World Crisis Chapter 1 : A Problem at Last

A half-cat figurine stood on a table in a little green house. His fur was orange and cream colored, he wore a light gray suit, top hat and a tail coat. He also wore a red vest and a navy blue bow tie. In his gloved hands held a wooden cane.

This figurine was the Baron Humbert von Gikkingden, Lord of all Cats and was a creation. A creation is something someone made with all their heart and soul. And that thing would be given a soul. If a creation was made with someone with a kind, gentle, loving and caring soul, the creation's soul would be like that.

But if a creation was made by someone who had a evil, cold hearted and chaotic soul, the creation would be evil. Now, the Baron wasn't the only creation in the world. Oh yes, there were others like him. Like Toto his friend and companion, he was also a creation.

Toto was a stone crow that could come to life like the Baron. They stayed in a place where other creations stayed, a Creation Refuge. The two of them lived there, including a fat white cat with a brown ear spot called Muta.

Out of boredom, the Baron set up the Cat Bureau, a place where if anyone needed help, the could go there and ask. The Baron Humbert von Gikkingden was called Baron as it suited him better then 'Humbert'. Not many could keep a straight face while saying his first name so they called him Baron.

When the sun had set, Baron switched to his flesh form. He stretched and jumped down from the table. He switched on the lights in his house and hung his top hat, coat and cane on a coat rack. He then went to make his own special blend of tea.

This, was a usual hobby of Baron's. He liked to experiment with tea blends, you'd never know what his tea might taste next as it was always a bit different every time. After making the tea, Baron sat down in his favorite armchair and sipped his tea.

'Hmm…today's tea is a good batch,'Baron thought to himself. It was peace and quiet until he heard a howl from outside. Baron groaned inwardly. Toto and Muta were fighting again. Baron ignored them, he always do.

Everyday was the same: Get up, make tea and wait for someone who needs help while Toto and Muta bicker. Baron sighed. He wish there would be a client of some sort. Life was rather boring when there wasn't action and excitement.

Just as he was thinking of this, a blue light filled the refuge and a cat with dark fur and mismatched eyes of fire and ice stepped out. This cat was Prince Lune of the Cat Kingdom. He was the Cat King's only son and Baron's best friend. He looked troubled.

Baron put down his tea cup and rushed out of his house to greet him. "Good evening Lune, what brings you here?"asked Baron. Lune replied in a shaky voice "There's going to be a world crisis and it depends on 3 good creations opening the 'Gateway of Peace or Chaos'.

Baron stared at Lune in shock. The Gateway of Peace or Chaos was a gateway that brought either peace or chaos to the world depending on who opens it. "But why are you telling me this?"inquired Baron. Lune sighed and replied "3 dark creations are searching for it to bring chaos to the world."

Baron stared at Lune again. "But there's only me and Toto!"Baron exclaimed. But Lune shook his head and said "There is one more in this world and only that creation knows where the gateway is."

"Where is this creation?"asked Baron. "I only know she is here in Japan somewhere,"replied Lune. Baron thought hard 'Ok, Creation's here in Japan but don't know where the creation is."

"Lune, do you know whether the creation's a he or a she?"asked Baron. "A she,"replied Lune. "I must be going, my father is looking for me,"said Lune and another portal appeared. Lune waved goodbye and stepped into the portal. Muta and Toto were fighting while Lune was talking to Baron. "ENOUGH!"exclaimed Baron and they stopped. Baron then explained the problem to them and their eyes widened.

"We have to find her,"said Baron and the bickering duo nodded. Baron went inside his house and took his top hat, coat and cane. Toto took off and carried Muta, then he swooped down and Baron jumped on his back. The trio set off to find the remaining creation in order to save the world.

A/N : This is only the beginning. Will be updating soon.