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Chapter Four: Let's Get This Party Started

In every College experience, there are the parties. The parties consist of alcohol, experimental drugs, grinding and horrible music. Of course not every party does that kind of malarkey. The parties I throw are never that serious. Unfortunately for Derek, they have two of those things.

"Tina, I'm not going to a party." I try to reason with Tina as to why I never go to parties. Having bad experiences with all kinds of parties, I kind of gave up the entire party idea.

"But Casey please! It'll be so much fun! Plus, if you bring a date, you can make Kyle jealous." I bite my lower lip, thinking everything through. "Listen, you only have a couple hours. Find a date and go! Just keep an ear out for loud music! I better see you there. Bye." Before I'm able to get a word in, I hear the click of her phone.

I pace around the room, trying to find someone suitable to go with; if I even decide to go to the party. I'm so focused into my decision; I'm not able to hear the door open and close. It takes me a couple minutes to hear a voice calling:

"Space Case!" I instantly glare at Derek. "Could you take your pacing into another room?"

"Well sorry I was debating whether or not to go to Kyle's party!" Derek now turns to me. "What?"

"Miss Goody-Two-Shoes going to a party? That's a sight I have to see." I groan, running my hand through my hair.

"This is none of your business Derek." Overthinking causes me to sit on the couch and shove a pillow in my face. There was practically no one that I could take to the party and have them not be awkward. I put the pillow down and think over the list of guys:

I can go with Sam, but going with him could possibly reignite anything that we had. The relationship was pretty rocky and unstable and I don't need that again. Not only could that happen but doing this can ruin any progress we made as friends as well.

So Sam is out of the picture.

There is Zach. Only the problem is that he is Derek's friend. Dating your step-brother's friend doesn't normally end well from what I have seen. As well as the fact that would ruin any chance of being good friends with him.

So this means Zach is out of the picture too.

Then, the worst person pops into my head. Derek Venturi. Going to a party with my step-brother to make another guy jealous? Isn't this sort of, wrong? Isn't that sort of like, incest? Well, it's not like I'm going on a date with Derek. It's just using him to try and get Kyle's attention. Plus, nothing awkward can happen! Everything will be normal. Not only this but the fact that no one knows that we are step-siblings. Just that we are two people who live together.

"Derek," I close my eyes, trying to gather up the courage of this nonsense, "Do you think we can go to Kyle's party together?" Derek gives me a weird look.

"Why on earth would I want to go to that party with you?" I drop my jaw, glaring at Derek. "Wouldn't it be weird to go to a party with your brother?"

"Step-brother." Derek raises his brow. "You mean step-brother." I clear my throat, sitting straight up on the couch, watching Derek sit in his chair. "Plus, it's not like people know that we are step-siblings." I watch Derek's eyes move over me. "Think of it as, living dangerously." Derek's infamous smirk shows on his face.

"Well, since you put it that way." I roll my eyes.

"So are you in?" Derek's smirk doesn't wear off or fade, it looks like it's getting bigger.

"Of course Princess." With that I give him my own smirk.

It's an hour before the party and I'm finished getting ready. I have my signature blue eye shadow on, a white bubble tank top, and a pair of black shorts. My shoulder length hair is curling to perfection and with strappy heels, I am ready to go.

We walk together to Kyle's loud party and get greeted by alcohol. Well, people on the lawn either completely trashed or emptying their stomach contents. This still isn't a pretty sight to see.

Derek and I walk into the house together and the obnoxious music and grinding is all I see. I grab onto Derek to lure off any guy who isn't Kyle. I try to look for either Kyle or Tina, when the bubbly blonde I know and love, comes my way.

"When I said to find a date, I didn't mean THE date!" I could literally feel Derek's ego boost. "How did you score this hot piece of meat?" I shudder on impulse and Derek grabs the shoulder farthest from him.

"Well, it took some time, but after begging and begging and begging and begging, I figured that she deserved a good time." Derek winks at Tina and she blushes. Of course he would be hitting on girls while he is here with me.

"Oh, I'm sure Casey will have tons of fun." Tina sends a wink my way and I groan. "Oh, Casey by the way, Kyle is over there." I look in the direction that she points to and see Kyle chatting up with another guy. "If I were you, I would totally try and get his attention." With that, Tina leaves Derek and me alone.

"You can let go now Derek." Instead of listening to me, he brings me to the 'dance floor'.

"Dance to make him want you." Derek's breath is hot against my ear, making my heart race.

