What Did We Decide

Hello hello again my pretties! Lol, sorry, thought I'd try something there. It was weird, even for me. Since that got my craziness out of the way, how about we get to the story?

"Where is she?" Dean asked, frowning.

"Who?" Alistair asked, faking innocence. "Oh, that's right, your little witch. She's around." He stepped over top of a body. The pressure of his weight on the body's spine elicited a loud snap of the bones as he descended on the other side to make his way towards his one time prodigy. "I've missed you Dean."

"Yeah well I haven't missed you." Dean ground out. "You went the wrong way to getting me back...and now I'm going to enjoy this."

"So will I." Alistair declared, right before he threw Dean back across the church. The hunter crashed into a pew and knocked it over. Alistair spun around and grabbed Sam's hand as the younger brother attempted to sneak up on him with the demon killing knife. "Bad Sammy." At the sound of beating wings, the demon spun around and tossed Sam into Castiel, throwing both of them backwards into a large crucifix. "Do none of you get it? You can't win! There is no Earth and Hell...it's all one and the same."

"You're wrong!" Sam shot back.

"Am I?" Alistair asked simply, tilting his head. "Deep within the fiery hole, a righteous man will lose his soul. When the final seal is broken and the words of damned be spoken, the hellish prince will rise again and strike down the world of men." Dean, Sam and Castiel looked at each other, the recitation sending unmentionable chills up their backs.

"Nice bit of poetry." Dean quipped, regrouping fast. Alistair just grinned, lifting his shoulders into a small casual shrug. "But it's wrong." The hunter moved from the demon, the latter making no attempt to escape or attack.

"Is it?" Alistair asked.

"Nobody's lost a soul." Dean pointed out. Alistair lifted an eyebrow and his hand shot out, grabbing Dean around the throat. The hunter jumped in surprise, dropping his weapons as he grabbed at the hand to get it to release. Castiel made to jump forward but was thrown back again.

"Are you...quite certain of that...student." Alistair hissed out. He smiled at the horrified look on Dean's face which was slowly getting redder and redder. "You'll be mine once more. When your little witch dies, I'll make you torture her all day...every day...for years and years."

"Don't count on it!" Sam announced, seconds before he rammed the demon killing knife through Alistair's head. The demon jolted forward, his jaw falling open in surprise, the end of the knife visible inside his mouth. He dropped Dean as his eyes and mouth flashed before falling lifeless to the ground.

"Good...timing." Dean coughed, rubbing his throat and looking up at his brother.

"Thanks. Let's get Angie." Sam declared, pulling his brother up and removing the knife from the dead man's skull. Castiel rejoined them, looking slightly ashamed at his failure. Dean patted his shoulder to show his appreciation silently before the three of them headed to the back where Alistair had come from.

Dean kicked open the door and aimed his gun in, pausing when he saw Uriel holding an unconscious Angie.

"What are you doing here, Uriel?" Castiel asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." Uriel responded harshly. "Bringing the monkeys here. Honestly Castiel."

"Hand over the girl!" Dean ordered, keeping his gun up.

"You want her?" Uriel asked. He put his hand to Angie's forehead. For a moment he looked resentful but he nonetheless healed the witch then tossed her across the room into Dean's arms. "Take her. But don't lose her again." With that, the Angel vanished.

"He's really...not so bad...once you get to know him." Castiel explained with a slight shrug.

"Well let's hope for all our sakes that day never comes." Dean muttered, looking down at Angie.


Angie sighed and slowly opened her eyes. The bright blue orbs drifted cautiously around the motel room before the witch slowly sat up.

"Hey, you're awake!" Sam exclaimed happily. He moved from the table over to the bed and sat down. He leaned over and gently kissed Angie's lips, glad to see her smiling when he leaned back. The hunter turned his head and looked to the bathroom. "Dean! Angie's awake!"

"About time." Dean remarked, walking out of the room in only his jeans. He sat down on the other side of the bed and brushed some of Angie's hair behind her ear. "How you feeling?"

"Uh...I'm...okay." Angie replied, a little confused. "What's uh...what's going on guys?"

"We...well, we talked." Sam explained. Angie nodded slowly. "And, I know about your history with Dean. We kind of...argued. Ultimately though, we knew fighting over you wasn't going to solve anything."

"Oh?" Angie asked carefully. She felt a slight sinking feeling. This was it, they were going to tell her she had to choose.

