Chapter 16

"So…" Sakura mumbled, trying to fill the awkward silence that suffocated the car. Receiving no response, she decided to push on. "So… that went well…" That only drew out a 'hn' from the stoic male and silence once again reigned in the back of the limo. Sakura fiddled with the sound system and relaxed slightly as music played through the speakers. "Oh yeah, you said you'd tell me what's up with your brother and Kisame?" she tried again, more hopeful this time.

"They're mates." After a small period of silence Sakura opened her mouth to question further but Sasuke cut her off, not quite able to wrap his brain around it and so, not wanting to talk about it. "I don't want to talk about it." His tone was final and left the pinkette pouting in vexation both at not being answered and at the fact he still looked and sounded so damn cool and sexy saying something so childish. It just wasn't fair.

"Then can we talk about your little temper tantrum at dinner?" she blinked innocently. She enjoyed annoying him, the sharpness of the glare he gave her and the vibe of rising irritation was all she could do to him, seeing as he was basically the terminator.

"No." he ground out, refusing to look at her. God how he wished he was driving, then he'd have a reason to outright ignore her. She was being so fucking annoying.

"Oh, that's too bad…" Sakura quickly recovered. "Then, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and just assume you and your dad have some unresolved issues. On the plus side your mom seems really great." Sakura smiled, thinking of the quirky young women who did not look her age. Honestly, she was somewhat jealous of how stunning his mum was, and she had a wonderful personality too. "It was nice that she invited me to go shopping with her tomorrow." She figured that would be her only way to get her stalker off her back for a while.

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched but he refrained from commenting, or he'd lose his temper. The annoying pinkette just couldn't seem to stop pushing his buttons. "Buy another dress, we're hosting a party on Saturday evening." Sakura blinked, surprised that topic didn't come up at dinner.

"You were in the garden." Sasuke didn't like to talk more than absolutely necessary. It was a fact. But, it seems that he had just enough luck to get the one type of mate that wouldn't shut up. So, before she could say anything else, Sasuke grabbed her wrist and pulled her across his lap. Sakura had no time to process the motion as a pair of irritatingly talented lips took control of her own. He had to hold back a chuckle when she moaned in aroused protest, fruitlessly trying to shove him away. She was strong for a human, but wow was the species weak.

"Sasuke!-mph- The driver!" she gasped out. Sasuke ignored her hissing and just locked their lips again, this time not letting up. "Mmmph!" Sakura squeaked, indignantly. 'The nerve of the fucking… fucking talented bastard.' She let out a soft keen before wrapping her arms around his shoulders, settling irately comfortable on the well-muscled thighs. She sighed softly as her tongue traced the sharp incisors, fingers digging into the material of his dress-shirt as she attempted to scramble closer to him. Sasuke was more than happy to take his mind off everything and drown in the delicious scent of his mate.

~At Sakura's house~

"Sasuke... please don't make me do this." Sakura begged. They were standing in her room, the catalyst to her current predicament, and surely lingering trauma.

"I'm not going to tell you again Sakura. Pack." The girl's lips trembled, lashes blinked back tears. With a huff she spun on her heel, going to grab a duffle bag from her wardrobe. She didn't want to stay with him, leave her home, her parents! The teen had to shake her head to ensure the tears didn't fall. Her fingers trembled as she gathered the necessary items. More than anything, the anger, the loneliness… she was so scared. Her reactions and quickly blossoming affections for the vampire prince was strange and concerning by itself… but her fear of him made the thought of moving in with Sasuke downright terrifying.

Sensing the budding hysteria, Sasuke's eyes flashed red, blanketing calm vibes over Sakura's psyche. Her thoughts, her fear of him, though it felt exactly as it should, a small part of his soul ate at his conscience. This was the women he was going to spend the rest of eternity with. The future mother of his children. Essentially, she was his ball of light in the vast dark domain that is his mind. He'd seen hints of genuine happiness that sparkled her sea-green orbs, the wide smile she gave to those she cared for, he felt the warmth of her love for family and friends. He wanted all of that, all of her. It was his right.

If that's what you want, maybe just be nicer to her?

I don't do nice. She will love me as I am. I do not need to change for her affection.

I mean it can't hurt-but, then we just have to be patient.

I don't do patient.

Sakura now stood, bag clutched tightly in her hand, slung reluctantly over her shoulder. The barrage of thoughts screaming 'I don't wanna go' and 'Don't make me' as well as the uneasiness exuding from every pore of her body was giving him a migraine. Letting out a suffering sigh Sasuke closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose, before opening them and gazing down at his beautiful lover.

"Sakura." He muttered. Her eyes flicked over to him from below her lashes. Slowly he reached for her chin, tilting her head back as he leaned down and pressed their lips together. It was a gentle caress, a barely there ghosting of each-others lips, the most tender kiss Sakura could ever imagine. She stood before him, stunned, as he drew away. His mate's eyes searched his own, the need for clarity overwhelming her. A manipulative power coiled within the prince, feeding on the ease with which he controls her. Such a heady feeling.

"Sasuke?" she murmured in response, eyes still boring into his own. A strong warmth flooded the tiny body as her lover brushed her cheek with the backs of his knuckles. He was being so gentle, so different from before. Her head spun with confusion and a feeling of disassociation. It was as if a stranger stood before her. The disconnect made her antsy, and she couldn't help reaching for his hand, curling her small fingers into the large palm. "Everything okay?"

The question caught him off guard, warming his insides in a way he hadn't felt in centuries. Sasuke's eyes softened slightly, against his will, before steeling up again. But Sakura saw it, and he knew that. As much as it irritated him, that small moment of vulnerability, he was sure he could use it to his advantage, since Sakura was clearly affected. "You're going to be my wife Sakura, we're soul bound… it's not in my nature to regret… but, I know I could have made you mine differently." Sakura blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting such a confession.

A small, honest, smile lit her face as she ducked her head bashfully. "Thanks, Sasuke…kun." She tried out the new name with slight embarrassment, happily recognizing the apology for what it seemed. Sasuke was right, she may not have had much of a choice, nor did she have any now, but this man was going to be around for a very long time, they were going to be… together. And if she was being completely honest, Sakura could no longer deny the attraction she felt wasn't just physical, she was becoming heavily emotionally invested in him. She craved his touch, but she also craved his watchful eyes, his rough voice, his snarky demeanor, the soul consuming possessiveness, and the security of his protection. But most of all… she found herself wishing to draw out his smile… she wanted to make him happy. The revelation made the pinkette pause, freezing under the concerned gaze of her 'fiancé'. 'Holy shit I'm falling in love with him.'