Some of the things happening in the UK after Harry disappeared.

It had been almost a week since Harry was taken; Ron and Hermione had almost made it to Hogwart's in little steps, to avoid detection, when they heard a loud cheer from The Banshee's Scream, Edinburgh's answer to the Leaky Cauldron. Throwing on a light Glamour, Hermione slipped in, asking what the uproar was about.

"Shacklebolt, that rebel Auror colleague of Dumbledore's, just announced his return from the site of a massive ward collapse, some place called Little Hangleton. It's supposed to be the last known location of You-Know-Who. He walked right in, found a pile of ashes and a lot of unconscious people with the Dark Mark."

Hermione gasped, running out the door back to Ron.

"Ron, we have to get to Professor McGonagall or Kingsley. They need to know about Harry."

"What was all the cheering?'

"The wards around a house in Little Hangleton just collapsed. There were a bunch of unconscious Death Eaters inside. I think it was Tom's headquarters..."

Ron just grabbed her hand, Apparating them both to the Three Broomsticks, where they snuck through the Floo to the Transfiguration office.

"Professor! Have you heard!?"

"Yes, I have. Where is your third?"

"That's just it. Harry was taken from Godric's Hollow almost a week ago. Kingsley didn't say anything about finding him?"

"No. Now come, we'll go see Master Shaklebolt. He should be directing the action from the Atrium. We'll Floo."

After repeating their story to Kingsley, he looked at them sadly.

"There was no indication Harry was there, other than a few bloodstains in the cells."

Hermione slumped against the wall, thinking. Ron sat down next to her, hugging her tightly, thinking she was crying.

"Ronald, I'm thinking!" she spat, slapping away his arms. "Wait, the ritual that Voldemort did to come back, he used Harry's blood, right? That means that his life and magic is connected to Harry's, that's the gist of the prophecy. What if that tie is broken? Even if all the Horocruxes were intact, the magic wouldn't be there to allow the substitutions, right? With the lack of a body, we have to assume that Harry is very far away, stretching the tie to a breaking point. As for the wards falling, Harry and I talked about the best way to pick holes in wards a few days before he was taken. What if he picked a hole in the wards and apparated?"

"So where is he? He'd have to be in Australia." Looking around, he sighed, "Right, I'll go find an office, make a few calls."

While they waited for him to return, Minnie conjured some chairs and kept an eye on the messengers and other workers, most of whom she'd taught or otherwise knew, so her presence was a great incentive to keep moving. Ten minutes later, a young witch, probably about Tonk's age, came up to them.

"Professor? Do you know where Auror Shacklebolt is? I have the full results from the residues in the cells in Little Hangleton."

"He went to make a few calls, Ms. Daffyd, if you'd sit with us for a bit, he should be back shortly," she replied, conjuring another chair.

"Ah, Ms Daffyd. Did you find anything?" Kingsley asked upon his return.

"Yes, sir. It seems, given the relative positions of blood and potion smears, and the magical residue...It seems that Mr. Potter was about to be forced to ingest a de-aging potion when he Apparated a bit wonky, no body parts, so Splinching's unlikely... It is difficult to tell the dosage, so if he was dosed or doused is still in question."

"Ah. But we can ask Severus. Picking up her brooch from her chest, Professor McGonagall said, "Severus, could you please come to the Ministry Atrium? Kingsley's already entered Albus' testimony of the plan, so you're safe."

Momentarily, Severus arrived, sneering, "What did you want, Minerva? I've been stuck for the past 4 hours comforting children."

"Severus, it has come to our attention that a de-aging potion was to be used on a prisoner, what was the likely dosage?"

"The only dosage I was asked to brew were size 7 vials of extra-strength, sufficient to de-age 20 years. Some of the older ones used it as a sexual aid. Who was it given to?"

"Professor, we believe Harry Potter received at least a partial dose, as McNair was in the process of pouring it down Potter's throat as he apparated, though the spell was a bit off. What could we expect? Where should we look?"

Severus' face fell, musing, "Atimerelatedpotioninanapparationfield…timetravel. "

"Sir, could you repeat that?" Hermione asked.

"A time-related potion in an Apparation field would cause time-travel of the magnitude of the potion ingested or absorbed through the skin. Thankfully, incomplete potions of this type are ineffective, or explosions in my class would be much more dangerous."

"The amount of potion found on the floor was approximately 9 years worth, so Mr. Potter was sent backwards somewhere on the order of 11 years?"

"Yes, Ms Daffyd. I would suggest keeping this quiet until we can ascertain whether he could return, aged, shortly. Minerva, you were named Albus' successor as Mr. Potter's guardian, maybe speak to the Goblins? If he did end up back in time, he would have likely gone to them to get funds, papers, etc."

Minerva nodded, heading out. The chairs disappeared as they got up to return to their duties. As Severus left, he told Ron and Hermione, "Mr. Longbottom, Ms Lovegood, and Ms Weasley are in the Great Hall, if you'd care to join them."

After Professor McGonagall was led to a Gringott's conference room, she was left alone for a few moments with some tea while they collected the appropriate personnel and papers. Three goblins entered with exceedingly serious miens.

"Sirs, may I inquire as to the condition of my ward?"

Hooknose replied, "He arrived in some disarray on May first, 1986. He had heard of the issues with having multiple versions of a person, and given the magnitude of his travel, he felt trying to avoid anyone who might know him for over a decade would be difficult, not to mention the Trace issues. He therefore arranged to relocate to America for a time, as he had something he needed to confer about with someone over there. Something about undoing a Soul Mark. He left notice that if he did not return by New Year's Day, 1998, we were to read the will he composed just before he left."

"Thank you, sirs. May your gold pile up like the bodies of your enemies."

Despite Ron and Hermione's sadness at the news, they held out hope he'd return. In the meantime, they set about helping reconstruct the magical world, and dating. The story circulated was that Harry was recovering in seclusion, and if he didn't return on time, they would say his wounds finally killed him.

Hermione took it upon herself to check the list of Horocrux they had made, checking to see if any of them were still active. Nagini had died in the collapse, killing the horocrux in the process. It was shortly found that the ones she could find were tainted with the magic to implant the soul piece, but somehow, all of Voldemort's influence was drained from them. She was unsure about the location of one of them, as it was a question mark even on the list. She hoped that Harry, in some way or another, returned soon, so her mind would be at ease. It was just like the wizarding world to start celebrating without all the facts. She remembered when she told her parents about Harry her first Christmas home from Hogwarts, they made the instant connection between Harry and the parties in the street the first few days of November, 1981. The people had rejoiced, despite Dumbledore's caution that He may not be dead.