A stringent ringing sound came from beyond the door as his gloved hand ever so carefully turned the knob. Of course: dark. Had he really expected anything different? He flicked the switch on his flashlight. He could make out a cupboard in the corner, a dusty old armchair, and a coffee table with a mysterious lump underneath the table cloth. Pulling on it only unleashed a cascade of dust.

As he continued through the room, three end tables topped with telephones greeted him. The middle one protested loudly, the receiver quivering excitedly in its nest. Naturally he was drawn to it, perhaps motivated by his own loneliness or a false hope that maybe his brother might be on the other end, telling him that he was just fine and at home.

But he was never truly alone in this house.

The hose of the Poltergust clattered to the floor. The flashlight soon followed, rolling away uselessly from its owner. He brought his hands to his face, his entire body wracked with shaking.

Caught in the beam of his flashlight was the shadow of a body, hanged from the rafters of that horrible mansion. His own.

Author's Note:

This story is based off of a piece of fanart of the same title by Nintendo-Nut1 on deviantArt as well as an infamous glitch found in the telephone room in the game.

I just wanted to write a little blurb about it. :P