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Chapter 2:

Ciel eyed the girl he was supposed to discreetly protect under his bangs as they mounted the car that would take them to the train station. They sat on the back sit squashed between two peacekeepers so that Ciel's thin leg brushed hers.

Needless to say the drive there was uncomfortable and seemingly endless. The upside to this was that he got to survey her. She was a young girl of around sixteen with long dark hair organized in a pattern of braids on her head.

She wore a modest dress that had been meant for the reaping only. She sat slouched with her shoulders hunched looking down at her hands. Ciel leaned back on his seat knowing it would be hard to keep her out of trouble just by looking at her.

The car came to a stop and the doors opened. Ciel felt a peacekeeper grab his arm to aid him out of the car. He resisted the urge to snatch his arm away from the man's grip and merely flinched lightly. Outside reporters push against each other to catch the tributes on camera.

Ciel walked with his head bowed and his shoulders hunched. He walked as quickly as he could get into the train car. As soon as he was in he ran down the corridor, right past till he was at the end, leaning against the door at the end with an exhausted sigh.

A few seconds later Katniss appeared and walked towards him looking as disgruntled as he felt. Ciel moved out of the way, his head bowed and his hair in his eyes so to let her pass. Katniss opened the door and they stepped into an extremely fancy room, fancier than the room he had been put into when Claude had arrived.

Ciel remained impassive as he and Katniss were shown their rooms which each had bedrooms, a dressing area, and a private bathroom. The private chambers were conveniently placed across from each other. Ciel walked into his chambers and quickly went over to the shower. Quickly he cleaned himself off any dirt not bothering to brood on the ever so bright brand on his side.

He slid out of the shower and dried himself off before going to the drawers. A frown appeared on his lips as he saw the casual outfit placed on his bed. He reached the bed and finally noticed the sheet of paper folded neatly on top of the gray long sleeved sweater.

He raised an eyebrow as he unfolded the sheet of paper, reading its spidery handwriting. His eyes widened and then narrowed.

"You bastard." He whispered shakily. Ciel knew that Claude would be keeping an eye on him, but he hadn't realized just how far the older demon would go to do so. According to the note he was on the train right at that moment, preparing them they're meal for the evening.

Ciel crushed the note in his hand before discarding it and putting on the clothes. It was a pair of shorts down to his knees, ankle high boots and a long sleeved black turtle neck sweater. Ciel wrapped the bandage around his head again sighing a bit at having to use that filthy thing rather than his eye patch.

A knock on his door made him jump slightly. He turned around frowning but opened the door. He found Effie Trinket and Katniss standing outside his door.

"It's dinner time dear, you wouldn't want to miss it would you?" Effie's sweet tones made Ciel shudder slightly but he nodded silently. Effie gave a huge smile before walking down the hall without making sure they followed.

They reached the dining hall easily enough. It was a luxurious with bright expensive carpets and a crystal chandelier. The table looked to be made of fine wood and the chairs had cushions made of a soft material Ciel couldn't recognize.

The meal presented to them was even more extravagant. The appetizers had been made with the utmost care and looked exquisite on the table, and the large turkey had a bronze tanned color that could have made any mouth water at the sight of it.

But the best of it were the desserts. There were pies with whipped cream dancing at their edges, cakes with coloring of every color and size. The cook seemed to have out done himself with sweets of every size and color that would have made anyone melt.

Except for Ciel who saw the amount of mouthwatering food as little less than torture. He sweat dropped slightly as he saw their mentor Haymitch Abernathy chocking down a bottle of gin. You see to a demon human food tasted like ash or sand. It always had an unpleasant raspy, tasteless quality to it that made most demons stray away from it.

Besides being completely tasteless to him, it was completely unneeded. It provided no protein; it was basically like actually eating ash or sand. Most demons felt little inclination for human culinary products because they had never tasted them, but Ciel had been human once and the fact that he could no longer taste his favorite food had been torturous on his first years as a demon.

Now a day however it was merely a dismayed feeling towards the desserts. He sat down next to Katniss. Haymitch gobbled down his food drunkenly muttering about its taste. Both tributes watched their mentor attack his food like an animal. He passed out with a burp falling face first into his food and snoring away.

'I am so glad I'm immortal right now, if not I would be very worried about my well-being with a mentor like that… uh oh.' Ciel turned to look at his fellow tribute who was looking just as dismayed as he felt. Ciel gave an inner sigh; this was going to be very stressful.

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