Life sure did suck didn't it?

That's what Jill thought as she lay back in her hospital bed after she'd been jumpstarted back to life by the medical team. Ironic, considering she'd nearly had her brains fried by her traitorous aunt Sydney who'd shocked her with those same paddles.

She tugged her hands but the restraints bit into her skin. Damn weren't they supposed to be padded with cotton when they used them? Why did she have to be restrained anyway? This was all one horrible misunderstanding.

And now she lay in a straitjacket in a hospital bed while the news media complete with cameras and web casters were interviewing Sydney.

The newly re-crowned heroine of the latest reboot of the Woodborro murders as they were called by the press. Yeah, she heard about it because Nurse Nancy always made sure her television was broadcasting the local news before she'd unplugged the remote.

Just to torture her in the days before Dewey's men picked her up in chains and put her in the paddy wagon to sit in a jail cell until her trial on murder charges. That's if they didn't decide to instead put her in a padded cell in a mental hospital. Some experts hired by a couple of television networks had been consulted on whether or not she'd been insane when she committed the latest round of serial killings.

As if.

No, Jill had been of sane mind and sound body when she had concocted the perfect plan to make herself an icon on the internet. The sweet young innocent thing that had fought against a masked killer that had haunted the quiet little town for too long and she had vanquished them. Only not soon enough to save the beloved Sydney Prescott who had been brutally slain…how tragic was that?

She had her accomplice lined up in Charlie who wasn't drop dead gorgeous enough to sleep with or anything but pitiful enough of a geek to pine for her. Enough so he'd do whatever she asked if he believed he would share her heroic status.

Pitiful little boy really. There could only be room for one hero in this franchise. See that's what had been flawed about the previous one was that with Sydney, dim-witted Dewey and his sidekick, the narcissistic Gail it had been too cluttered with do-gooders.

No her version of the storyline would be much more streamlined and an improvement on the original. And it had almost worked…almost. It would have if it hadn't been her aunt, otherwise known as the Angel of Death named Sydney.

Jill's rage grew inside of her just remembering what had been ripped away from her, fame and fortune that had been rightfully hers. It's not like dimwit Dewey would have ever solved the case. No she would have been home free and blasted from one coast to the other on the internet if it hadn't been for one person…

Sydney walked away from the podium as paparazzi snapped her photo not for the first time. They'd been tailing her relentlessly for years even when she'd tried to put this whole mess behind her. She didn't want the attention or what some would call fame.

Notoriety she called it. She'd begged them away from her so many times she couldn't count and now…she had tried to kill her own cousin in self defense and the media had descended on the hospital flooding the corridors to the room where Jill lay zapped on the floor awaiting a trip to the morgue.

Until suddenly her eyes snapped open and she had woken up.

From brave heroine to callous villainess in one sweep…fame was fleeting after all. Soon after the bodies of Jill's mother and her friends had been processed, Sydney would arrange for a burial at the local cemetery for blood kin. Now that most of their family tree was dead and buried, she was the only one left to do it. The others would be interred by their respective grieving relatives.

Dewey sat in the back during the press conference ceding his domain to the state prosecutor so he could comfortably lay his battered body in a gurney to be wheeled in the back. The television crews had set up their equipment and his wife Gail had checked herself out of the hospital to grab the closest notepad and jot notes for her newest book. She hummed away as she did it, her body all bandaged up and he watched her, renewed love in his blackened eyes.

Jill tugged at the restraints and finally one of them came loose. She sprung out of bed as if she were on fire and realized that one of the electrodes pasted to her head was burning her flesh. She grabbed a robe and slipped outside into the corridor.

The hallway was empty and she heard muffled voices. The double doors awaited at the end, brightly lit and she walked towards them, limped actually. She glanced to her left and saw that horrid Sydney at the podium surrounded by flashing bulbs. Anger filled her because that should have been her standing up there getting all the attention for her heroic deeds. Dewey was strapped to the gurney pathetic as always and didn't see her.

She went into a side room and fumbled in the drawers of a cabinet until she found what she needed. Some ether and some matches and suddenly she knew what she had to do.

How to get all of their attention before the place went sky high. Oh except for her who would crawl out of the crumbling, burning remnants of the hotel with an amazing story of bravery and sacrifice to tell to anyone who would listen.

With purpose, she grabbed her loot and headed to those doors.