Little Red Riding Hood

By: The God of Infinity

Chapter 1

There once was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She lived in a small cottage with her mother at the edge of a great forest. The small golden haired girl would pass her days away picking flowers and wild berries for her mother. Indeed, Little Red Riding Hood lived a carefree and happy life.

One day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother approached her with a basket full of warm home-baked oatmeal cookies, delectable vanilla cakes, and rich cherry pies.

"Come, my dear daughter. Thy grandmother has fallen ill and these desserts shall heal her soul. Go now my child, make thy way speedily along the pathways of the forest and ye shall find thy ailing grandmother within her humble cottage."

The mother gave Little Red Riding Hood a warm white hooded cloak so as to protect her from the forest's chill. The cloak did not match the young girl's unique name, but then again, what is in a name? "Go now my child, and extend not your visit within the forest beyond the appointed time."

Little Red Riding Hood obeyed her mother's wishes and, with basket in hand, set off down the pathway that led into the gaping mouth of the darkened forest.

Once Little Red Riding Hood had departed, an old woman draped in a black cloak appeared before the young girl's mother.

"Hast thou something to eat for an aging soul?"

The mother brought the old woman into the safety of her home.

"Thou shalt have cold water to drink, but the bread of my home has gone away. For not a moment before thou didst appear, I sent my young daughter into the forest to the home of her grandmother."

The old woman seemed taken aback as though she had just been accused of a crime she did not commit. "What hast thou done? Know ye not that those trees harbor a great many evils? Wo be unto the soul that wandereth down those strange paths that lead into the forest! For their soul is lost forever, and the Wolf hath all power over them."

The mother was frightened by what the old woman had said. She quickly ran outside to see if Little Red Riding Hood was still on the path, but she was too late. The dark forest had already swallowed up the little girl.

Author's Notes: Don't forget to read Chapter 2!