The music pounds against my body, making me grip Derek's shirt. I feel him chuckle and grab my hands, moving me to the music. Derek was never a bad dancer; in fact he was pretty good, whether or not he would like to admit it. This reminds me of when Derek and I danced at the lodge, and how smoothly the dancing went. Everything seemed so flowing and connected. When I danced with Jesse, it didn't seem to flow as much as I would have liked it to.

When the next song comes on, I groan inwardly. A grinding song. I watch as the couples start to rub against each other. I look Derek in the eyes, trying to see what he thinks of the situation. There's something in his eyes, but I only see it for a second.

He starts to pull me away from the dance area. I stop dead in my tracks. He gives me a look of confusion. "I'm not leaving." Derek tugs on my arm, but I won't move an inch.

"Fine!" Derek grabs my hips and turns me around. He moves my hips to the beat of the song. If anyone were to look over at us, I'm sure we looked like a brand new couple; though that wasn't going through my head.

A few minutes go by, and the song still hasn't ended. It's as if the universe just wants something to happen between Derek and me. At this rate, I hope nothing happens.

I look over to Kyle and see that he is looking our way. Finally! So I decided to change things up. I press into Derek. I bite my lower lip and just look at Kyle. I see the way that his blue eyes never turn away from mine, his jaw almost dropping. I send him a wink and really grind into Derek. Kyle just looks at me, awestruck. Hook, line and sinker.

"Case…." I hear the strain in Derek's voice, but I pay no attention to it. "Case…." I hear it again, but this time I look at him, still grinding. With this, Derek pushes me off and walks away. My jaw drops, anger searing through my veins.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and see Kyle; his auburn hair shining in the lights, his smile so small and sweet, and his eyes never looking away. "Care to dance?" His voice sounds like velvet. Without answering, I get really close to him. Kyle spins me around and I grind on him.

After a few long songs with Kyle, I give him my number, and start to look for Derek. Whilst speaking to Kyle, I realize that he is perfect for me. He loves to read the classic romantic novels, as well as do his studies. Kyle isn't afraid to do things out of his comfort zone. I find that relaxing and beautiful in a sense.

I start to ask around for Derek, considering the fact that he seems to be avoiding me. It was just a simple dance tactic to lure in Kyle. There was nothing wrong with that right? Of course not. I continue to look around the mess of people for Derek. That's when I find him with Tina, flirting with each other; which isn't a big deal, really.

"Hey Tina, hey jerk." I greet Tina and Derek respectfully, glaring at Derek. Derek just stares at me, Tina just hugs me. We then got talking about what happened with Kyle. All the while, I feel Derek's eyes on me. I look at the time on my phone and run my hand through my hair. "Hey Tina, I'm sorry but it's getting pretty late and I have a morning class tomorrow. I'll call you tomorrow?"

"Oh honey that's fine, call me when you are done with classes." I hug Tina and then motion to Derek that it's time to leave.

When we leave the party, the walk back to our place was unbearably quiet. I try to start a conversation, but get shot down immediately. I interlock my hands behind my back, and take long strides. I look at Derek, trying to figure out the emotion he was wearing. I catch his eyes, only for a second before he rolls them.

"Hey Space Case, it's not polite to stare at people." My face flushes. I start to scramble around my brain to find the words to say.

"Well, it's not my fault that my date decided to ditch me." Derek scoffs, giving me an incredulous look.

"You were giving Kyle the eyes. It's not my fault that you wanted to get into his pants tonight." I punch him in the shoulder. "What was that for?"

"I did not want to get into his pants." I say, raising my voice slightly. Derek raises his brow at me.

"Yeah, says the girl grinding like it's her job. Do you know how many guys and girls I had to tear away so you could focus on creepy Kyle?" My brows furrow at his nickname for Kyle.

"Kyle is not creepy! He is a very fine intellect –"

"Case, there are rumors about him." I roll my eyes walking faster towards our house. Why would Derek care? I know why, it's because he always tries to destroy anything happy in my life, with the exception of my dream.

I open the door and slam it in Derek's face. When he opens the door, his face his red with rage, he glares at me, slamming the door shut. I watch him storm off into his room. His door shut with a loud bang. I sigh walking to my own room.

I prepare myself for sleep, and get snuggled into the covers. I close my eyes, and then Derek's music blares. My eyes shoot open and I clench my jaw. I put a pillow over my face; I'm not going to let Derek win. After what seems like a half hour, I get out of my bed and storm towards his door, banging on it loudly.

"DER-EK!" Knowing that he can't hear me, I burst the door open and turn the music off.

"What the hell?" Derek gets in my face. I push him away glaring at him with all my might.

"I have a morning class. I need my sleep!" I start to walk away when Derek holds onto my wrist. "Let go!" I wiggle my wrist out of his grasp and storm back into my room. I wasn't able to sleep well that night.

