Playing Dead

Chapter 1

Hey guys! So this idea came to me after watching Finding Nemo.. I know, strange! Anyway, I decided to give it a shot! Let me know if I should continue or not. This first chapter is really short - I know! I just needed to explain where some characters were!

Disclaimer: We all dream to own it but unfortuntely I don't NCIS: LA or any of it characters either, I just play around with them instead(:

Happy reading!

- ThatAussieGurl

"Morning!" said Kensi as she took her bag off and placed it at her desk she shared with her friend and work colleague; G. Callen.

"Hey, Kens!" replied Callen. Already at his desk doing paperwork from a previous case.

"Where's Sam?" questioned Kensi, looking across from her desk seeing an empty desk where Callen's partner Sam usually sat and next to him her partner Deeks who was an LAPD liaison with NCIS.

"Gym. Big guy overslept and missed his morning workout." Replied Callen without looking up from his paperwork, "and before you ask, no we have not heard anything else. Hetty's on it though."

Deeks had unsuspectedly been whisked away on an LAPD undercover assignment and had been gone for two months. Last contact he had with any of them was a letter he had written to Kensi a month ago. Well, it wasn't really a letter. More like a sentence saying he would be back soon, they nearly had all the intal they needed to make the arrest and to not miss him too much. She would have thought it was cute but he called her Fern. Yep, that name makes her blood boil. She HATES that name, even though it was the first undercover name he came up for her in their first undercover assignment.

"Kens?" Callen asked looking at Kensi with worry when she didn't answer him.

"Yeah? Huh? What?" Kensi asked snapping out of her private thoughts.

"You okay? … You miss him don't you?" Asked Callen, still with worry printed on his face.

"Not miss him exactly, more miss his loud mouth annoyingness. I mean, it's too quiet around here without him!" Kensi told Callen, stretching the truth just a bit.

"Okay. Sure Kens." Callen told Kensi, not believing a word she just said but he had to agree with her. It was too quiet without him and he knew how hard it was for his friend who was more like a little sister to him, to have to work without a partner.

Before Kensi could defend herself there was a whistle from Eric.

"New case on deck!" shouted Eric from the balcony before heading back into OSP.

Chapter 2 should be up shortly due to me having an injured foot and not being able to go to school!(: