Three Of A Kind

Summary: Alternate season four! Sort of sequel to my one shot, It's a Bar Thing. Don't necessarily need to read that. Dean returns from hell to find Sam still hunting but he's not alone. A familiar face and new revolutions bring Dean to wonder what the hell is going on in the world and how anything can be fixed, or even if they should be fixed.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: no ownage on my part.

A/N: So like the summary says, this is sort of a sequel. Everyone that reviewed that one shot wanted more of it and I just loved the character I made in there and wanted to expand on her. Plus, Ksenia Solo is so cute lol. Again, like the summary says, you don't necessarily have to read, It's a Bar Thing, but there will be references to it.

Hands shot up from the dirt and grasped a the grass, searching for anything to use to pull the rest of their body free. The work was slow and painful, after the hands came the arms and after them came the head. Air was sucked in greedily as the man continued to pull himself out of the dirt. At the moment, he didn't care much for why he was in it, he just wanted out.

Dean Winchester wasn't sure how long it took but he finally pulled his whole body free and lay across the grass, just breathing. Almost as slowly as he had pulled himself free, he pushed himself up. When he got to his feet, he looked around, staring at all the fallen trees around his own little grave. Flashes of the hell hound ripping into him burst in his eyes and he flinched, spinning around. When nothing jumped out at him, Dean slowly started to walk, keeping a sharp ear and eye out for anything that may wish to harm him.

He finally came across a closed gas station. Getting in was easy, finding something with the date was a little harder, and finding something with his exact location was just that bit harder than both acts. Of course, the first thing he did when he got in was grab at bottles of water and down them as if his life depended on it. Dean took some time to collect himself and hunt down a way to clean his dirty clothes. When he removed his shirt, he found a hand print burned on his shoulder, all other scratches and scars gone. He shook his head and touched his shoulder gently.

"What in the damn almighty happened?" Dean muttered to himself. He sighed and set to work, instead, on figuring out a way to Bobby's.


"Alright, sit your ass down and tell me what happened." Bobby instructed, lowering himself into a chair with a freshly opened beer in his hand. Across the room, a little wet from being splashed with holy water, Dean did the same onto the couch He chugged down a good portion of his own beer with shaking hands before looking at his mentor. Images flashed in his mind once more and he shook his head to clear it.

"I...I don't know." Dean choked out, his throat still feeling raw. "Last thing I remember...the hell hound was tearing me several new ones." His eyes drifted from his beer bottle up to the old man before him. "Next thing I know, I'm digging my way out of a hole."

"Well I sure as hell didn't do anything." Bobby muttered. He taps his fingers on the arm of the chair as he observed the young man. "Maybe Sam found a way."

"Where is he?" Dean asked. There was a pause and then the old man lowered his eyes, not able to look at the other. "You don't know, do you?"

"Haven't talked to him in about a month now." Bobby admitted, taking a long gulp of his own beer. He licked a drop off his lip and finally returned his eyes to the man who had dug himself from a grave. "Shouldn't be too hard to get a hold of him though, or at least track him down."

"Yeah...yeah, let's do that." Dean agreed. He sat back and worked his way through the rest of his beer as Bobby went to work, hunting down the younger Winchester.

Dean's mind wandered to his brother, wondering what was happening with him. What had Sam been doing the last four months? Had he been working on a way to kill Lillith? Had he been trying to find a way to get Dean out of the pit? Or, as the case currently was, had he succeeded in freeing his brother? If so, how? Dean hoped like hell that his brother had some sense to be careful with whatever he did and who he trusted.


The room echoed with moans. All around were lit candles, the bed stripped of sheets and pillows. Two bodies moved together on the bare mattress, bodies shimmering from sweat. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as his hips pushed forward into hers over and over. Her head tilted back, arching her neck, baring it for his searching mouth. One large hand curled over her breast, massaging the mound of flesh as his pace increased.

Tam ... da ... o bozhe!" There it was. He knew she was getting closer when her moans turned to Russian. Black painted finger nails raked down his back as she curved her body up against his. Within minutes they were tumbling over the edge, riding it out to it's fullest before he gave a tired sigh and rolled over next to her.

"How...long...was this one?" He asked, catching his breath.

"Hmm...I dunno." Sh replied, giggling lightly. He looked at her and grinned, brushing her matted black hair off her face. Her blue eyes gazed at him, calculating. "Think the better question would long can we just...lay here."

"Well, depends on how long we want to." He remarked. His hand glided down her arm and over her hip.

"If what we wanted mattered...things would be different." She pointed out. "besides, your phone usually..." She didn't even finish her sentence when the aforementioned device started chiming. "Holy shit balls, can I ever call it."

