Chapter 1- Hera's Revenge

Alright, so this is my first attempt at a Percy Jackson fanfic, and I feel as though I need to make a couple of things clear.

One, I did not read the Heroes of Olympus books and only have vague knowledge about it.

Two, this is obviously AU, so there will be differences from cannon, many differences

Three, pairing is undecided, but I made a poll for people to vote on.

Like most days Hera, the queen of Olympus, goddess of marriage and woman, and the most cheated on wife since the beginning of time, was pissed off sitting in her favorite revenge chair.

Hera, like what anyone would expect from a goddess, was absolutely stunning having her long chocolate hair woven with golden braids and wearing a white dress that seemed to shin and ripple with every movement she took.

But as I was saying, the immortal goddess was pissed off and why you may ask? Well she found out that her supposed husband Zeus had once again cheated on her for some mortal, and had once again gotten that mortal pregnant with a daughter and had been seeing the woman for the past 4 or 5 something years.

And so, like always, she wanted some sort of retribution against him, something that could really tick him off. He needed something that would tell him to stop going and pissing on their marriage, mind you something she never wanted to have in the first place, and start respecting their pact.

Of course she couldn't ask that he stop having demigod children since that would be idiotic as demigods were needed to help the gods with tasks and what not. But she couldn't defend his actions with that now could she. He had made a pact with their brothers Hades and Poseidon not to have any more children ever since that prophesy came out about how their children will have to make some decision or something that will change the fate of Olympus.

However, now Hera was completely stuck on what she should do for retribution against Zeus having run out of possible ideas on what she could do to him and too his offspring. So, Hera decided to get some help.


Assembling around Hera was the most unlikely trio of goddess that anyone could predict.

One of them was even more stunning then Hera, having perfectly wavy long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a sleeveless white dress with gold armbands. This could only be one goddess, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and other pleasures. She was fixing her already perfect makeup with her legs crossed, and all the time looking as seductive as she could, even though there were only girls in the near proximity.

Another one ,who was slightly less beautiful as Aphrodite, had slightly curly shoulder length auburn hair, silver eyes and a silver huntress dress with a silver tiara on her head. This was Artemis, goddess of the moon and the hunt, who was sitting at attention waiting for her step mother and taking glances at Aphrodite and rolling her eyes at her antics.

And the last one the goddesses was just as beautiful as the first, with long black hair and the most intense grey eyes you could have seen, if she wasn't sticking her nose in her book. She wore a white dress similar to Hera and wore a gold headband. This was Athena, goddess of wisdom and reason.

Now you may ask why Hera would surround herself with daughters of Zeus. Well to put it simply, she was able to bond a little with each of her step daughters over the past millennia's.

Aphrodite being the goddess of love and Hera the goddess of marriage, they were constantly aiming for the same thing, to establish loving and long lasting marriages, even though neither of them had one. So natural, after some of Hera's spit had calmed down, they were able to get along quite nicely. It also helped that both of them had a sense of a need for perfection.

Artemis, being the stalwart defender of woman that she is, would go man hunting on any man who went on cheat on their wife, although she couldn't go and hunt her father when he cheated on her step mother for obvious reasons. When she did, she was often accompanied by Hera, also a major feminist, who like to deal out the punishment to them just as much as Artemis. So, the two of them had created a little mother daughter type game, who can torture the man the most.

And then Athena, who out of the three goddesses she had bonded the least with. Athena, who was the pure offspring of Zeus himself, had in the past made Hera very angry because of that which had led her to have Hephaestus, who we all now was 'dropped' by Hera at birth. But Athena, like Hera, had a sick sense for getting revenge on people namely Poseidon, Arachne and Poseidon which had caused the two to consult one another for ideas on how to exact their revenge. It also helped that Athena was the smartest being on Olympus.

So the four goddesses sat around in a circle, Hera with a pad of paper and pen readying to take notes, Aphrodite doing her makeup, Artemis waiting patiently and Athena enjoying her book of the day.

"So Hera" Aphrodite said, adding a little more lipstick to her already perfect lips "why did you call us?"

"Zeus did it again" Hera said scowling causing both Artemis and Athena to scowl with her while Aphrodite raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" Aphrodite said "was she good looking?"

Artemis rolled her eyes at her half-sister. "Out of all the things you can ask, you ask if she was good looking."

Aphrodite tried to pretend to be hurt, but obviously her acting skills were abysmal in front of a bunch of woman who weren't affected by her charm "Well I'm sorry for wondering"

"Well it was a stupid thing to ask" Athena commented not looking up from her book. "Father never went for anyone who wasn't good looking"

"So what's the plan Hera?" Artemis asked. "You obviously called us because you want to teach father a lesson, so spit it out."

"That's the problem I don't know" Hera said exasperated. "I mean I can go after his child, but that is so Hades. I could try and cut off his genitals, but that has already been done before and Apollo would probably just heal them back. I need something that will last, something that will be a constant reminder that he can't just go around and have children without my consent."

"Well I think it's obvious" Aphrodite said, "Have a child of your own."

"Tried that" Hera said, "and that plan kind of… backfired both times" she muttered.

"Alright Ares is not a golden child but Hephaestus isn't that bad" Athena said. "I mean no offense, but you were acting like a bitch when you threw him off Olympus"

"I was really, really, really angry" Hera said exasperated. "I was hoping for a child that could out do you to make Zeus look stupid, but of course I messed up"

"Well he is pretty crafty" Aphrodite said off handily. "Points for creativity?"

"Oh your one to talk" Artemis said. "You cheat on him all the time with Ares or any other god you find."