"Hey Casey," I turn to see Kyle. "I have something to ask you." I give him a big smile.

"What is it?" I tuck a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime, on a date." His sparkling blue eyes staring intently into mine, I nod. Kyle gives me a big smile. "Alright, pick you up at six for dinner." He sends me a wink and I just melt inside.

Throughout the rest of my classes, I just grin like a madman. One of the greatest guys just asked me out on a date, who wouldn't be happy from that?

When I get home, I start humming my favorite tune. I plan out an outfit that shows off my curves and my eyes. With my hair curling to perfection, I start preparing dinner for Derek; of course with his favorite food, cucumbers; a small creamy cucumber salad with fresh hamburgers. The door opens and in walks Derek.

"Hey Derek, I made you dinner. Kyle is going to be here soon to pick me up." Derek just pushes pass me and grabs a plate, settling himself on the counter top. The doorbell rings and I squeak. "I'll see you when I get back."

Kyle drives us to an upscale restaurant. The place looks as though it's too upscale. When we walk inside, I can tell that mainly celebrities would be able to eat here. I start to feel conscious about the money in my purse, as well as the black dress I'm currently wearing. A waiter takes us to a private table, handing out the menus. We order our drinks and sit in silence.

"Casey, I know for a fact that you are the kind of girl that enjoys a good book. I also know that you read romantic novels. Would you be interested in reading my step-mother's novel?" I put my hands into my lap, trying not to ruin the white silk cloth.

"What exactly is the book about?" Kyle's eyes once me over before he starts to toy with the center piece of the table.

"All I know is that it's about a forbidden love triangle. Unfortunately the setting takes place in the future, the year 3016. This is all I know, but are you interested?" I bite my lower lip, I don't want to disappoint Kyle.

"Sure, why not?" I give Kyle a small smile. The waiter returns with our drinks and we order our food. "So Kyle, I was wondering if after this you wanted to go get some ice cream."

"Well this food is so rich; I highly suggest that we don't go for ice cream." I sink back into my chair. Well that idea was shot down the drain. The rest of the night we talk about our studies and where we plan on going.

When he drives me back to my house at eleven, he walks me to the door and kisses my cheek. I watch him drive away with a blush covering my entire face. I unlock the door and walk in, closing the door behind me. I watch Derek stuff his face with a bag of chips.

"What's with the face?" Derek puts another handful of chips into his mouth.

"Oh nothing really." I unconsciously rest my hand on my cheek, right where he his lips were. Derek rolls his eyes and pushes himself off of the counter that he was leaning on. "Well, I'm going to head off to bed. Good night." I start to walk towards my room when Derek stands in front of the hallway, blocking me from my room. "Derek, will you move?"

"What's the magic word?" Derek's cocky smirk radiates with his arrogance. I try to push him out of the way, only for his smirk to get even bigger.

"Move…now!" I try to push once again, only to fail. "Fine, can you move, please?" My voice strains on the word please.

"Nope, because we are going to go for ice cream." Derek takes my hand and walks me out of the house.

"Derek, now is not the time to go get ice cream." Derek just ignores me, dragging me to the nearest ice cream shop. "Derek, I don't want any ice cream."

"Yes you do. It's written all over your face." Am I that easily readable? "What kind do you want?" I look over the choices and see my favorite.

I smile pointing to the flavor I want. Rolling his eyes at my childish antics, Derek orders our cones. "You would go for Chocolate Chip."

"Well, at least it's not as weird as Bubblegum. I mean, really gum pieces?" I push Derek playfully. We get our cones and Derek's face has chocolate all around his mouth. I start to laugh out loud. "What?"

"You are such a messy eater when it comes to ice cream." I lick my thumb and start to rub away the chocolate from his mouth. I put the ice cream in my mouth, carefully disposing of the mess.

"I was saving that for later." Derek then laughs, walking away from me.

"Don't leave me." I run to catch up with him, almost dropping my cone on the ground.

"So how was that date of yours?" I bite my lower lip. "That bad?" Derek cracks a smile.

"No, it just wasn't what I expected." Derek raises his brow. "He took me to an expensive restaurant. Sure that's fine and all, but I felt underdressed and out of place."

"Well, he sounds really snobbish." I scoff, taking another lick of my ice cream.

"Maybe next time, he won't take me to somewhere on the high end." Derek shakes his head.

By the time that we reach the door, our ice cream and cones are in our stomachs. Derek bids me a goodnight, walking into his room and I stand in the empty room, staring after him. I snap out of it and start preparing for bed for the night.

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