Chapter 6

While Kou was fighting Shirogane Aya, and Kengo fought off the army of kokuchi, slicing and dicing, punching and crunching the never ending army of shadows. Haruka is also in the mix with his crossbow taking out the stragglers that get passed Aya and Kengo. His arrow pierces a kokuchi and as it disappears he sees Kou fighting Shirogane and worry could be seen in his eyes while he looks on.

Kou looked down inside the fiery inferno surrounding Akira and his double and watched as Akira was fighting for his life. Then in an instant he clashed with Shirogane his outstretched hand being blocked by Shiroganes cane. Kou noticed things were getting dire so he made a silent decision he had to risk it.

"Well Shirogane your pretty tough for a fake, but time to pull out my secret weapon." Kou face suddenly got serious and looks past Shirogane and yells

"OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" and points past him causing Shirogane to look and then Kou slams his fist right into him sending him flying to the ground. Taking this opportunity Kou speeds towards the spiral of fire and slices an opening, then he called out to Kengo, Aya and Haruka. Kengo and Aya sped through the hole while Haruka stopped and had a pleading look on his face saying he wanted to stay and make sure he was safe.

"Haruka you go too if you're here I can't make sure you're safe while fighting this fake and if something happened to you I'd lose my reason for living. So please go, I promise you we will be together again soon and then…" he takes Haruka in his arms and presses his lips against Haruka's. Haruka is surprised but then closes his eyes and gives into the sweet kiss and they separate glistening drops fall from Haruka's lips. As if mesmerized by the kiss Haruka can't move and thus Kou pushes Haruka through the opening and it closes as Haruka reaches out his hand but is cut off by the flames. Then Kou is surrounded by kokuchi and Shirogane is floating above them wiping the blood off his cheek and is furious while Kou just smiles and jumps in the air rocketing towards him.