Chie: Hi there ^^ here's another one of my stories
Bel: Ushishishi, why is the prince being used for your story?
Chie: Because I want to –sticks tongue out- nothing you can do about it
Bel: Ushishishi do you want to die? –Takes knifes out-
Chie: Wahhhhh~ -hides behind Fran- save me!
Fran: …. What are you doing?
Chie: hiding from Bel
Fran: …
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The street lights flickered on and off. The sky was pitch black, lit up with a cresset moon and a handful of stars. Very few people were out at this hour. The sound of heavy footsteps filled the air. A bloodied, bruised up man burst from the door of a night club, running as fast as he could possibly run. Following him was a girl. She wore a long black cloak that covered her features. It was rather obvious that the girl was chasing the man. Her cloak flitted in the air as she dashed after the man. The man, unaware of his pursuer, ducked into an alley and hid behind some garbage bins.
"Fufufu~ Now don't hide from me mister, it's not very polite to do so to a girl you were just flirting with~" the girl laughed. There was something sinister behind it, and the man could sense it. A glint of mischief shone in the girl's unseen eyes. Her long white boots clacked against the cement floor. She kicked the garbage bin, earning a groan from the man. Now exposed to his pursuer, the man lied sprawled on the floor.
"Spare me, please!" he begged. This only made the girl snicker.
"At least you have the decency to beg for your life," she said, "But sorry mister, no can do."
The girl crouched down to look at the man. Her gaze was hard and calculating.
Now, at such closeness, the man could see the girl's face. She had black hair and piercing green eyes. Well, that was all he could make out of her due to the lack of light. A glinting, silver dagger slipped into her hands.
"Now then, you'll scream for me in the most delightful way, won't you mister?" she purred. The man paled visibly, his eyes widening. The girl brought down her hand and slashed at the man. An ear-splitting scream erupted from his lips. The girl giggled and got up, dusting herself off. At her feet, the man lied, stone dead. In the girl's hand was a piece of paper the man was clutching. On it, it read: Miss Ravenna, you're invited to the Immacolata Famiglia's masquerade party. Please try your best to attend.
The girl grinned. She pulled down her hood to reveal her face. It would seem, that she had a party to attend.

Fran: …..creep
Bel: the prince didn't appear in this chapter –frowns-
Chie: HA! Do you do want to be in my story!
Bel: Ushishishishi the prince is bored, that's why he'll tolerate it
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