Of course she couldn't do that. Hell, after the daydreaming she did to keep sane during her torture, there was no way she could want just one of them.

"And we also..." Dean went to continue but stopped as Angie slid to the end of the bed and stood up to look at both of them.

"Can I just...stop you there?" Angie requested, looking hopeless. "Look, guy. I...if this is going to end up being my decision, who I'd rather be with, I can't pick. I care about both of you so much and I just...would never be able to do that. It would be like asking me to choose between chocolate and peanut butter."

"Reese's peanut butter cups." Sam muttered almost automatically.

"Exactly!" Angie exclaimed. "And, I know you guys. That...both of you...would be way too weird for you."

"Well..." Dean mused, looking at his brother. Angie paused and blinked, looking at them cautiously.

"We discussed the fact that you wouldn't be able to choose." Sam explained.

"And...Sam's been calling you...our girl." Dean continued for his brother.

"We're not entirely sure how it would work just yet but hey, not the first time we've ended up sharing something." Sam concluded. He looked at his older brother who was looking close to laughing. "Like the car."

"She's still a little more mine than yours though, dude." Dean pointed out, making Sam roll his eyes.

Angie stood there staring at them, not sure if she should believe what she had just heard. They just sat there, watching her take it all in and process the new information. Slowly, a smile crossed her face and she launched herself back onto the bed, throwing an arm around either brother and kissing both of their cheeks.

"Think that means she's game?" Dean asked sarcastically.

"Shut up, hunter!" Angie snapped half heartedly, the smile still in place.

"Make me, witch." Dean countered. Angie looked at Sam who gave her a nod and rose up off the bed. The witch turned to the older brother and grabbed his head, giving him a firm kiss on the lips. Dean mumbled something against her mouth but that only succeeded in her tongue sliding forward to touch and tangle with his. He lifted his hands to her waist then ended up turning them around, putting Angie down on her back on the bed.

"We're definitely going to need to come up with a system of some sort." Sam muttered. He glanced at the pair on the bed then laughed slightly, his head shaking. "I'm going to check out the library for anything that can help us with Lilith." Dean gave him a thumbs up, hardly paying any attention.

"Good luck." Angie managed to get out, turning her head slightly to look at the younger brother.

"See you in a bit." Sam replied, smiling at the girl before walking out of the room.

"How...exactly did this...work out this way?" Angie muttered as Dean nibbled at her neck.

"I called first dibs." The hunter explained. "And won rock, paper, scissors." Angie laughed and shook her head. "Now...maybe we can pick up where we left off earlier."

"You'll have to refresh my memory." Angie teased. Dean grinned down at her.


Sam sat at a table in the back of the library, obscured from the rest of the building by a shelf of books. He flipped through one of the dozen or so books he had gathered, momentarily wondering how he was going to find anything when he wasn't entirely sure of what he was looking for. Even if he did manage to find something, the likelihood of it being something he already knew was high and he didn't exactly like having to spend a lot of time flipping through books for something he had found out months ago.

Not that he had many choices in the matter. Sam knew they had to start somewhere if they wanted to stop Lilith from raising Lucifer. He paused for a moment, thinking back on what Alistair had recited. The young man frowned slightly as he picked up a different book and flipped through it. The words jumped out at him and he recognized them, not just from when the demon had spoken them, but also from his previous research.

Deep within the fiery hole, a righteous man will lose his soul. When the final seal is broken and the words of damned be spoken, the hellish prince will rise again and strike down the world of men.

The clicking of heeled shoes echoed through the stacks of books. Sam attempted to ignore it as he read over the page attached with the poem. When the sound got louder, signifying the wearer of the shoes getting nearer, the young man glanced up, annoyed at the prospect of being disturbed.

He paused at the sight of the woman standing there in dark blue jeans, a black tank top and a black leather jacket. She smiled at him, her brown wavey hair falling down around her face. She would have been incredibly pretty had it not been for the fact that the smile didn't reach her dark eyes.

"Can I help you?" Sam asked carefully.

"Hi Sammy." The woman answered cheekily. She blinked and her eyes went pitch black, causing Sam to move his back back quickly and get to his feet. "You miss me?"

So it's been a while and I apologize, other things happening and I wanted to make this chapter work out well. I'm still a little disappointed in it but I got the things I wanted to get in it so I'm happy.