The hollow was staring at Zangetsu an expression akin to fear on its face. Why was the hollow on the verge of panic you may ask? It probably had something to do with the downright evil smirk that had just appeared on the Zanpakotou's face. Four days had passed since Ichigo had embarrassed him and returned his sunglasses as promised, but he had decided to wait a bit for his revenge so as to plan it perfectly. And he had just figured out the perfect thing to do to him, it was just a matter of making a few comments to the right zanpakotou now and Ichigo would forever regret the day he had teased him about Shirayuki. Where she could hear no less!

Although Ichigo may not have known his father was a shinigami Zangetsu certainly did. This was mostly because, with a few rare exceptions, zanpakotou were a reflection of their wielders. Isshin and Engetsu were sadly not one of these exception, no matter how much Zangetsu wished they were. As a result Ichigo wasn't the only one who'd long had to deal with flying kicks and irritating over excited idiots, nor was Isshin the only one who regularly had his head embedded in a wall.

Two days later Zangetsu felt the slight shift that heralded Engetsu's arrival and materialized his blade swatting the flying tackle to the side with the flat of the blade without even turning around.

"OW!" Engetsu sat up rubbing his head and gave Zangetsu a wounded look Zangetsu merely glared as usual when forced to put up with the other.

"Was that really necessary zan-kun?" He asked with a kicked puppy expression Zangetsu flinch almost imperceptibly, he didn't particularly mind ichigo calling him Zan, but Zan-kun, especially coming from Engetsu was crossing the line. Still he controlled the sudden urge to beat Engetsu into the pavement and instead smirked. Engetsu was 30 feet away and holding his blade a moment later looking freaked out. "um Zangetsu you feelin' alright kid?" He asked worriedly,quite justifiably worried too, last time Zangetsu had smirked like that he had set the hollow after Engetsu. One week of peace and a very happy un-murderous hollow had followed.

"I have no intention of killing you today Engetsu." He answered dryly Engetsu nodded happily.

"Uh...whats up than?" Engetsu asked carefully, he knew very well that Zangetsu could be down right diabolically evil at times though he never really showed it and he did not want it redirected to himself.

"Do not tell Isshin I told you to tell him, but I want you to say you heard from one of the others that Ichigo has a girlfriend...understood?" Engetsu stared at Zangetsu for a long moment a look of horror on his face.

"that...thats have been spending WAY to much time around Benihime. What the hell did the kid do to piss you off that much!" He asked aghast Zangetsu just smirked.

"Don't worry about that just do it or I'm giving the hollow free reign to attack you anytime you come over here." Engetsu backed away hands up in surrender.

"I'm going, I'm going! Consider it done!" He squeaked before vanishing Zangetsu waited until he was sure the other was gone before chuckling softly. On the other side of the city the hollow shivered in fear and made a mental note to never piss Zangetsu off ever again!

(later that day after school)

"ICHIGO!" The teen ducked under the lunge and decked Isshin into the wall without missing a beat and headed further into the house, he only made it ten feet however before Isshin popped up again his words making the teen freeze in horror. " I have been told wonderful news my lovely son! I have heard that you have a girlfriend!" Numb horror invaded the teens mind.What? He thought even as Isshin continued. "You have to introduce her to the family! I will not rest until I meet the lovely woman who could ensnare my dear sons heart! MASAKI! Our son has become a man!" Ichigo took a slow step back in horror as Isshin happily wailed at the poster of his wife. Karin looked at her brother with pity as Yuzu caught wind of her fathers joyful rant and began to plan out a big dinner for introducing the mythical girlfriend to the family. Ichigo finally couldn't take it anymore and bolted. Deep in his soul Zangetsu smirked the hollow just shook his head.

"And he calls me evil."

The End


Quetzal- an evil evil child. ^_^ it was difficult to stop cackling long enough to actually get this written but I think it came out well. As far as zangetsu goes all I'v got to say there is "still waters run deep". This sadly is the end of "Keep Away" i hope you have enjoyed this bit of fun and hopefully ill have something new for you guys in a bit?