One or two more chapters and I'm closing it up. If I revisit this verse is up in the air because this has been hard to write in the end. Thank you guys for reading and please feel free to tell me what you think.

Kurt stumbled down the hall into the baby's room. Eli was crying and Kurt had just gotten him back to sleep. For all Puck's bravado and claims he would do all the baby care Puck could sleep through anything. Kurt picked Eli up with a sigh checking his diaper. "You can't be hungry again I just fed you twenty minutes ago." Kurt sighed putting the babe to his shoulder for another round of burping maybe he'd missed some. This only made Eli more upset. Kurt closed his eyes and took a deep breath moving to the rocker with his son in his arms. "You're not warm, wet, or poopy Eli." Kurt began rocking them back and forth. "Your daddy Noah is such an ass claiming he would get the next one. And he's in there snoring away." Eli was still crying. "Please Eli it's two in the morning." Kurt sniffed. He was not going to break down. Not over a crying baby who just needed something. Kurt took a deep breath and began singing whatever popped into his head. Anything to ground him before he broke at the sixth night in a row of not getting any sleep.

Kurt was half way through the song before he realized Eli had stopped. The baby was looking up at him face wet from tears but no longer red from force of crying. Kurt felt the knot in his chest lighten as he continued to sing using the baby blanket to dry Eli's tears. The baby squirmed and made faces but didn't start crying. When the song came to an end Kurt felt a moment of panic that Eli would start crying again. "Please please don't." Kurt whispered. Eli just stared up at him followed by a little yawn. Kurt leaned back in the rocking chair. "Just go to sleep with daddy." Kurt mumbled feeling his eyes droop.

"Kurt…Kurt babe wake up." Kurt jumped awake eyes darting around.

"Eli." Kurt gasped raising his arms.

"Shhh it's alright he's in the crib." Noah soothed. "Kurt when did you come in here?"

"Twoish because someone wouldn't wake up when Eli cried. Because a certain someone never does. And he was crying and I didn't know what to do and I'm so tired with you substituting at school." Kurt broke into tears. "I didn't mean to fall asleep with him in the rocker."

"Shit Kurt I'm sorry. Hey it's fine you two were just sleeping in the chair managed to snap a pic before I picked him up. Look it's only five why don't you go back to bed until Finn and Dave come in and we get breakfast ready." Puck kissed Kurt softly. "Come on time to get daddy into bed so Eli and his papa can get ready for the day." Kurt let Puck lead him back to bed. "Get some rest babe. We'll be as quiet as possible." Kurt was asleep before Puck covered him back up. Puck sighed and went back to grab Eli and put him in his bassinet for the living room. Kurt hadn't said a word about Eli getting up Puck figured Eli just wore Kurt thin by waking him up early and keeping him awake all day.

When the school had called needing a sub Puck couldn't pass up the extra income for their house. Kurt had assured him it was fine. They were suppose to trade off who stayed at the apartment over night but it just hadn't happened. They watched television Eli eating his own breakfast as Puck grumbled at the anchor.

Around six thirty Puck started breakfast waiting for Dave and Finn to arrive. When they did he'd suddenly regretted not warning them to be quiet. Finn was the loud one. "Where's daddy's boy." Finn went straight to the bassinet and picked Eli up.

"Finn don't be loud jezze I just got Kurt to bed an hour ago." Puck hissed.

"What's wrong with Kurt?" Dave asked letting Finn hog Eli for the moment.

"I found him sleeping in the rocker with Eli. I guess I just haven't been hearing him cry at night. I didn't realize how tired Kurt is till he started just balling this morning when I woke him up. He never mentioned Eli was up all night." Puck frowned.

"We'll have to talk to him about that." Dave sighed. "It'll get better once we can find a house."

"We could always have Kurt sleep at the house." Finn suggested.

"I don't think that would work. Maybe we should actually rotate here like we planned. Sleep here tonight and see who's likely to wake up at night." Dave commented.

"I guess. I just feel bad you know. I said I'd do the baby stuff so Kurt could go back to work."

"I don't think he want's to go back."

"What?" Dave and Puck asked at the same time.

