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Ravenna hissed as Lussuria applied some alcoholic medicine to her wound. She turned her head slightly to avoid looking at her cut. From the corner of her eye she saw Bel being treated by the one and only Squalo. A small giggle escaped from her lips as she regarded Bel sympathetically. But then again, it was the so-called Prince's fault that they were all injured. She leaned back on her chair and closed her eyes, basking in the warm glow of the sun flames.
In the end, they ended up in a huge fight. But that was what Ravenna wanted so all was well. Of course, after Selvatti… to put it… got over her fighting frenzy trance, she began hyperventilating, horrified that she hurt her idol. How Ravenna got Selvatti to join the fight was a mystery the world only knew.
"Ravenna!" the raven head's eyes snapped open. She stared at Lussuria wearily. Sighing, the girl motioned for him to continue.
"You'll be all fine now. Mou~ what were you guys think? ~ getting into a fight like that." He lectured, wiggling like a worm in that gay way he had.
"It's not my fault, he started it first." Ravenna said stubbornly, pointing at Bel. The said prince twitched and threw a knife at the girl.
"Ushishishi~ the prince did no such thing~"
Yeah and my great aunt Sally is a flying pig A voice snorted in Ravenna's head. Did you guess Gin? Well you're right! Yay! The girl sniggered at the comment.
"Sure, sure you didn't." she said sarcastically. Bel's eye twitched (not that you could've seen it).
"Are you calling the Prince a liar?"
"No, I'm call the 'Prince' a fraud AND a liar."
"….." cue the knives.
"VOOOOOOOOOOIIII! STOP FIGHTING DARN IT. I'M TRYING TO BIND UP THE STUPID PRINCE'S WOUNDS!" a certain loud shark yelled. Ravenna withdrew her knives, storing them magically in her clothes. She looked towards the door, her green eyes narrowing. Just as she suspected, a shadow flitted over the window of the door. The knob of the door turned and in stepped Selvatti. She adjourned an annoyed look and cradled her injured arm. Ravenna grinned. The raven haired girl patted the seat next to her.
"Sel I know you're injured so get your butt into this chair before you become minced meat." She threatened. Sighing, Selvatti sat down onto the chair and permitted Lussuria to heal her with his sun flames. Ravenna snickered. Even from across the room she could feel Bel's glower. She began zooming out, occasionally adding her own comments now and then. Her eyelids fluttered shut. 'Why didn't I sleep longer?' she wondered, exhaustion taking toll. Because you're a retarded kid who likes to get up early? Ravenna's eye twitched. 'Shut up Gin.' Slowly, Ravenna began to dose off into her world of murderers and- I mean flowers and candy. Faintly she could hear the sounds of Selvatti and Bel arguing and the sounds of weapons being drawn.
"ALRIGHT THEN EVERYONE!" Lussuria said loudly, clapping his hands to gain everyone's attention. Ravenna sat up with a start, falling off her chair. She glared at Selvatti who was openly laughing at her failure. Rubbing her head, she sat her aching butt back into the chair and turned her attention to Lussuria.
"We're going on a shopping trip so everyone will learn to enjoy each other's company! ~" the man announced. Everyone in the room did a double take. They began protesting. The thought of shopping with LUSSURIA send shivers or terror down their backs.
" B-but Luss-nee I don't want to go shopping!" Ravenna made out. Her disgust caused her to trip over her words. If there's anything she hates more than dresses, it's shopping. Lussuria only hummed and disregarded her complaint.
"Ushishishi~ the prince refuses to go shopping with you peasants."
"You can buy anything you want and spend as much as you want."
"…..fine, the prince will join just this time."
Ravenna's eyes widened comically. If Bel wanted to tag along with shopping then she'd have to stick with plan B. Plan B? As in Beg-Squalo-to-get-you-out-of-this plan B? It won't work you know. Gin snorted. Ravenna's eye twitched and she chose to ignore him. She turned her green eyes to Squalo, who was currently waving his sword around in frustration.
" I could care less if you die shopping."
"But you have to come along too."
"…" Squalo paled. The last time he was forced to go shopping with Lussuria chaos happened.
"V-voii I'll stay here with Ravenna." The shark said weakly. Yay. There was someone who hated shopping more than Ravenna. Lussuria turned to Squalo, his unseen eyes glinted dangerously.
"What are you talking about Squ-chan? Of course you two are coming." He said creepily. Ravenna and Squalo both turned pale and gulped. Note to self: NEVER deny Lussuria his shopping. And so, in this way, the great Squalo and untouchable Ravenna were defeated…by shopping and a man named Lussuria.

