Quetzal - yes yes I know you all want to kill me for not updating Blood Moon and Storm Warning. They'll get updated its almost the end of finals so ill have more time shortly. Anyways this is just a little bit of fun that popped into my head. If you want more say so and ill add a bit to it.


Keep Away


Ichigo groaned hitting the side of the sky scraper with a thud zangetsu skittering out of sight along the windows, the spirit zangetsu studied him from nearby a slight line of blood on the side of his face. Ichigo had actually managed to land a hit on him this time after nearly two hours of sparing, the teen was certainly getting better. Zangetsu reached up to wipe the blood away before it got into his eyes and paused frowning, a moment later he spotted his missing sun glasses on the ground next to ichigo.

Ichigo had sat up at this point and followed his gaze to the glasses sitting innocently next to him. Ichigo shot a glance at zangetsu who narrowed his eyes at the glint of mischief in his wielders own. "Ichigo." He stated quietly an edge of warning to his voice, the spark of mischief only grew.

"Yeah?" The teen answered with a faint smirk one hand inching towards the glasses. Zangetsu suppressed the urge to groan ichigo's sense of humor was a rare creature and it would have to decide to make an appearance for him wouldn't it?

"Don't even think about it." He said instead taking a step forward. This proved to be a bad idea as Ichigo snatched up the sunglasses in an instant and was halfway across the sky scraper before Zangetsu could even blink. Zangetsu watched in some bemusement as his wielder skidded to a halt near the top of the building grinning like the cheshire cat, if only ichigo was motivated to be that fast when he was fighting he might just escape with a few less injures. "Ichigo." He said again the warning edge more apparent Ichigo's grin just widened.

"Problem?" He asked spinning the glasses on one finger Zangetsu sighed.

"Give them back Ichigo." He said stalking across the building Ichigo just raised an eye brow.

"Give them back? Now why would I do that? I kinda like them!" He answered putting the sun glasses on, at his flat look Ichigo just laughed. "You want them, come and get them Zan!" and with that he darted off between the buildings. Zangetsu stared after him for a moment exasperated at his wielders antics before giving chase, if Ichigo wanted to play this game he was going to get more then he bargained for.