( ) Parentheses will indicate something not part of the original text. I will try to put it in bold, as well.

Chapter 2 - 'Good Vibrations'

( If you didn't notice before...I'm using puns akin to one turning on a vibrator for each chapter)

"Mmmf! What the-Rob!" Wally shouted, pulling back, toes digging into the floor as his hands pushed the brunette away.

( "Robin! The more you drink coffee, the worse your breath smells and you will stay short forever! I'll have to talk to Batman and make him give you tea, instead." " But how will I do all my flips without caffeine?" )

Robin merely looked up at him with this look of utter confidence and lust that made him nearly melt into a puddle at his feet right then. He watched as the Boy Wonder slowly licked along his lips, letting out a disappointed but amused sigh.

( A puddle of candle wax, actually.) ( " Oh, Wally, you know nothing of my sexy, yet.")

" Do you know how your lips taste, Wally? Like heaven, only a little saltier," he growled huskily, raising his eyebrows as he let his icy blue eyes bore into the speedster.

( In other words, probably chocolate with bacon in it.) ( Bore into the speedster, killing him upon impact.)

Wally's eyes got even wider as he bit down on his lip, trembling in shock and confusion as he watched his friend look at him like that. By that, he meant like he wanted to rip off his clothing no matter how he protested. It seemed like it didn't matter that he was scared. Robin was set on this.

(He looked at him like he would rip out his clothing, stuff it in his mouth, bend him over and stick his dick up his ass no matter how he protested. But, of course, he isn't the sub in this story, is he? Nope.)

" R-Rob...I'm not...I can't...wait..you're..serious?" he asked, like he was seeing him completely for the first time despite his mask being removed minutes before.

( Why so serious?) ( It was like some sort of fan boy amnesia.)

" I'm so fucking serious, KF, you don't even know...what I would do to you," he whispered, smirking.

( " You don't even know man! I mean, dude! Dude! You don't even know! I'm so gay for you, bro!")

" S-shit. I"m not gay! There isn't...no way!" Kid Flash shot up and tried to open the door and zip out, forgetting the lock and smacking into the wood.

( Hey, it rhymes. Now, I must compose a song about it...)( What are locks, anyway?) ( Smacking into Robin's wood, that is.)

He felt the warm pressure of Robin press against his back as his front was forced against the door. The brunette pressed his legs outside of his, making it impossible for him to merely spring free. Robin had apparently learned his lesson. He could feel his erection press flush against the hard wood of the door, meanwhile, his best friend's against his upper thigh. Hot against his skin, so little cloth between them.

( So little cloth and so little inhibitions. Also, lots and lots of wood.)

He bit his lip again, not knowing if this was worse than seeing those penetrating eyes staring right back into his soul. Robin knew. He had known for a while, now, hadn't he? He wondered just how long. Calloused, nimble fingers slid up his shirt and softly up his back, then fingernails raked down softly to his ass, reaching down his shorts to grope his ass . The other hand moved independently up to stroke up and down the lean muscle of his abdomen.

( It's totally worse, Wally.) ( Robin did know. Robin knows all.) (Calloused not from gymnastics, but from handling wood so often.)( He's quite coordinated, doing all those things at once.)

He heard Robin let out a breath of air, like he had been holding it, finger teasing the speedster's sides and running along his hip-bones. Wally resisted letting out a gasp as the hand slid up to catch a fistful of hair, pushing his face sideways against the door. Robin grunted as Wally tried to move his head out of his grasp.

(A fistful of hair. Much kinkier than a fistful of dollars.)

" Stop struggling around and let me do this right. You'll be happy I did, I promise," he said, drawing the words out sexily, and Wally believed him.

( " I'm not gonna rape you or anything. Geez. Okay, maybe I am." ) ( When one 'draws' out words sexily, it usually constitutes porn.)

There was a slight jingle of metal and a pull at both of his hands, and despite one hand pressing his head to the wood, Robin had just handcuffed him with a hand and a foot. He had used his toes...

( Handcuffed him with his toes. Dick Grayson, ladies and gentleman, the Kink Connoisseur!)

" Oh god," Wally mumbled out, not meaning for it to sound as excited as it did.

( " Oh fucking god, yes, Robin! Take me!")

He immediately shut his mouth, then Robin pushing his head into the door harder. He could practically see him smirking behind him, probably admiring the handiwork. The little kink. Wally had to admit, sometimes when Robin glared at him and smacked him for saying dumb things, he couldn't help a little tingle here or there...or maybe a very tight set of pants. Not that he would ever admit that. Nope.

( Wally had eyes on the back of his head, obviously.) ( Not a little kink, a very, very big kink.) ( Wally loved being called a naughty boy, not that he would ever admit it. Nope.)

" Now, relax. You really have the right to remain silent if you want, but I doubt you will want to when I'm done," he purred, fingers creeping up his shirt to slip over his chest.

( " You have the right to remain sexy.")

