What I never told you

Yi Jung was a rational man. At least he liked to believe so. He had several set rules about dating woman.

He never dated foolish girls-all the girls he got with knew exactly the consequences. The relationship was no-strings attached.

He didn't mess with good girls. Good girls believed in the fairy tales he would never be able to give them, hence he never dated them. For both his sake and theirs.

He never messed with girls related to his friends. That caused complications. Just seeing Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo fighting over Jan Di was an example of that.

But as he stared at the retreating figure of Chu Ga Eul from his workshop window, he couldn't help but wish he could just chuck all his rules in the kiln and chase after the girl. The flash of pain in her eyes was quick but he knew that later on, when she was alone in her room she would let it out. All the pain he'd ever caused her. And thinking on that, he didn't know whether he was glad she'd left or not. He almost wished he could see her in his shop again. He knew her tears caused him pain. He had yet to figure out why, but he knew that at least. But he deserved to see her cry, to feel the pain he'd brought her.

"Would sunbae go on a date with me?" the question had been blurted out quickly as if it had been begging to be released. Ga Eul had bit her lip as if she almost wished she'd said nothing.

"Ga Eul-yang, did something shocking happen to you?"

Yi Jung raised his hand to smash one of the pots on his table, but then held back realizing it was his bad hand. He sank to his potter's bench with an anguished expression. This was not right. He shouldn't care what happens to her next. He didn't need, nor did he deserve to know.

Ga Eul would move on though. He convinced himself of that. She would move on, she would find her prince charming and live happily ever after. She deserved it. That pure, innocent, girl didn't deserve him, the philanderer, the Casanova, the designated heart breaker. She didn't deserve that. So why in the name of God did he wish that she'd turned back? Why did he wish she wouldn't move on? Why did he feel that pain?

The confusion and pain coursing through his head nearly brought tears to his eyes. All of a sudden, his cellphone rang. He ignored it. If it was his mother again, he might just walk into her ward and start yelling at her to get over her despicable excuse for a husband. He needed to think. His cellphone rang again. It went to voicemail.

"Yo! Yi Jung it's Woo Bin, answer your cell dude! There's been an accident! Ga Eul-"Yi Jung's hand shot out to grab his phone, effectively nocking it to the ground. Scrambling to answer it, he pressed the answer button.

"What's happened to Ga Eul?" Were the first words out of the Casanova's mouth.

"Finally!" Woo Bin's voice was filled with annoyance. "Didn't you hear your cell bro?"

"Song Woo Bin," Yi Jung's steely voice came through the phone. "What. Has. Happened. To. GA EUL?"

Yi Jung was holding his breath, waiting for his fellow F4 member to give him the information he so desperately needed. He could hear his friend swallow hard.

"Bro, she was running somewhere. She was running, and a car- a car hit her Yi Jung. Ga Eul was hit by a car."