Aphrodite rolled her eyes "I'm sorry but being the goddess of love and pleasure means I need love and pleasure. Hephaestus is more metal then man. Besides, only Ares is open on most days"

"So the child idea won't work" Hera said hoping to switch the topic from Aphrodite's extravagant sex life.

"Well duh" Aphrodite said. "It won't work if you have a child by yourself, but let's say you have a child with someone else…"

"Are you suggesting I cheat on my husband?" Hera asked.

"No, I'm suggesting you just get pregnant for fun" Aphrodite said sarcastically. "Of course I'm telling you to cheat on him!"

"I have never cheated before in my whole existence" Hera said proudly. "Doing so would destroy that reputation and my own pride."

"Hera" Artemis said. "Zeus has been shitting on your so called pride for a while now."

"Still" Hera said, "Its wrong, immoral and against my ethics."

"I believe that it is a great idea" Athena said. "Maybe one of the reasons why Zeus never stops having children behind your back is because you never do the same to him. He doesn't know what it feels like to have someone else be with his spouse. The one time you tried to have a child you did it by yourself and that failed."

"Let's take a vote" Aphrodite said. "Who here thinks that Hera should find a guy and get knocked up?"

All three of the goddesses raised their hands while Hera crossed her arms a huffed. "Well fine, ill bear a child of someone else."

"But it can't be just anybody's child" Athena said. "You need to have a godly child so that the effect remains permanent."

"So who do you think I should have a child with?" Hera asked.

Aphrodite closed her make up case and looked at her stepmother with an evil glint in her eye. "I know exactly who you should have sex with."


Hera, after consulting her little consul of schemers found herself in the underwater city of Atlantis, the home of her older brother Poseidon.

She could not believe that she was actually going to Poseidon to have a child, but the three goddesses had here convinced that he would be the best god to have a child with to cause the most damage to Zeus.

Their reasons were very simple.

Athena had said by having a child with Poseidon, who is the elder brother of Zeus, would be more painful for him to bear then for Hera having a child with one of Zeus's offspring. Also by having a child with Poseidon, her child would have a chance of becoming an Olympian rather than just a minor god since Hera was the queen and Poseidon is one of the big three.

Artemis had agreed with Athena and had also said that Hera could go to Hades, but the problems with that was his strained relationship with the Olympians and the fact that he is so doom and gloom.

Aphrodite had just said that Poseidon was defiantly the hottest choice and would provide the best sexual experience. Real helpful.

She walked straight into his throne room, where two thrones sat each being occupied.

On the left was a woman with long black hair and a crown made of shells. She wore a blue and green coral dress and on top of her head she had crab claws acting like horns. She was Amphitrite, the queen of the sea and goddess to all of the sea creatures that inhabited it.

On her right was none other than Poseidon, wearing what seemed to be blue Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts and a pair of flip-flops. He had short black hair and well cut facial hair that clashed well with his sea green eyes and tan.

"Well isn't this a surprise" Poseidon said. "Welcome sister to my palace under the sea."

Hera took a little look around and decided it was nice being able to see the natural environment of the sea, but nowhere near as nice as Olympus in her opinion.

"Its lovely brother" Hera said, "but I didn't come here just to visit"

"Of course not" Poseidon said, looking a little bit hurt. "You always are sneaking around. What has Zeus done this time, steal your underwear? Find one of his past lovers on Olympus and have himself a little orgy?"

"He had another demigod child with a mortal" Hera said and surprisingly, even though the other things sounded worst, this seemed to not humor Poseidon but rather anger him.

"HE WHAT!" Poseidon yelled.

"I see you're not very happy with it either" Hera said.

"We had a pact" Poseidon said angrily, his hands curled into tight fists. "We agreed no more demigod children because of the prophesy."

"Oh yeah that" Hera said nonchalantly, "I didn't come here because of that. I need to ask a favor from you."

"Hopefully this favor of yours will make Zeus pay for betraying our pact" Poseidon growled. "Amphitrite dear, can you please leave us so that Hera can ask this in private?"

Amphitrite was about to get up before Hera said "actually I would rather have her here when I ask this."

Poseidon nodded and Amphitrite returned to her seat. "So what do you need Hera?"

"I need you to have sex with me and give me a child"


I took a little convincing, but in the end Hera was able to get Poseidon to agree and help her make a child. Since the child would be god, Poseidon wouldn't be breaking the oath that he and his brothers had made since the child born from them had to be a half blood. And the fact that he had always wanted to have sex with Hera was a bonus. In fact, the whole thing turned into a threesome for Poseidon when his real wife Amphitrite asked if she could help. Yep, there was nothing that was going to make him from saying no to that deal.

So nine months later Hera had finally given birth to hers and Poseidon's child, a boy, and this time done perfectly.

Standing around her were her partners in crime Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Poseidon and Amphitrite all of them looking very pleased with themselves. Lying on the bed was Hera who held a bundle of blue blankets with a child who was feeding from Hera's breast. The child inside looked almost exactly like Poseidon with little specs of black hair, sea green eyes and the same natural tan, except he had a couple of facial features that definitely came from Hera.

"You know" Artemis said "seeing Hera holding that baby kind of makes me want to break my vow and have one myself"

"Don't worry, the feeling will pass as soon as he starts crying" Amphitrite said.

"So what is his name?" Poseidon asked, very happy that he had another child.

Hera looked at her child, the first child she had ever had with another man and smiled. "His name is Perseus." She then kissed him on the top of his forehead "my little destroyer"

So tell me how that was a for an attempt at a PJO story. I would greatly appreciate some help with the story if anyone is offering to consult with me on the plot.

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