finn but you know me I'm a big old flirt." Puck flashed a grin at his lover. Dave rolled his eyes.

"I'm going to take a shower. Don't do anything that he'll wake up to."

"Not tonight." Finn sighed. "Last thing I need is Kurt getting us kicked out cause he's yelling." Puck pouted as he changed and Dave just rolled his eyes. What had he gotten himself into?


"Fuck Finn they're just in the other bed." Puck moaned softly.

"Then be quiet Noah. I want you." Kurt opened his eyes and watched as Finn stripped them both of their clothing. "It's your own fault getting me all riled up."

"Didn't think you were watching us babe." Puck gasped arching under Finn. Kurt watched as Finn kissed his way down Puck's neck and chest. "Oh fuck that's not fair." Kurt assumed Finn was sucking on Puck's damaged nipple.

"Hot aren't they." Dave whispered right next to Kurt's ear. Kurt barely kept from gasping but he couldn't control the shudder as he registered Dave's warmth. He was still feeling a little buzzed from the drinks as Dave slowly slid and arm over him resting his hand over Kurt's belly button. Finn had moved down to Puck's hips biting them in turn. Puck stood erect and glistening in the scarce light from the mostly closed curtains. Finn avoided his lovers erection but Dave moved his hand lower. Kurt gasped but the two didn't hear him. "Shh now."

"Finn please."

"Alright just give me a minute." Finn kissed Puck slowly and Kurt felt his chest tighten. They were so in love and he was watching. Dave's fingers played with him encouraging his cock to fill. Finn leaned over and Kurt looked over him. Finn had never been cut but he had lost a lot of that baby fat he'd gained back senior year. Dave chuckled noiselessly and moved his hand when Finn swore softly.

"Looking for these?" Dave asked holding up a bottle of lube and a strip of condoms. Kurt froze heart thudding in his ears as Finn and Puck looked over to them. "We switched beds remember."

"Enjoying the show?" Puck purred. Kurt closed his eyes tightly.

"Don't stop on our account." Dave leaned over pressing right against Kurt. Kurt couldn't help the sound he made feeling Dave's erection pressed against his back side. Why had he demanded boxers would be alright? Damn alcohol.

"No fun if you just watch." Finn said leaning to grab the items. "The bed's big enough if we don't get to wild."

"You going to join us Kurt?" Dave asked voice low and thick against his neck. "It's just this once. That way you'll be more relaxed when you head back to New York." Dave's hand was back on him stroking so Kurt moaned.

"Fuck that's hot." Puck groaned.

"Just this once." Kurt whimpered as Dave stroked him.

"Yeah Kurt just this once and no one will talk about it." Finn said meeting the eyes that opened. Kurt stared at Finn. Kurt nodded and Dave shifted so they were both getting out of the bed. Dave pushed Kurt's boxers down.

"How are we going to do this?" Dave asked.

"Don't care as long as someone fucks me." Puck replied stroking himself.


"I don't like topping." Kurt replied shakily as Dave's big hands ran over his skin. Kurt felt small with the three of them. He'd never felt small with Blaine they'd been the same size. Kurt moaned and arched against Dave as the bigger man bit his shoulder.

"Don't go off somewhere without us." He growled walking Kurt to the bed. Puck pulled him closer till Kurt was straddling the mowhaked man. "That looks good." Dave stood next to the bed.

"What about you Dave?" Finn asked.

"I never bottom."

"Cool you can fuck Finn and we'll have Kurt ride me." Puck's hands were cooler then Dave's as they smoothed over his skin. Kurt arched into the touch their cocks rubbing together and they both moaned.

"Lube." Finn practically moaned watching them rub against each other. Kurt was in too much pleasure as slick finger probed his entrance to pay attention to who was doing what. Next thing he knew the fingers pulling out and Puck's latex covered dick sliding into him.

"So much bigger." Kurt whined as Puck coaxed him down.

"Don't think about it." Finn said kissing Kurt's shoulders. "Just think about…oh fuck Dave." Finn pressed against Kurt's back with a moan. Kurt giggled as Finn panted against his neck. "When the hell did you get that?"

"During college. One of my friends talked me into it. Should have taken it out."

"No feels good."

"What are you two talking about?" Puck panted.

"Dave's got his fucking cock pierced." Finn groaned shifting his hips.

"I will process that latter right now you people have to move." Puck groaned. Kurt was first to move lifting himself from Puck. Finn moved forward with Dave. It was awkward at first certainly not the best position to start with but none of them were complaining. Kurt was in ecstasy hands all over him and the moans and grunt from his momentary lovers. He didn't know who's hand was around his cock but a few strokes and he was cumming across Puck's abdomen. He felt Puck throb inside him and watched as his face contorted in pleasure. Kurt rocked his hips shivering as Puck's cock pressed against his sensitive flesh.

"Unless you can handle another round you should stop." Finn whispered in his ear. "It doesn't take Puck long to recover." Kurt stilled and Puck made a disappointed noise. "Hush Puck you nympho."

"Nothing wrong with really liking sex." Puck replied helping Kurt ease to the side. Both Finn and Dave leaned down licking Kurt's cum from Puck's skin. Finn leaned up to share some with Puck. "Mmm yum." Kurt lay watching them eyes half lidded. Sleep was quickly claiming him.

"Taking 'just this once' a bit literal Kurt." Dave teased moving over him and kissing his neck.

"Can't help it." Kurt yawned.

"Shouldn't have let him drink so much." Puck chuckled. "Let's go to bed I can wait till tomorrow." The Jewish man turned to Dave. "Maybe you can share the PA with me."

"We'll see." Dave replied. "Maybe we should put Kurt back in his own bed." Dave turned to nudge Kurt to get up but he was already asleep.

"He's going to freak out in the morning." Finn sighed.

"Just give it time babe. Maybe once he get's over Blaine he'll be more open to think about joining us."

"Let's just go to bed." Finn sounded defeated as he picked Kurt up and got him settled back in the other bed. "Just think about it." He whispered before returning to Puck who held Finn close.

"Night guys."

"Night Dave." The room was quiet except Kurt's soft snoring till the other three joined him.