"Well I was talking to one of his coworkers and she said Kurt had withdrawn his position weeks before Eli was born." The three men looked at each other until the bedroom door creaked open. Kurt made his way down the hall showered and dressed.

"Hi guys." He gave them a soft smile going around for a kiss from each of them.

"Kurt did you withdraw from your position at the college?" Dave asked flat out. Kurt bit his lip and looked at the floor. "Baby we just want to know."

"I was going to go back but I was thinking about it and I just…I didn't want to carry him for nine months then go and leave him." Kurt teared up. "And then I cost Noah his job this year."

"Kurt I'll be subbing for a month. And after that who knows. We always have teachers out." Kurt sniffed. "All you had to do was say something babe. I only offered because it seemed you really didn't want much to do with the baby at the time."

"I'm sorry I…I thought I'd change my mind right away but even just these six days. I'm tired as hell but I don't want to leave him." Dave smiled and pulled Kurt into a tight hug.

"Well at least that's cleared up. We're going to have to talk these things out and figure out where we're doing." Puck sighed. "But first I'm going to finish breakfast. Eli might need a change by now."

"Do you remember how to do it Finn?" Kurt asked with a smirk.

"Hey you all agreed that was nasty. That hospital formula didn't come out right." Kurt laughed as Finn took Eli to the nursery to check if he needed changed. Kurt leaned against Dave.

"You sure you're up to seeing Nick and Blaine. We can always tell them you need some sleep."

"No I want to see them." Kurt pouted. "I'm fine I got a few more hours of sleep." Dave kissed him and rubbed his back. There was a shout from the other room and Kurt rushed to see what had happened. Finn had a onsie over Eli's lover half and was wiping his face with a baby wipe.

"I thought they were joking about the pee thing." Finn huffed.

"I guess not." Kurt sighed. "Go on and wash up I'll finish changing him. Now we know to be careful at least." Finn laughed a little and left Kurt to put on the new diaper. Kurt sighed throwing the onsie that had been clean in the laundry. "Well you're just full of surprises aren't you mister." Eli squirmed as Kurt buttoned his outfit up. He picked him up and went to bring him back to the living room when his phone rang. He sighed and went to the bedroom to grab it. "Blaine?"

"Hey Kurt. Did you know you're in the news?"


"Yeah the whole theater world is talking about you having a baby. They're saying that's why you left now."

"Wha…when did you hear this?"

"This morning. I grabbed a paper for the trip and there you were in the arts section. Someone even sold them a picture of you in the hospital with Eli." Kurt sighed.

"Whatever it'll blow over in not time. As long as no one harasses us let them talk. I'm sure they didn't get much money for the information." Kurt sat on the couch laying Eli in his lap.

"What information?" Finn asked.

"Oh Eli and I are in the paper. Small article I'm not worried about it. So when do you think you'll get in?"

"About three in the afternoon. I'm so excited I can't wait to see Eli."

"What are we chopped liver?"

"You're cute and all but Eli is tones cuter. I will let you go though just thought you'd like to know you're not out of the lime light yet."

"Thanks Blaine I'll see you guys this afternoon." Kurt hung up and shifted Eli letting the baby play with his fingers.

"Alright guys baby down breakfast is going on the table in three minutes." Puck called. Kurt rolled his eyes and put Eli in his bassinet with a plush that played music. Eli stared at the changing lights for a moment before reaching for them. Kurt smiled and went to eat his own breakfast before Eli had to be fed.


"Oh my god he's so cute." Nick gushed as soon as Kurt let the bigger man take him. "Oh I could just take you home with me."

"I don't think so sweetheart. I doubt you'll be able to take him into the next room." Blaine teased as all four men looked at Nick warily. "First time parents Nick ease up."

"I wouldn't really take him." Nick pouted. "He's just so cute."

"I think if the words 'I want one' comes out of your mouth Blaine's going to have a heart attack." Puck laughed at his own joke when Blaine stared at the wall like it was really interesting.

"Yeah right like either of us would have the time. We're lucky if we get the same day off once a month to spend more than a few sleeping hours together. The hospital's been really busy." Nick let Eli play with his fingers which made Eli look extremely small. Just like when Dave or Finn held him. Kurt smiled sadly. He knew what Blaine was thinking.

