Changes and Truths

Disclaimer: no copyright intended. hopefully you like my story in case it hasn't been figured out jacob is a made up character.

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She wanted to pick up the phone so many times and call him but each time she did, she reminded herself that this was for the best. They couldn't last, as much as the two of them love each other they weren't going to be able to last, the two had lost the trust between them. Its one thing to back her up on the job but it's another thing to close the one thing that was keeping her going because there weren't any new leads. The thought that closing it was for the best to try and save their relationship wasn't going to cut it. So that's why Carrie Wells just up and quit her job. She had no reason to be a cop right now, the case she's been trying to solve was put to bed by her partner and former boyfriend Al Burns and she couldn't handle not having that case to fall back on. Leaving was for as much her own good as for that of protection of the one person that she wasn't sure the two of them would be ready for, heck, she wasn't ready for it but it was something she was looking forward to.

Within the first year of being away from the job, Carrie gave birth to a little boy Jacob Thomas Wells. She figured even though it's her ex-boyfriends son, the little boy didn't need to have a different name, then her it'll just confuse him when he gets older. While traveling around the states with her little boy she took in many things and taught Jake a lot of things until she had to return to New York for her mom. The small family moved into a simple one-bedroom apartment in Queens while Carrie got her mom settled into a nursing home that is capable to take care of seniors with her mom's type of needs.

Everything was going great; Carrie had found a great school for Jacob and an excellent after-school centre for him. Her only problem had to be the murder of her upstairs neighbour it brought back into her life one person she hoped to never have to see again, Al. Seeing him brought back memories that Carrie wasn't ready to relive quite yet and made her secret that much harder now to protect. Yet in true Carrie fashion, she managed to find a way to keep her boy safe and still help Al, but coming back to the force wasn't in her plans. There was just something about Al that always seemed to drag her back in; he had this way about him. he was like the only guy who treated her right, respected her and never pushed her into anything that he knew she wasn't ready for. For some reason as much as she tried to fight coming back she knew that being a police officer brought her a sense of peace that she needed at times.

It doesn't seem to help that from time to time now she goes off into her mind and remembers a time when her and Al were together and happy. Trying to keep Jacob a secret can be very hard at times but the few people who she truly trusts with him are amazing people and until she's ready to tell Al, Jake s going to stay her little secret.

"Hey Carrie, I got to know something?" asked Roe Sanders

"What Roe?" asked Carrie

"What do you think is going on between the boss and Elaine right now?" asked Roe out of hopes that Carrie could read body language

"How am I suppose to know? It's not like I'm inside the room with them," replied Carrie frustrated with Roe's simplicity at times

"I know sorry it's just that..." started Roe

"Come on, Roe you go over this every time the two of them have a fight after the team goes bowling. It's none of our business," replied Mike Costello

"Well you can't tell me Mike that she's happy with not having a family after seeing all those parents there with their kids, last night" stated Roe

"Yeah I do but there still pretty early into their relationship, to even need to think about that," replied Mike hoping to put an end to this conversation

"Why weren't you at bowling last night Carrie have a hot date or something?" asked Nina Inara following Mike's lead

"Or something I had plans and no you guys don't need to know about it" answered Carrie looking straight at Roe as she said that

"I'm cool with that, but you missed one heck of a game. It was three on two Al and Elaine against the three of us and we won," replied Roe conceding to Carrie's stare

"That's only because I was having an off night, nice to see you Carrie, so sad you couldn't join us last night. But don't you worry Elaine wants a rematch tomorrow after work and everybody has to be there" replied Al Burns coming out of his office while Elaine was already halfway down the hall

"Sorry can't have somewhere else that I need to be, can't change it for anything" replied Carrie hoping that would be it

"Then bring it along, I know you're not seeing Alice so you can bring whoever it is along with you" replied Al

"Not going to happen, Al" stated Carrie getting very guarded

"Too bad Carrie, you have to be there," stated Al

"Fine but I'm going to be late I can't miss what I have scheduled just because of some bowling game" replied Carrie frustrated with the way Al went about getting her to attend the game

"Fine" responded Al. Great now she had to do was figure out some way to keep Jake from having to come to the bowling game. Luckily enough it was on a Friday, which meant no school for him the next day meaning he could maybe sleepover at a friend's house.

That night after work while Jake was doing his homework and Carrie was making dinner, Carrie had to figure out how exactly she was going to get out of the bowling night. Somehow, Carrie who never forgets a thing seemed to have somehow let it slip her mind that her little boy was going to a sleepover birthday party who were going to be going bowling on Friday night at the same bowling alley that they were going to be at. Now all she had to do was figure out some way to keep the group from finding out about Jake, especially Al.

"Mommy, what did we get Kevin for his birthday again?" asked Jake

"In your words we got him one of the best Beyblade fighters out there, at least that's only because you don't have it" replied Carrie with a small smirk on her face

"Okay, okay. Don't quote me; it's hard enough trying to get away with things when you don't forget any of it" replied Jake

"And don't you forget that mister" came Carrie's response to that

"I won't so are you going to help supervisor the bowling party with Missus Francis?" asked Jake changing the topic

"No buddy I can't make it, I have to work. But you might see me at the bowling alley you just can't acknowledge me" replied Carrie disappointed that she won't be able to see her little man bowling

"Work involves bowling? Or are you being made to go by your fellow officers?" asked Jake out of surprise

"Forced to go buddy I tried to get out of it but they won't let me," responded Carrie

"In that case I guess I can forgive you but you'll have to tell Missus Francis that, because I'm not very good at that" replied Jake still hurt by her not being able to come anymore

"Don't worry I will now how about you wash up and we have dinner, sound good?" asked Carrie

"Okay, sounds good to me," replied Jake as he rushed off to go wash his hands. It amazed Carrie how much at times Jake is like Al, they both approach situations in a similar if not the same manner.

Shortly after finishing dinner Carrie called Michelle Francis and informed her of the change of plans for Friday night, then she went onto explain to her how she has yet to inform her colleagues about Jake. With that said Michelle automatically figured out what it was that Carrie was asking of her, to help her keep the secret especially once she was told that Jake's biological dad would be at the bowling alley as well. That was something Carrie never thought she was ever going to give up to anybody, at least not yet that is. Michelle knew that what she was told by Carrie was in strict confidence so she swore that nobody was going to find out about it.

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