Greeting to my readers, new and old alike! Here I have it-the first Night World/Hunger Games crossover ever! Or, at least, the only one I could find on fanfiction. Being my first crossover, it migh be a little iffy, but I hope that you like it!

And it is with great sorrow that I admit that I do not own the Hunger Games or the Night World series. Suzanne Collins and L.J. Smith do.

This story picks up once the members of Circle Daybreak have been imprisoned and are in various stages of reacting to the news that a letter sent to all of them contains. Enjoy!


"I can't believe it!" exploded Poppy upon reading the notice in her hand. "It's not possible!"

"Shush, Poppy, It can't be that bad," soothed James, her best friend and soulmate, gently pulling the crumpled paper from her hand.

His pale face became even whiter as he read the text. "Oh," was all he could say in the end. "Oh, well, that's bad," he murmured.

Poppy did not respond. She was too busy staring blankly at the black walls of their prison cell. "I wondered why they didn't kill off when they caught us," she finally managed to choke out. "I suppose now we know."

"Oh, Poppy," James whispered, pulling the petite vampire into a tight hug. "It'll be alright."


"Ooh, I could just kill them all!" screamed Mary Lynnette, kicking the stone wall will all her might. "Ow!" she moaned.

"Careful," Ash cautioned her. "The wall is much harder than a shin."

"Very funny," she snapped. "Now tell me, genius, what are going to do with the situation at hand?"

"Win, of course. Together."

"Ha!" Mary-Lynnette retorted. "So you'd kill your friends, your cousin, and your sisters? Even I know you were never that ruthless."

"I'm trying to prioritize!" Ash roared. "It's soulmates first, always! I didn't give up everything for you just to lose you later!"

Rowan, Kestrel, Jade, and Mark

"A challenge," Kestrel cooed. "It's like a hunt, nothing more."

"I don't want this," Jade whispered as Mark pulled her into a hug. "I don't want to kill those we've been working with."

"Please!" snorted Kestrel. "It's not as if we have much a choice."

"Oh, Jade, I'm so sorry," murmured Rowan. "But there's nothing we can do now."

"All we can do is hope to win," Mark said. "And I won't leave you Jade, no matter what happens."


"It's preposterous!" Eric cried, slamming his frist into the wall.

"I told you the night world was not that nice a place," Thea responded quietly.

"We can still win, you know."

"Please, Eric, don't start."

"But, Thea, we could."

"Don't be stupid," she scoffed. "Neither one of us was willing to harm that snake back when we met; imagine us trying to kill people."

Eric sighed, collapsing against the wall. "I love you, witch," he whispered, remembering the first time he'd said those words. Back then, his and Thea's futures had stretched out in a clear path. Now, he felt that they would both die within the next few weeks.


"I can't believe that they'd force us to kill each other!" Gilligan spluttered. "I don't care how cruel they told me the night world was, I'm still supposed to be a part of them!"

"Jill, I don't think that matters," David sighed wearily. "They're angry, and we upstaged them. All they want is a little revenge."

"But-to die…I'm not ready. I don't want to die."

"C'mon, Gilligan. We've both seen the afterlife. If anyone of us should be prepared to die, it would be us."

"Yes," she admitted. "I've always wanted to know what was behind that door, the day I came back…"


"This was the best excuse for revenge that they could come up with?" Quinn snorted in contempt.

"Actually, I think it's plenty horrible," Rashel responded. "Think about it, Quinn-we'll have to take them all out before we can win. I gave up killing!"

"I don't care! All I want is for you to win! And if that means personally killing everyone else in these 'Games' of theirs, I swear I'll do it, Rashel Jordan!"


"Well, we know who won't win," Thierry whispered dejectedly. "I'll never break the promise I made, back when you were Hana."

"And I won't kill again, if I can help it," Hanna responded. "Maya was bad enough. And that was justified. These orders, I…I can't comply."

"Do you think I could be an Old Soul?" Thierry asked. "I was ment to be, before I was changed."

"I don't know. Maya said that vampires don't come back."

"At least you'll return."

"I'm not sure I'd want to."


It'll be just like our days in the gang, Jez thought.

"True," Morgead responded. Jez hadn't even felt him read her thoughts, a testament to just how out of it she was. "It's too bad that we're no longer the same people," he mused.

"Oh, shut up," Jez snarled. "I know you'd love to go back to the thrill of the hunt."

The pair stared at each other, silent.


"Oh, isn't this just great?"

Delos studied Maggie's face with intense concentration. "Sure," he said sarcastically.

"Oh, you're impossible! Be serious for one moment, please!"

"Would you prefer I be realistic? We're all going to kill our close friends, and then we'll die."

Maggie scowled and turned away. "Unbearable," she muttered.

Delos was not entirely certain whether she was referring to him or to the letter.


Keller growled, a low sound deep in her throat, and ripped the notice to shreds.

"What's wrong?" Galen questioned her.

"It's…it's…ugh!" Keller spluttered, too angry to continue. This! She exclaimed, showing him the gist of the letter in her mind.

Oh, Galen responded. I see.

"I am not going to give them the satisfaction of me dying!"

"Well, what can we do?"

"Fight our way out! And how can they kill you, anyway? You're supposed to be important to the Night World!"

Illiana and Blaise (NO, not a pairing by any means, I just decided to stick them together in a cell to expedite the first chapter. They're cousins, for crying out loud!)

Illiana sniffled quietly in a corner while Blaise paced the small chamber angrily.

She trailed her hands through her smoky hair and kicked the wall. "Those…those…ugh!" she exclaimed, unable to find a curse word bad enough to describe the Joint Council.

Illiana aimed her hand at the iron doorway that contained them, but she was unable to summon even regular orange witch-fire, much less the blue fire of a Wild Power.

"What's the point of being a witch," she hissed, "If we have absolutely no powers?"

Blaise did not respond to her cousin's complaints. Instead, she fixed her furious, smoldering gaze upon the doorway, as if her wrath alone could free them.

The Letter:

It is henceforth announced as public knowledge that the leaders of Cirle Daybreak have been apprehended and are being held in custody by order of the Joint Council. As punishment for breaching every law the Night World upholds, the rebels will be executed.

Each of the twenty-four chosen members of Circle Daybreak shall be trained in the art of combat before being released into an Arena. Within this Arena, the tributes will fight to the death, until a single pair remains. They alone shall be pardoned.