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The snow lay in foot high drifts along the hills and pine forests, the sunlight reflecting off of it in the cold, clear mountain air. A lovely mountain lodge made of timbers, lay nestled on the outskits of the woods, mountains on both sides.

Little wifts of smoke rise from it's stone chimneys, the bright windows looking warm and enviting. Icicles hang from the eves of the building, light reflecting off of them from the windows, it almost looks like a giant ginger bread house.

Inside there are saunas and steam rooms, message therapists, room service, cable tv, and even a concert hall. Oh, what luxury!

The smell that rises in the air, of hot chocolate and warm comfort food, burning wood; all mixing with the smell of the pine forests, it's exactly what a mountain lodge should smell like.

Oh, Switzerland, so charming, so picturesque, so perfect for a relaxing vacation...yeah right.

This is where three weeks of absolute chaos took place. And it all begun thanks to everone's favorite playwright, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Of course, he can't take all the credit, T.S. Eliot just had to follow his cat, Old Deteronomy, back to the old junkyard he liked to slip off to at night.

There, Sir Eliot found out about the Jellicles, and was allowed to be the first human witness to the secret lives cats live. He was allowed to witness a Jellicle Ball, he was allowed to interview and get to know the Jellicles that lived at that time, and with permission, he wrote poems about some of cats the junkyard mystics that lived at that time predicted would be born in the future, as well as the one about Old Deteronomy himself.

And the rest, as we all know it, is history.

The musical was the most famous, most successful, and longest running in Broadway history. I mean, come on, seven frick'in Tony Awards! And now they were going to adapt it to film.

Andrew and his crew had scoward the world for the perfect cast, and had found it. A cast of the greatest performers that they could get there hands on, some constantly in the show, others coming back into their old roles after being absent, oh, but it was such a great combination of stars.

Elaine Paige, Sir John Mills, Ken Page, Micheal Gruber, and many others who became famous because of the film, including favorites like Jacob Brent and John Partridge.

But how did they pull it all off so well? How did they all fall into their roles so convincingly, that it seemed they weren't just acting as the characters, they became the characters?

It's all because of that dang ski trip that Sir Webber insisted they all go on to get acquainted before filming began.

He figured it would be good for them to get to know each other before they started filming, but he also had a second agenda: meeting the actual cats they were playing.

Jacob meeting the real Mistoffelees, John meeting the Rum Tum Tugger, Michael meeting Munkustrap, and so on and so fourth.

So, with the permission of Old Deuteronomy, Andrew brought all the Jellicles in the musical to Switzerland, (with a bit of magic, of course, otherwise they'd have to deal with six month isolation when they got back to England), and rented a huge lodge for the entire cast and all the Jellicles to stay in. This way, they could intermingle without having to worry about dropping the Jellicle secret, as well as getting some much needed rest before filming began.

So this is the story of what happened, how the Jellicles met the actors playing them, the crazy stuff they did while hanging out together, but it's mostly the story of a vacation gone wrong in every possible, super excitingly fun way!

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