He found Wally's nipple and squeezed, a bit hard, down on it. Wally yelped, surprised by the pain, but also by the pleasure of it. He didn't know he was sensitive there. Robin's other hand crawled to join with the other, hips pushed against his thighs again, erection hard against the sensitive skin there. Both fingers worked at his nipples, and Wally couldn't help but buck into the door, muffling a cry. Slowly, the brunette went easier and easier on them, giving way to immense pleasure that surged down to his loins.

( None of them ever know where they are and aren't sensitive. It's something of a yaoi phenomenon) ( LOINS. JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT IN BOLD.)

Wally pressed his cheek against the warming wood, eyes tempted to close and just take in the feeling of his best friend's hand on him. For some reason, the cuffs were making him feel less embarrassed, like it wasn't him in control. He was the one being controlled, and it made it feel like it was okay for him to enjoy himself. He was merely hostage to the brunette's touch. Oh god, his touch. The fluttering in his stomach was no longer uncomfortable, but pleasurable. He let it take his body over, shaking as the Boy Wonder slipped his fingers under his waistband.

( Get it? The 'warming wood'? Hah.) ( Handcuffs taking away embarrassment. If only.)

His best friend took one squeeze and Wally writhed under him, toes curling and muscles tensing.

" F-fuck!" he moaned, partly against the door.

The hand started to strongly move up and down on his cock, skin prickling and veins popping as the brunette touched him just perfectly. He found himself lost,starting to grind against him, against the sweet friction. He could feel Robin's own erection twitch against his thigh, causing him to push his hips back and forth faster. His best friend began to tease his nipple again as he increased the quickness of his hand, and Kid Flash arched back, moaning gibberish as he got jacked off hard. He heard the Boy Wonder grunt every time Wally's ass and his clothed cock connected, slight precum wetting the fabric as it strained against his underwear.

( The hand started to move up and down his rooster.) ( His veins popped, and he died for the third time that night.) ( Still probably not gay.)

Wally bent himself over, cuffed hands straining to touch the teen giving him so much pleasure behind him. He grunted in frustration, but finally caught Robin's erection in his hands. Robin took the hint and slipped his briefs down, then went back to teasing his nipple. Kid Flash took the pulsing cock in both of his hands backwards, squeezing and beginning to match his pace. Wally could feel himself leaking faster, knowing he was close.

(He caught it in his hands, winning the game, and thus the season final.)

He smirked and groaned as he moved his hands up and down impossibly fast on his friend's member, causing the Boy Wonder's eyes nearly cross in pleasure as he vibrated.

( Vibrating handcuffs sound harsh.)

" Oh, f-fuck, Wally. T-that's too much, I'm gonna-uhn!" he pressed himself hard against the redhead as he came all over his vibrating hands, causing the sticky seed fly in different directions, some landing all over his chest and Wally's back.

( " Oh Wally! It's too much! No, I don't wanna cum! That would be so horrible! No!" Oh shut up, yaoi submissives!) ( I am actually surprised that I added in the fact that this was messy, although it probably got literally everywhere. Think a stray blender.)

" R-Rob. D-damn..y-you!" Wally cried out, muscles tensing and toes gripping the carpet as he came hard into his best friend's hand and all over the door, spasming over and over.

( Like a gay seizure.)

He moaned until he was spent, cock finally stopped twitching. Wally fell to his knees, Robin pulling his soaked hand out as he tripped a little on the speedster, falling onto him, breathing heavily.

( The only time Robin is actually off-balance, ever.)

" Dude. You just jacked me off," Wally breathed out, stunned and spent for the moment.

( No. Shit.)

" I know. You didn't have to return the favor," Robin answered, shivering in leftover pleasure on the floor next to him, smirking.

( Leftover pleasure, from the refrigerator.)

" I...fuck...I know. But...I..well...I couldn't just..you know," he stammered out.

Robin shook his head.

" You're going to have to speak coherently. Can't understand what you mean," the brunette teased, set on making Wally say the truth.

( Glad someone else agrees with me.)

" F-fine! I..wanted to," he mumbled a bit softly, breathing becoming more normal.

" Didn't know you were into cuffs. But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, you being Batman's prodigy and all," Wally chuckled, sighing as his body calmed down to a good, warm pleasure.

( " What is that supposed to mean?")

He felt Robin's arms around him, and he was content. He was still...maybe...a little embarrassed. But now, he could feel just how much he had just been holding everything back.

( He was whelmed.)

" So, are you going to stop pretending now?" Robin asked, leaning in and pulling the redhead's chin around.

( " Stop pretending I'm not gay? Never!")

" God, yes. You do that to me all night, baby, and I'll be in love with you by morning," Wally said, looking up into Robin's eyes.

( KF, you smooth talker.)

His best friend still looked lustful, yet had a satisfied grin on his face.

" I think you're already in love with me," he mused, making Kid Flash flush at the realization of what they had actually just done.

" Holy shit, dude. You just...I...wow," he breathed, eyes looking away," Could you maybe...erm..take these off?"

( " I was thinking of leaving them on all week, really." )

" Maybe after I'm sure you'll behave," the Boy Wonder smiled, pulling Wally into a wet and hungry kiss.

( He'll never behave. You'll have to leave them on forever.)