Love knows no Equal

Shirogane's final thoughts as he reached his hand out for Akira's and though they never touched his thoughts reach out to him and touch his heart.

"Akira, the time I spent searching for you became a distant blur since I found you. Our connection stronger than fate itself I never stopped looking. The memories of our first encounter and the days that ensued, come flooding into my mind as this our final moment, shall be engraved in my memory forever. Though I fade away the power you have given me courses through me, filling my being with life but in order to fully recover I must leave. With the kiss we just shared my heart is all a quiver and I hope you know my feelings were never a joke …"

Shiroganes final words echo through Akira's head and like a whisper he's gone from Akira's eyes, dissolved into the wind. He drops to his knees with an outstretched hand, speechless and then he retracts his hand and looks at it longingly. Aya, Kengo, Kou, and Haruka all look on with worried expressions not knowing what to say and they look at each other wondering what to do. Then Akira stands and turns with his eyes hidden under his hair as he says.

"Let's go guys" Akira's voice devoid of feeling and his usual self confidence seemed drained from him. He begins to walk passed them and motions for them to follow. They all follow suit wondering quietly what to do but they all make a quiet pact to give him time to heal, as they all make their way out of the dark, dreary, catacombs where the final battle had taken place.

Over the next few days Akira was rather distant, Aya and Kengo stopped by to check up on him and bring his homework. Akira invites them in and visits with them but they can tell that he is rather drained and distant while he forces his usual nonchalant attitude. Kou and Haruka as well stop by to check on him every now and then only to find he is but a shell.

Akira spends his days reminiscing on what he experienced, who he met, and the friends he made over the time he spent fighting the kokuchi beside Shirogane. Remembering all the little things he did to show his feeling s and thinking back to how he always thought they were jokes. Akira stares up at the ceiling as a picture of Shirogane appears of him, smiling and waving then it slowly fades. Akira reaches up and whispers.

"Shirogane" while he is taken over by sleep his eye sight fades to darkness. In his dreams Akiras mind floods of images of Shirogane protecting him from fatal wounds from the giant kokuchi, Nanaya's relentless attack, and all the times the kokuchi got too close, Shirogane was always there to protect him. Then up to the point where they fought Homurabi how Shirogane was injured. Then his memories are overcome by a dark blackness which envelopes the entire view and all of a sudden Akira appears and is standing over the darkness illuminated by a single light. Followed by an entity that comes from the darkness in front of Akira, it has a gelatinous form then it takes shape to copy Akira accept it is his shin side holding its two giant knives with black hair and red eyes.

He speaks to Akira who is in shock with a cold voice similar to his but devoid of emotion and monotone.

"Well if it isn't my other half."

"What are you doing here? I returned you to Shirogane" Akira says while he raises his fists ready to fight if necessary.

"Ha im your doppelganger you lost that day when you left Shiroganes barrier I was revived by Homurabi and sent to put an end to you." Raising his knives he dashes forward making a bee line for Akira who is caught by surprise but just in the nick of time moves aside dodging his slash.

"Not bad but looks like your defenseless, cant tap into your rei powers yet eh, well that's good and without Shirogane you can't … win!" again he dashes forward and slashes only to find his jaw slammed by one of Akira's fist. Being knocked off guard Akira grabs a knife out of the evil dopples hand and slashes finding his attack blocked by the knife in his opponents opposite hand. They meet in a stand still each exerting their strength trying to overpower the other when shadow Akira does a flip connecting his foot with Akira's face knocking him back, taking this opportunity he slashes at him Akira reacts fast enough to block it the two start to clash slashing back and forth meeting each slash with opposition. They meet once again in a stand still then shadow Akira laughs and then says.

"Really impressive but I'm done fooling around!" Akira's double then pushes him back and starts to spin around in the air as he throws out a kick which connects with Akira's side sending him flying while dropping the knife. The doppelganger quickly grabs the knife and dashes forward; Akira who is still flying back is completely off guard, then the shin Akira slashes at him about end it when he's met with a barrier that knocks him back. Akira lands and is confused as he gets to his feet as fast as possible while he is surrounded by the barrier. With a flash of light something appears inside the barrier in front of Akira, it is too bright to see but the figure is human and with an incredibly fast movement it flashes right towards Akira's double and with a quick slash is caught by surprise. He blocks the attack but is quickly forced off his feet and knocked back incredibly far.

"What was that?" he questions getting to his feet and staring down the light when all of a sudden you see a look of fear in his eyes and he quickly vanishes from sight.

Akira looks on dumbfounded not sure what to make of the situation when he steps out of the barrier and the figure in light is finally revealed. It is none other than Shirogane standing before him with his silver hair tied in a pony tail flowing and a warm smile on his face and his eyes reflecting Akira. Seeing this Akira's face goes from confusion to one of joy upon seeing him and he dashes forward and meets Shirogane in a warm embrace.

"Akira, I won't let anyone hurt you." He says embracing Akira back.

While the two share a passionate embrace far off Homurabi is watching and says.

"Shirogane is still alive eh"

With that the chapter draws to a close let me know what you think.