"You're just that good." He compliment, leaning over to kiss her forehead before rolling off the bed and walking naked to where his coat lay. Her eyes drifted along his back as he bent to retrieve his phone. She smiled and stretched out, putting herself on full display as she reached her arms over her head, tapping the wall above the bed. He turned to look at her as he put the phone to his ear and paused, just watching as she slowly lifted one leg after the other in some form of stretching.

"Sam...Sam..." The voice on the other end of the phone called out, getting more annoyed with each second.

"Uh...yeah, hi...hey Bobby." Sam finally answered. Blue eyes danced mischievously between the pale legs and the naked man a few feet away.

"I got a surprise for ya so I'm coming your way." Bobby explained.

"How do you...never mind, forget I even thought to ask." Sam remarked. He grinned as the woman on the bed beckoned him back. Crossing over to it, he reached his free hand out and ran it softly down the leg currently sticking up in the air.

"Should be there in about half an hour...maybe an hour." Bobby muttered.

"Sounds good, room 4B." Sam replied. "See you then." He hung up the phone and put it down on the nightstand before kneeling on the bed.

"How much time now?" His companion asked.

"I'd say...forty eight minutes." Sam guessed. He received a smile at that before the woman twisted around and got off the bed. He watched her go into the bathroom and heard the shower run before shaking his hand. "We have to get everything cleared up."

" do that, I'll be in here...all alone." The woman called back. Sam paused for a moment and looked around the room. He was in the bathroom within seconds, the door closing after giggles issued out.


Dean climbed out of the truck and looked around, eyebrow raising. He said nothing as he followed Bobby inside the motel, hands in his pockets. He kept looking around, taking in every little thing. His time below still fresh in his mind but he wasn't about to share it with anyone.

"You ready?" Bobby asked, glancing at his companion.

"Yeah, course." Dean replied. He nodded and pulled his hands out of his pockets. Bobby nodded and lifted his own hand, knuckles rapping on the door. They stood there for a few seconds, hearing noises on the other side.

"I got it!" The door was flung open and they were met with the back of a head, covered in black hair and a dark coloured bandana. The rest of her body was facing towards the door and the two men could see a mesh shirt over top of a black and green corset. Dark, skin tight jeans covered her legs and ended in bare, pale feet.

"If you're going to open the door, at least face who it is." Sam's voice called out from somewhere in the room, amusement in it.

"Yeah, yeah." The woman remarked, turning her head.

Dean couldn't see her face as Bobby ended up blocking his sight but truthfully he wasn't too concerned. His eyes were looking around the rest of the room, wondering on his brother's exact location. He caught sight of a bag on a chair and paused, wondering why it made him think of something he had seen before.

"Hi, you must be Bobby, come on in." She didn't wait to see if they had taken her offer as she turned again and, with a literal hop, skip and a jump, crossed to the bathroom. She leaned in through the small opening to look in at the third man. "Dude, you take longer than I do."

"I'm coming." Sam shot back, just before he walked into the main room. He crossed over to the two men who had stepped inside then paused as his eyes fell on his brother.

"Hey Sammy." Dean's voice cracked a little on his greeting.

"Before you flip off the handle, it's really him." Bobby cut in quickly, watching the youngest man's face pass through several uncertainties. Sam let out a deep sigh and quickly put his arms around his brother. Dean returned the hug and his eyes drifted to the woman but she was bent over pulling boots on. Something buzzed in his mind, something making him think that he should remember...something.

"How..." Sam muttered, pulling back from the hug to hold his brother at arm's length.

"I thought you..." Dean remarked, back to being uncertain.

"If you didn't do it...and I didn't do it...who do you suppose did it?" Bobby asked.

"Did what?" The woman asked, straightening back up and stepping up to Sam's side.

Both she and Dean paused, eyes caught on each other finally. Bright blue landing on green and widening in surprise. Seconds ticked on, feeling like eternity as both parties looked on one another with uncertainty and confusion. Some sort of understanding suddenly dawned on her and her eyes grew even wider as they darted between the brothers. When they finally resettled on Dean, her lips parted to speak something that would be the start of some major insanity.



So, like I said above, everyone that reviewed, It's a Bar Thing, wanted it to continue and be an actual story. I also got a review for Twist The End from someone who stated they would like to see a love triangle between Dean, Sam and an OC. I had another one in mind and I might still do it but I'm putting this out there first.

CHALLENGE: Name the Witch! lol, I have yet to actually come up with a name for her so I figured I'd let you all come up with things.