"Blaine come help me with drinks." He ordered softly rising to his feet. Blaine got up following him into the kitchen. "Blaine talk to me."

"I'm…We haven't spent this long together in a long time. He slept half the way really he had an emergency call." Blaine took a shaky breath. "Kurt I can't lose him."

"Blaine no you're not going to lose him." Kurt cooed framing Blaine's face with his hands.

"What if I fuck up again?"

"Blaine look at me." Blaine hesitantly lifted his gaze. "Have you even noticed another man since you met Nick?"


"Have you even thought about trying something with another person?"


"Easy I wasn't accusing. Blaine I seriously doubt you'll make the same mistake twice. And in all honesty you are more in love with him then you ever were with me. No don't interrupt. You two look at each other the way the four of us do. With the exception of Eli there will never be another man in our lives we love whole heartedly. I think you and Nick will be fine." Kurt released Blaine and started getting glasses down.

"I miss him. We haven't had time to even go to bed together." Blaine sighed.

"That happens sometimes." Kurt shrugged.

"Kurt?" Blaine asked as he filled glasses with tea.


"I'm really happy for you. I…I've never seen you so happy."

"I am happy. I mean despite my freaking out I really think we can make this work. Start a family."


"The world isn't as accepting as I'd like we both know that. Three out of four parents is amazing. Even if I know they still pretend it's Finn and Puck and Dave and me."

"Kurt I'm sure…" Blaine began to protest.

"They do we all have caught them in it. It's not upsetting but it did open our eyes."

"Well I support you whole heartedly. It just took time. Maybe the parents need more time."

Kurt smiled brightly and kissed his cheek. "Thank you that actual makes me feel better." He put the glasses on two separate trays. "Now you take these and I'll take these and we can watch out men gush over the two week old." Blaine chuckled. "I'm quite sure you two will have plenty of time to catch up tonight." Blaine blushed and nearly dropped his tray.

"I think Puck's been rubbing off on you."

"Not recently but he has." Kurt laughed at Blaine's expression.

"Blaine are you alright?" Dave asked.

"I'm fine Kurt's just being a little too open." Kurt giggled at this leaning against Finn.

"I don't think I want to know." Finn made a face.

"I do." Puck demanded only making Kurt laugh harder and Blaine blush again.

"Well okay then." Nick looked between Kurt and Blaine.

"Alright baby hog my turn." Blaine said holding out his hands in a grabby motion. Nick looked hesitant. "I'm not going to drop him stop looking at me like that. I was drunk you can't hold that against me."

"Waaaait why do I suddenly not want Blaine to hold my baby?" Kurt asked.

"We were celebrating my lead role and may or may not have gotten really drunk and I dropped a half full bottle of wine over the balcony." Blaine blushed.

"Right after I told him he was going to drop it too."

"I'm not that clumsy when I'm sober." Blaine pouted. Nick sighed an made a show of reluctantly handing Eli over to Blaine. Blaine smiled down at the little boy in his arms. Eli looked mostly like Kurt but he could tell he'd have a head full of curls. The little tufts were already curling. He was happy for them. Eli made a soft coo noise at him and Blaine broke. "Awe I want one." Blaine cuddled Eli close. He missed Nick staring at him like a fish. The other four burst out laughing at the reaction and Blaine's words.


Kurt lay between Puck and Finn watching Dave stumble out of bed and out of the room. Eli had started crying Kurt had done his usual count to see if he'd stop on his own. Before he could get up to climb over his lovers Dave had gone to get him. Finn and Puck still snoring on either side of him. Kurt lifted his head to look at the baby monitor as he heard Dave enter Eli's room. "Hey there little guy what's got you crying?" Kurt watched the lights flicker as Eli continued crying and Dave made other noise. "There now dry and smelling like a baby should." Kurt smiled. "Now let's make you a midnight snack. Dad might just have one with you then back to bed." Eli had stopped crying just whimpering as they left the room. Kurt lay back down and sighed. They really needed to find a bigger house. He wanted all his boys in one house and soon. Kurt drifted off before Dave came back to bed.