Age Twenty-Two

"Sasuke, you need to quite moving...God dammit! This is the third time I've had to start over because of you!" Naruto sat back on his hunches at he looked the other over, "What's the matter with you today?"

"Nothing is wrong with me. It's that stupid brush of yours. Not to mention that you're grinding your knee into my crotch...Neither are helping much."

Looking down, Naruto blushed as he noticed that it was true. Moving his legs, Naruto straddled the other, taking care not to touch the other if he didn't need to, "Sorry about that."

Sasuke laughed at the other's face, "Naruto...What are you blushing over? It isn't like you haven't done anything like that before to me." Leaning forward, Sasuke licked the rim of Naruto's ear, teasing it between his teeth before he whispered, "Is it because Iruka is in the other room...Remember the last time he caught us?"

Naruto moaned as Sasuke slipped his hands under his shirt, running his hands over the golden skin, "Teme, stop it! The show is to night and I've barely even started on you. Did you forget you're my main attraction tonight?"

"I'm the main attraction every night, whether I'm in your show or not…Besides there is still plenty of time. A short break won't kill you," Sasuke pulled back to look at the other playfully, "Will it?" Moving his hands higher, Sasuke teased Naruto's nipples, leaning down to tease one through the fabric of the other's shirt. Naruto mewled, worrying his bottom lip as he tried to decide what he wanted to do.

Sasuke bit down, pulling a load moan from his lover. Naruto pushed the other away as he stood up, "Wait! Wait, wait, wait...Let me go lock the door..." Sasuke chuckled as he watched Naruto make a run for the door, throwing the lock. Getting up, Sasuke followed the other, trapping them up against the door before they could turn around, "Sasuke, what are you doing?"

"Maybe I didn't feel like waiting..." Sasuke pushed himself close, using one hand to mold the other's body to his, kissing along Naruto's neck as he slipped his hand under Naruto's top once more. Naruto hissed as Sasuke began to tease his nipples again, his hips rocking against the other's, "Sasuke~"

"Naruto...Is everything OK in there?"

Both of them froze, Naruto's eyes widening as panic set in, "Every...Everything is fine Iruka! The bastard just won't, ahh...hold still..." Naruto bit his lips as Sasuke began to tease him again, trying to hold his moans in as Sasuke decided it was the perfect time to slip into his pants and jerk him off.

"Are you sure?"

"Sasuke...Wha-! S-stop!"


"Everything is f-fine!"

"Alright, if you say so...If you need anything I'm just in the other room."

Naruto listened as Iruka walked away, fighting against Sasuke's hands, "Sasuke, stop! Iruka might hear." Heaving a sigh, Sasuke lifted Naruto in his arms, walking further into the room to the small couch that Naruto kept there. Sasuke laid the other down, climbing on top of him, "Better?"

Reaching up, Naruto pulled Sasuke's lips down to his, "What do you think?" Sasuke smirked into the kiss, pulling back to pull Naruto's top over his head and setting it aside. Leaning down, Sasuke kissed Naruto once, twice before moving down his jaw and then his neck, sucking and nipping there as he worked on getting the blonde's pants off.

Naruto moaned as Sasuke bit down on a particularly sensitive spot, his hips jutting forward to grind against the other, "Sasuke~!" Chuckling, Sasuke leaned up to whisper in the other's ear, "Remember the goal is not to get caught..." Naruto pouted at the other, flipping them over in retaliation when something caught his eye. Standing, Naruto walked towards the center of the room, grabbing some of his paint and brushes. Turning around, Naruto asked, "Hey, Sasuke...Have you ever thought about painting on me?"

Sasuke smirked, liking where his lover was going with this. Getting up, Sasuke made Naruto lay down on the bed, placing the supplies nearby as he settled himself between Naruto's tan thighs. Sasuke surveyed the other, trying to decide what would look best.

Naruto could feel himself heat up as Sasuke gaze seemed to pierce through him. The cold paint sent a jolt through him as Sasuke applied the first stroke, gently running the brush over his skin, dipping down into his abdomen before lifting the brush. Naruto mewled as Sasuke ran the brush across his nipple, his free hand messaging the other until it was hard.

Sasuke was careful with every stroke he made, picking his colors judiciously, keeping his touches light and teasing. Naruto was panting as Sasuke continued, his hips grinding against the other even as he tried to hold still. His back arched as he felt the bristles of the brush run over his cock, there one second and gone the next. Sasuke smirked as he watched the other, trying to decide what he wanted to do next.

Growing impatient, Naruto leaned forwards to kiss Sasuke, careful of the painting still drying on his chest, "Go get the lube."

Setting the brush aside, Sasuke moved to get what Naruto asked for. Smiling as his lover came back, Naruto took the bottle, directing the other to lie down as he straddled him. Placing one hand on Sasuke's chest to help stabilized him, Naruto leaned forward and kissed Sasuke, deepening the kiss as he poured some of the liquid onto his fingers and began to prepare himself.

Sasuke groaned as he thought of what his lover was doing to himself, knowing how it felt to stretch the other. Placing his hands on tan hips, Sasuke ground himself into the other, letting the image play in his mind. Unable to take anymore, Sasuke moved his hand to slip one of his finger's in alongside of Naruto's, making the other moan, ridding the finger's that were in his ass.

Naruto pulled his fingers out as he felt his end draw near, leaning back as he moved his hands to undo Sasuke's pants, pulling the other's dick from its confines. Reaching for the bottle, Naruto spread the liquid quickly over Sasuke's length before discarding it, lining the other up with his entrance. His breath was shaky as he took the head of Sasuke's cock within himself, barely holding back his moans as he worked himself lower, wanting all of Sasuke in him.

"Fuck, Naruto...Just a little bit more..."

Naruto smiled down at the other as he took the other in fully, moving his hips in a circular motion before lifting himself back up before taking the other back in, repeating the process over and over again, changing the angle until he hit his sweet spot. Sasuke cursed as he felt Naruto tighten around him, bucking up into the tight heat. He was close to the edge, practically tasting his release as he wrapped one hand around Naruto's length, stroking him in tandem, tightening his grip with each up stroke.

Naruto's back arched as he came, his thrusts speeding up as he rode out his release, forcing Sasuke into his own. Sasuke panted as he watched the other come down from his high, wiping his dirty hand on the sheets as he admired his work, running his fingers along the edges, "It's the best I've done yet."

Looking down, Naruto gave a grimace as he saw his chest, glaring at the other as he spoke, "Pervert."