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Age Six

"Sasuke...Sasuke! Look what Iruka got me! Look! Look!"

The small boy braced himself for the impact as a blonde whirl of energy threw itself upon him, grunting as he fell to the ground from the force. Sasuke tried to sit back up as the other bounced around on top of him, making it nearly impossible to breathe, "Naru...Naru...Naruto! You Dobe! Get OFF!" Sasuke only felt mildly guilty as he roughly pushed the other off of him and stood up. All guilt vanished however as he watched how quick the other face went from crocodile tears to a huge grin, already lunching himself to hang all over Sasuke again. The small boy gave a grievous sigh as he sought to find out why the small blonde had rushed over, "What do you want to show me now. Didn't you just go home, Dobe?"

Naruto smiled even brighter as he remembered what he came all the way over to tell Sasuke. Quickly the small blonde dug around in his backpack, pulling out his latest gift with a triumphant flourish, "Look, Teme, look! It has even more than the last one." Sasuke frowned as he looked at the rectangular object in the other's hand, crossing his arms over his chest, "You ran me over because you got some new paint!" Sasuke glared at the other little boy as he felt his temper rising. Naruto only giggled at the other in front of him, throwing his arms around the others neck, beaming at Sasuke as he spoke, "That's not why I came over silly! I came over so that I could paint with you~" Grabbing the other's arm, Naruto began to drag the raven haired boy towards the house.

Bursting his way into the house, Naruto sang as he tried to urge Sasuke to move faster, waving to Itachi as he passed by. Itachi smirked as he watched his little brother get pulled around by his little friend, fully planning on teasing his little brother later. The smug smirked fell, as he watched Naruto make a sudden stop in the middle of the hallway, a look of pure fear appeared as Naruto turned to look back at him, a calculating gleam in his eyes. Deciding to make a run for it, Itachi turned and ran out the still open doors that lead out into the garden. Shrugging, Naruto returned to pulling Sasuke to their final destination.

Naruto practically glowed as he watched Sasuke's mother finish laying everything out for them, glad that Iruka had called and told Sasuke's mother he was on his way back, "I'm back Mrs. Uchiha! Did Iruka tell you what he got me today?"

Mikoto smiled warmly down at Naruto, "Welcome, back Naruto! And yes, Iruka did tell me what he got you." Crouching down so that she would be at eye level, Mikoto held her hand out to Naruto, "Do you mind if I take a look at it?"

Naruto dropped Sasuke's hand as he handed the tin case over to the woman, moving towards her so that he could show her everything about his latest gift, "See, it has even more colors than the last one I had!" Mikoto nodded her head in agreement, "Yes it does, now doesn't it." Mikoto handed the case back to the little boy, shooing the boy over to the table, "I have everything ready for you over there. Call me if you need anything, boys..."

Sasuke watched as his mother walked into the other room, sitting dejectedly at the low table his mother had prepared for him. Naruto plopped down next to him happily chatting away as they began to paint. Dabbing his brush in the water, Sasuke wetted it before choosing his color, working diligently to paint yet another family portrait, careful not to let any of the paint to fall where he did not wish it to.

"Hey, Sasuke...Why do you always paint the same thing?" Naruto asked curiously as he drew a bright yellow sun. Sasuke kept his eyes on his work as he answered, "No reason...It's just what I want to paint-" Sasuke blinked slowly as he felt something wet brush over his skin. Looking down at his hand, Sasuke saw a purple streak across his skin. Looking back up at the other, Sasuke watched as Naruto continued to stare at the paint, growling, "Naruto! How dare you!"

Naruto screamed as Sasuke launched himself at the other, scrambling to get away and to the safety of Sasuke's mother. Such was not his luck. "Teme!" Naruto fought back as Sasuke attacked, trading hit for hit, with Sasuke gaining the upper hand with every flash of purple against pale skin.

Mikoto ran into the room as soon as she heard the ruckus, pulling the two fighting boys apart, "Boys...Boys stop this right now!" Naruto pouted, clinging to Sasuke's mother as a black ring began to form around his right eye. Sasuke continued to try getting back to the other boy, still glaring ferociously at his friend. Mikoto gave an exasperated sigh, lifting Naruto up into her arms as she spoke to her son, "Sasuke, go up to your room...I'll deal with you in a minute. I'm going to go call Naruto's guardian and take care of his eyes." Mikoto stared down at her son, "I said go!"

Sasuke huffed, sending one last glare at Naruto before turning and leaving the room. Naruto stuck his tongue as Mikoto carried him off, smiling as he watched the other turn the corner, his smile fading as his eyes spotted the streak one last time, forever etching in his mind.