Greetings dear readers. Well, I think this is about the shortest fic I've ever done. I just thought it would be nice to do a Mother's Day fic featuring Dave and Mindy. I really did a Makokam on this one.

FYI, the reference to Dave's grandparents is a semi-spoiler for upcoming events in "Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl: The War on Crime."

I hope everyone likes this. I'd love some reviews. :-D

And awayyyy we go. :-D

Dave pried an eye open and forced himself awake. He groaned. He and Mindy had been out very late the night before –well, really early that morning, to be more accurate. It seemed like they'd not had a quiet patrol since the winter. He rolled over and draped his arm over…nothing.

He came fully awake now as he realized Mindy wasn't in the bed with him. He wondered where she was and when she'd gotten up.

His answer came almost instantly as the door opened and Mindy –wearing one of his shirts, her hair damp from the shower entered the room. She saw he was awake and smiled at him. She sat down on the bed next to him and leaned in to kiss him.


"Good morning to you too."

"You showered last night when we got in from patrol."

"I had some serious bed-head I had to get rid of."


"Your dad said we could borrow the car and he'd meet us there later."

"Cool" Dave said as he pulled back the covers and reached for his robe.

Two hours later, Dave and Mindy stepped silently into the cemetery. Mindy held a small bouquet of flowers in her hand. They walked silently over to a marker. Dave stepped back and let Mindy have her visit.

Mindy looked down at the name plate on the marker. Melinda Macready. She noted morosely, as she always had on these visits, that the date of her mother's death was the same as her date of birth.

"Hi mom" She whispered quietly. "Happy Mother's Day. I'm sorry I haven't been here since Christmas, but things have been busy…I'm sure Daddy's watching us closely. I'm, uh, with Dave now. I mean really with him. I'm sure Daddy's filled you in on him too. I hope it's only good things, because…I love him. I love him and can't picture my life without him in it. I really wish you could've met him...And that I could've met you just once, at least." Mindy said softly. "We have to go now. I'll come back on your birthday, I promise" Mindy said as she put the flowers down in the gravesite and stepped back.

A half-hour later, a similar scene was repeated in another place of eternal rest. Dave walked over to his mother's gravesite while Mindy sat on the bench that he used to sit on when he came there and read comics. He knelt and placed his own flowers by the gravestone.

"Hi mom. Happy Mother's Day. I brought white roses. I remember they were always your favourite. I, uh, I brought Mindy with me this year. It just felt right. She's…She's the other half of me, I know now. I really wish you could've met her. She's great. I love her. Dad loves her. Grandma and Grandpa adore her. I know you would've too. I guess you're keeping an eye on us out there, because we really appreciate the help. I have to go now Mom. We're going to Mass…I guess you'd be happy to know that Dad and I started going again. See you later Mom. I love you." Dave said as he stepped back.

A short while later, Mindy stood in the pew alongside Dave and Casimir as the priest ascended the altar and began the Mass.

"Good morning. This Mass is being offered for the repose of the souls of Caitlin Lizewski and Melinda Macready…"

In the pew, Mindy smiled at Dave and brushed her hand against his, in silent thanks for including her mother –something he'd not told her about beforehand- in the same intentions as his own. Mindy looked to the front of the church again as the Introit continued.