Ravenna let out a grumble. "Dumb shopping trip, making me have to walk too much to pointless clothing stores." She growled under her breath. Of course, this was a filtered version of what she had actually said.
The girl collapsed onto a chair. They had just entered a café to eat since everyone (meaning Ravenna and Bel) kept complaining about being hungry. She turned to Selvatti who had taken a seat next to her.
"So Sel, still have that crush on Bel?" Ravenna smirked. Sel turned slightly red while Bel just hummed in amusement. The orange haired girl glared at her.
"…one day I will strangle you Ravenna, I swear it." Sel threatened. The raven head just laughed and began listing off the names of the foods she wanted to the waitress that magically appeared. She began to relax, overlooking the scenery outside the window. Besides her, Selvatti was being interrogated by Lussuria about her crush on Bel.
" Luss-nee you shouldn't ask her too many questions. After all, the 'man of her dreams' is sitting across her making her feel uncomfortable." Ravenna snickered. Selvatti froze as she deciphered the meaning behind Ravenna's words.
"RAVENNA!" she basically shouted.
The said girl clutched her stomach as she burst into laughter. This was too amusing.
Ravenna wiped away fake tears and sat back up. She gave Selvatti a lope sided grin and turned her attention else where.
Just then, the waitress began piling all the foods that they ordered onto the table. The assassin stared at the presented dishes hungrily.
"VOII WHO THE HECK ORDERED THIS MUCH FOOD?" Squalo shouted, obviously irritated. The table fell silent and they cast accusing looks to Ravenna. The said girl just smiled innocently and dug in. Sighing in exasperation, the swordsman began eating as well.
From the edge of her peripheral vision, Ravenna saw the silhouette of a girl flash by. She froze for a nanosecond and continued eating. 'That's her, isn't it?' she thought.
Yep, hurry! You'll lose track of her again! Gin urged. Ravenna's eyes narrowed slightly. She glanced at the rest of her group. Squalo was yelling at Lussuria, Bel was mocking Selvatti, and Selvatti was laughing at Squalo. They were all distracted at the moment.
What are you waiting for? Get moving! 'Yes sir.' Ravenna thought back. She tugged on Selvatti's sweater as whispered, "I'll be leaving for a while. Cover for me."
With that, the raven haired girl slipped away unnoticed. Selvatti showed no sign of hearing her and focused on her task, distracting everyone else so that Ravenna had enough time to get away.
On the other hand, Ravenna was stealthily chasing after her target. The assassin clicked her tongue in annoyance. It was already mid-afternoon. That girl sure knew how to hide. Her eyes drifted to the surrounding forests and studied them. 'There!' she and Gin both thought at the same time. A smirk crawled onto her face and she took off into the forest.
Just as she expected, she found the blonde haired girl crumpled on the floor panting. Ravenna took a seat on a tree branch and watched the child struggle to get up.
'Are you sure she's from that family?'
Almost certain.
A knife appeared in her fingers. Calculating the distance carefully, the assassin threw the knife inches away from the girl's face. The girl looked up towards her direction, fear glinting in her eyes. From her point of view, she couldn't see Ravenna clearly. "W-who are you?" she asked quietly.
"I'm not your enemy, nor your friend." was her response. Ravenna studied the girl. She was wearing a sundress and had her hair up in a ponytail.
"What family are you from?" Ravenna asked bluntly. The girl looked surprised. She debated whether to tell or not. Finally she decided on the former, not knowing what Ravenna would do if she didn't tell.
"I-I'm from the Nascosto family." Ravenna's eyes narrowed. Bingo.
'She's only 10!' Ravenna thought. But she's involved with the mafia. A sigh escaped the raven head's mouth. 'There's no helping it.' Even so, she looked down at Heth with pity. She didn't want to involve younger children in her twisted world of mafia but she needed as many spies as she could get.
"Say Heth, how do you feel about your boss- and be truthful." She asked with seriousness in her voice. "I…hate him. He killed my parents." Heth admitted softly. Ravenna nodded in approval; at least they shared the same feelings. Furrowing her eyebrows, she concentrated on her hand. Slowly, a black flame began to ignite. It was soon accompanied by an almost transparent white one. Heth watched the dancing flames in awe. When they died away, a feather was left in her hand. On the top it was black but when Ravenna flipped it over it was pure white.
"Then would you mind if," a look of malice glinted in her eyes, "I killed your boss?" she finished with a mirth filled smile. Heth's eyes widened at this but despite that she shook her head no.
"Then I'll need your help. I need you to spy on your family and tell me anything that happens." The blonde girl trembled at the role given to her. She swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. Almost as if it were planned, the wind began to blow harder. Heth shielded her eyes against the debris, trying to look for Ravenna. The said girl's voice slit through the wind.
"You can use the feather to call me, just snap it in half. But that's only if you're in trouble." She instructed. Heth struggled to stand but the wind pushed her down. Ravenna's mouth moved but no sound came out.
"What's your name?" the child cried out, she wanted to at least know the name of the person who would help her avenge her parent's death. Ravenna seemed to hesitate before she answered.
"You may call me Joker." With that she was gone. It took a few minutes, but the wind finally died down. Heth looked at the tree branch she had seen Ravenna sitting on. There was no trace of her at all. She looked down on the ground. There in all its glory was the feather that Ravenna made out of flames. Gripping the small object tightly, Heth slipped it into her pocket and got up. The blonde started towards her home- no more like her prison. She had new found hope now. It was a slim chance but she embraced it anyways. In her head she replayed Ravenna's words.
"I'm just using you as much as you're using me."

Ravenna cracked a small smile. We've finally found the last piece the assassin nodded in agreement.
Everything was in place, now she just needed to wait. She turned around and started back to where she last saw her companions.

"VOIIII! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!" Squalo screamed when he saw the raven head approach. Ravenna just blinked and offered a smirk.
"Ushishishi~ the peasant sure took her time in the restroom~" Bel snickered.
Ravenna's smirk froze in place. Realization fell upon her. She turned to Selvatti who was fighting to hold her laugh in. A deadly aura surrounded her.
"SELVATTI YOU ARE DEAD!" she basically screamed, chasing the orange haired girl with a knife. Selvatti just laughed dodging the blows as they came. A small smile graced Ravenna's lips. It was nice to return to this environment that she already grew used to.

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